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Josephus: Henry Leeming: Josephus' Jewish War and Its Slavonic Version: A Synoptic Comparison (2003) "This volume presents in English translation the Slavonic version of Josephus Flavius' "Jewish War, long inaccessible to Anglophone readers, according to N.A. Materskej's scholarly edition, together with his erudite and wide-ranging study of literary, historical and philological aspects of the work, a textological apparatus and commentary. The synoptic layout of the Slavonic and Greek versions in parallel columns enables the reader to compare their content in detail. It will be seen that the divergences are far more extensive than those indicated hitherto."

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Guidelines of the Government of Israel

By Aaron Lerner 
16 June 1996

The following is an unofficial translation of some key sections of the Guidelines of the Government of Israel signed today by the coalition partners.

"The government presented to the Knesset will act on the premise
that the right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is
eternal and indisputable, that the State of Israel is the State of
the Jewish people, whose democratic government guarantees equality
for all its citizens, and whose main goal is the ingathering and
integration of the Jewish people.

The striving for national unity, social justice, and personal
liberty, and the search for genuine peace with all our neighbors
while safeguarding national and personal security, shall serve as
the basis for the government's policies.

The government  will work to achieve the following goals.

1. Achieving peace with all our neighbors, while safeguarding
national and personal security.

2. Reinforcing the status of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of
the Jewish people.

3. Increasing immigration to Israel, and integrating new immigrants
in all walks of life.

4. Creating conditions for a free, thriving economy and social

5. Strengthening, broadening and developing settlement in Israel.

6. Promoting values of the State of Israel as a Jewish, democratic
state, while maintaining a proper balance between the will of the
majority and the rights of individuals and minorities.

7. Broadening education and strengthening the bond to Jewish
heritage and the realization of Zionism.

Peace Security and Foreign Relations

1. The Government of Israel will work to broaden the circle of
people with all its neighbors for the good of Israel's citizens and
the region's inhabitants, while safeguarding Israel's vital

2. The government will reinforce and develop its peaceful relations
with Egypt and Jordan.

3. The government of Israel will conduct negotiations with Syria
without pre-conditions.

4. The government will work to raise the level of relations with
other Arab countries which have connections with Israel;  Qatar,
Oman, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, and will work towards mutual
recognition and cooperation with Arab countries with which Israel
does not have diplomatic relations.

5. The government of Israel will use all means at its disposal to
bring home the Prisoners of War and Missing in Action and all those
who worked for the security of the state , and will  insist on this
point during negotiations with all relevant parties.

6. The government will negotiate with the Palestinian Authority,
with the intent of reaching a permanent arrangement, on the
condition that the Palestinians fulfil all their commitments fully.

7. The government of Israel will propose to the Palestinians an
arrangement whereby they will be able to conduct their lives freely
within the framework of self-government.  The government will
oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state or any foreign
sovereignty West of the Jordan River, and will oppose "the right of
return" of Arab populations to any part of the Land of Israel West
of the Jordan River.

8. In any political arrangement Israel shall insist on ensuring the
existence and security of Jewish settlements and their affinity
with the State of Israel.  The government of Israel will continue
to bear full responsibility for the Jewish settlements and their

9. The government views the Golan Heights as essential to the
security of the state and its water resources.  Retaining Israeli
sovereignty over the Golan will be the basis for an arrangement
with Syria.

10. The State of Israel will keep strengthening the Israel Defense
Forces and other security forces to deter potential enemies ,
prevent war and defend the state and its citizens.

11. The government will exercise its right to use the IDF and
security forces to act against the threat of terrorism everywhere,
to ensure the well-being of the country's residents and the Jewish

12. The government will act to remove the threat to the Northern
border and will ensure economic development to residents in the

13. The government's privatization policy will take into account
the essentialness of the defense industries to the country's

14. The government will promote Israel's foreign relations to
enhance its security and peace, and to further the goal of economic
and cultural growth.

15. The government will nurture its special, close relationship
with the United States, on the basis of the commitment of both to
the values of liberty, justice, democracy, and the commonality of
their interests.

16. The government will act to strengthen relations with Russia and
other CIS states, bearing in mind Russia's status in the
international community and the interests shared by Israel and
these countries.

17. The government of Israel will continue efforts to have Israel
added as an associate member of the European Community, and will
act to strengthen its tries with Europe.

18. The government will strengthen its relations in all spheres
with countries in East Asia, especially economic ties with the
fast-developing market in the region.

19. The government will strive to develop relations with all
countries desiring peace and will increase Israel's involvement in
international organizations.

20. The government will initiate and cooperate in international
efforts against terrorist organizations and those countries which
shelter and aid such organizations.

21. The government will act with determination against any
manifestation of antisemitism throughout the world, and will work
to enhance the ties and mutual responsibility between Israel and
Jewish communities in the Diaspora.


1. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is one city, whole and united,
and will remain forever under Israel's sovereignty.

2. Freedom of worship and access to the holy places will be
guaranteed to members of all faiths.

3. The government will thwart any attempt to undermine the unity of
Jerusalem, and will prevent any action which is counter to Israel's
exclusive sovereignty over the city.

4. The government of Israel, through its ministries and through the
Jerusalem Municipality, will allocate special resources to speed up
building, improve municipal services for Jewish and Arab residents,
and enhance the social and economic status of the greater Jerusalem

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