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John Wyclif

Select English Works of John Wyclif

Lutterworth Parish, England, an English Roman Catholic theologian and professor at the University of Oxford, a free thinker, taught that the supreme authority in the Christian church was the Holy Scripture, the Word of God, and not the Pope or his Council. He was a protege of John of Gaunt and sent out "poor preachers" to English villages ministering to the needs of people and teaching this doctrine through sermons and tracts.(5) Wycliffe's translation of the Bible from Latin into English made it available to all persons who could read English, influencing grammar and prose writing. Wycliffe emphasized two points: (1) Grace or forgiveness may be secured "directly" from God without confession to priests. (2) The Bible is the final authority in religion, not the Pope, his bishops or councils.


"The gospel tells, as other before, how men should live in this world, and suffer persecution that must needs fall here.   The story tells, that Jesus went out of the temple, and his disciples came after him, to show him the making of the temple ; for it was falling to his words that he had said before to the people, to whit, what Christ said of this making of the temple.   But Christ answered and said to him ; See ye all this.  Surely, I say to you that here shall not be a stone left upon another undestroyed.  And this thing was fulfilled, within fifty years after, for the second and forty year after that Christ was stayed to heaven came two princes of Rome, Titus and Vespasian, and besieged the city, when it was full of men at the festival of Pascha, as Christ told before by Luke.   And this was encircled on each side, and refused the people to go out, and slew the people, and at the last took the city ; and then was the temple destroyed, and all the city was turned, so that the mount of Calvary was set within the city, when it was before without.  And so was not a stone left upon another undestroyed, for all the city and the temple were turned to make a new city."

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Egrediente Jesu de Templo. -- Mark xiii. [I.]

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Alexander Brown
"Let us not forget that once in the Church's history it was the common belief that John's 1000 years were gone. Dorner bears witness that the Church up to Constantine understood by Antichrist chiefly the heathen state, and to some extent unbelieving Judaism (System iv.,390). Victorinus, a bishop martyred in 303, reckoned the 1000 years from the birth of Christ.

Augustine wrote his magnum opus 'the City of God' with a sort of dim perception of the identity of the Christian Church with the new Jerusalem. Indeed we know that the 1000 years were held to be running by the generations previous to that date, and so intense was their faith that the universal Church was in a ferment of excitement about and shortly after 1000 A.D. in expectation of the outbreak of Satanic influence. Wickliff, the reformer, believed that Satan bad been unbound at the end of the 1000 years, and was intensely active in his day. That this period in Church history is past, or now runs its course, has been the belief of a roll of eminent men too long to be chronicled on our pages of Augustine, Luther, Bossuet, Cocceius, Grotius, Hammond, Hengstenberg, Keil, Moses Stuart, Philippi, Maurice." (Alexander Brown, Great Day of the Lord, p. 216.)

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Date: 06 Jul 2009
Time: 20:21:55

Your Comments:

I think man even in ministries have made many
mistakes, we all have, even Peter said we all
have. Those that preach Christ death and resurrection is the way to salvation are the real
men and women of God. Thank God for mercy and grace
or we all would be lost.

Date: 01 Oct 2011
Time: 11:54:16

Your Comments:

Jim Tilley:
That which is seldomly comprehended concerning the death of Jesus Christ, is that in actuality, He died Second Death "as all of mankind"! Being more intimate, Jesus died at Calvary "as Jim Tilley."

And all at once, when this is perceived by the Spirit of Messiah, this understanding brings new life to the one so blessed. then, s/he shall see where to place their faith! When the faith is placed upon the fact that the "self" is right now, truly dead in Messiah, then all desires of the flesh are taken away in one felt swoop, for if I am not, then how is it I can feel anything, most especially temptation! Then in all sincerity, the sinner asks Christ to fill his sinful flesh, with Christ's spiritual side, His Holy Spirit, so that working always from within the one who reckons the self is ever dead, the Spirit will bring during the process of sanctification, true Christ-likeness to the sinful flesh!

In the end of time and at the Second Coming, Christ shall arrive and call from off the Earth a band of 144,000 men, all of whom have received by grace through faith, a true Christly character, to whit, all things are done with agape, the love of the Father and His Son, evident in all things done by each of the 144,000. There is therefore but one verse in Scripture which having been misunderstood, cannot now be too far away, for we are told by the disciple Paul these words, which do speak of this 144,000, in these words Re: eternal life:

"Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?" (1Corinthians 15: 29, KJV)! You see, it is because of this group's abiding faith, they have been baptized by blood even as was Christ in Gethsemane, and because Christ himself was made perfect "through suffering" (Hebrews 2: 10c), it was the incredible suffering of the 144,000, that brought the Father around to telling His Son to come back to this Earth, and because of the character of agape of these thousands, Father has received them as a first fruits "from among (living) men" (Rev. 14: 3, my insertion), and thus these fit the verse from 1Corinthians 15.

May we all seek after this position, in the days that are coming upon the minds and hearts of all mankind, which shall conclude in eternal life for the few, in Jesus' Name, HalleluYah!

Date: 10 Jul 2013
Time: 20:28:33

Your Comments:

I do not understand you at all. Everyone who preach or teach are false prophet and false teacher. Starting will all the Popes, cardinals, bishops, rabbi's and all ministers male and female are false. You have your picks and chooses. All religious was invented by man. Contempt, prior to complete investigation, enslave men to ignorance.. Dr. John Whitman Ray.

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