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"End of the World" Prophecies
Past, Present and Future

Church "Fathers" and "Great Men"

My intent is simply to display some erroneous comments by the men considered by many to be virtually inspired. I do not mean to ridicule them.  Typically, the errors displayed are those based upon misinterpretations of eschatological passages, although not exclusively.

Alphabetical List of Apocalyptic Declarations Up to 1000

NOTE: "Millenarianism became the general belief of the time." Dr. Bonar in "Prophetic Land-Marks" writes: "Millenarianism prevailed universally during the first three centuries." (Giesseler, "Church History," Vol. 1, p.166)

Barnabas (1st Cent.) - "The true Sabbath is the one thousand years...when Christ comes back to reign."

Beatus (793) "only fourteen years left to complete the sixth millennium (since creation), and therefore presumably only fourteen years also until Antichrist’s coming" (Commentary on the Apocalypse, 4) ; Beatus, abbot of Liebana, predicted that the end of the world would occur on Easter eve (April 6, Julian calendar) of 796. (Weber p.50)

Bernard of Thuringia (992) - Calculated that the end would come in 992. (Randi p.236)

John Calvin - "Scripture uniformly enjoins us to look with expectation for the advent of Christ." ("Institutes," 3:25)

Clement (96), Bishop of Rome - "Let us every hour expect the Kingdom of God...we know not the day." ; "Soon and suddenly shall his will be accomplished"

Cyprian (200-258), Bishop of Carthage - "The kingdom of God, beloved brethren, is beginning to be at hand" ; "That wars continue to prevail, that death and famine accumulate anxiety, that health is shuttered by raging diseases, that the human race is wasted by the desolation of pestilence, know that this was foretold; that evils should be multiplied in the last times, and that misfortunes should be varied; and that the day of judgment is drawing nigh" (Treatise 5, An Address to Demetrianus)

Bishop Gregory of Tours  (799) - Calculated the End occurring between 799 and 806. (Weber p.48)

Hyppolytus - "predicted a year for the consummation of the ages: AD500" (Richard Abanes, End Time visions?, p.165)

Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch - "Consider the times and expect Him."  ; "The last times are upon us"

Justin Martyr (150) - "I and all others who are orthodox Christians, on all points, know there will be...a thousand years in Isaiah and Ezekiel declare."

Irenaeus (175), Bishop of Lyons, companion of Polycarp, John's pupil, commenting on Jesus’ promise to drink again of the fruit of the vine in His Father’s Kingdom -  "That this...can only be fulfilled upon our Lord’s personal return on earth."

Julius Africanus (160-240) - Claimed that the End would occur 6000 years after the Creation. Assuming that there were 5531 years between the Creation and the Resurrection, he expected the Second Coming to take place no later than 500 AD. (Kyle p.37)

Lactantius (300) - "The righteous dead...and reign with them on earth...for a thousand years."

St. Martin of Tours (316-397) - "There is no doubt that the Antichrist has already been born. Firmly established already in his early years, he will, after reaching maturity, achieve supreme power." (Abanes p.119)

Nicene Creed (325) - "We expect a new heaven and the appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, and then, as Daniel says, the saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom."

(116), Bishop of Hierapolis - "There will be one thousand years...when the reign of Christ personally will be established on earth."

Tertullian (200) - "We do indeed confess that a Kingdom is promised on earth."  "the end of the world wild come with the seventh persecution. The Goths will conquer Rome and redeem the Christians; but then Nero will appear as the heathen Antichrist, reconquer Rome, and rage against the Christians three years and a half. He will be conquered in turn by the Jewish and real Antichrist from the East, who, after the defeat of Nero and the burning of Rome, will return to Judea, perform false miracles, and be worshipped by the Jews. At last Christ appears, that is, God himself  with the lost Twelve Tribes as his army, which had lived beyond Persia in happy simplicity and virtue. Under astounding phenomena of nature he will conquer Antichrist and his host, convert all nations, and take possession of the holy city of Jerusalem."


There are many stories of apocalyptic paranoia around the year 1000. For example, legend has it that a "panic terror" gripped Europe in the years and months before this date. However, scholars disagree on which stories are geniune, whether millennial expectations at this time were any greater than usual, or whether ordinary people were even aware of what year it was. An excellent article on Y1K apocalyptic expectations can be found at the Center for Millennial Studies. (Gould, Schwartz, Randi)


Sandro Botticelli (1504)
Wrote a caption in Greek on his painting The Mystical Nativity:

"I Sandro painted this picture at the end of the year 1500 in the troubles of Italy in the half time after the time according to the eleventh chapter of St. John in the second woe of the Apocalypse in the loosing of the devil for three and a half years. Then he will be chained in the 12th chapter and we shall see him trodden down as in this picture."

Clement of Alexandria
(A.D. 150-215)

(That Christ was soon to return in the second century)
"Far from us be that which is written, "Wretched are they who are of a double mind, and of a doubting heart; who say, These things we have heard even in the times of our fathers; but, behold, we have grown old, and none of them has happened unto us.."(10) Ye foolish ones! compare yourselves to a tree: take [for instance] the vine. First of all, it sheds its leaves, then it buds, next it puts forth leaves, and then it flowers; after that comes the sour grape, and then follows the ripened fruit. Ye perceive how in a little time the fruit of a tree comes to maturity. Of a truth, soon and suddenly shall His will be accomplished, as the Scripture also bears witness, saying, "Speedily will He come, and will not tarry;"(11) and, "The Lord shall suddenly come to His temple, even the Holy One, for whom ye look." (
The Epistles to the Corinthians, ch. 23)

(That Christ was 50 years old)
"For how had He disciples, if He did not teach? And how did He teach, if He had not a Master’s age? For He came to Baptism as one Who had not yet fulfilled thirty years, but was beginning to be about thirty years old; (for so Luke, who hath signified His years, bath set it down; Now Jesus, when He came to Baptism, began to be about thirty years old:) and He preached for one year only after His Baptism: completing His thirtieth year He suffered, while He was still young, and not yet come to riper age. But the age of 30 years is the first of a young man’s mind, and that it reaches even to the fortieth year, everyone will allow: but after the fortieth and fiftieth year, it begins to verge towards elder age: which our Lord was of when He taught, as the Gospel and all the Elders witness, who in Asia conferred with John the Lord’s disciple, to the effect that John had delivered these things unto them: for he abode with them until the times of Trajan. And some of them saw not only John, but others also of the Apostles, and had this same account from them, and witness to the aforesaid relation. Whom ought we rather to believe? These, being such as they are, or Ptolemy, who never beheld the Apostles, nor ever in his dreams attained to any vestige of an Apostle? (Against Heresies, 2:22:5)

(That Flesh and Blood DOES inherit the kingdom of God)
BOOK 5, CHAP. IX.--SHOWING HOW THAT PASSAGE OF THE APOSTLE WHICH THE HERETICS PERVERT, SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD; VIZ., "FLESH AND BLOOD SHALL NOT POSSESS THE KINGDOM OF GOD." 1. Among the other [truths] proclaimed by the apostle, there is also this one, "That flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God."(7) This is [the passage] which is adduced by all the heretics in support of their folly, with an attempt to annoy us, and to point out that the handiwork of God is not saved. They do not take this fact into consideration, that there are three things out of which, as I have shown, the complete man is composed--flesh, soul, and spirit. One of these does indeed preserve and fashion [the man]--this is the spirit; while as to another it is united and formed--that is the flesh; then [comes] that which is between these two--that is the soul, which sometimes indeed, when it follows the spirit, is raised up by it, but sometimes it sympathizes with the flesh, and falls into carnal lusts. Those then, as many as they be, who have not that which saves and forms [us] into life [eternal], shall be, and shall be called, [mere] flesh and blood; for these are they who have not the Spirit of God in themselves. Wherefore men of this stamp are spoken of by the Lord as "dead;" for, says He, "Let the dead bury their dead,"(1) because they have not the Spirit which quickens man.

4. If, however, we must speak strictly, [we would say that] the flesh does not inherit, but is inherited; as also the Lord declares, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth by inheritance;"(5) as if in the [future] kingdom, the earth, from whence exists the substance Of our flesh, is to be possessed by inheritance. This is the reason for His wishing the temple (i.e., the flesh) to be clean, that the Spirit of God may take delight therein, as a bridegroom with a bride. As, therefore, the bride cannot [be said] to wed, but to be wedded, when the bridegroom comes and takes her, so also the flesh cannot by itself possess the kingdom of God by inheritance; but it can be taken for an inheritance into the kingdom of God. For a living person inherits the goods of the deceased; and it is one thing to inherit, another to be inherited. The former rules, and exercises power over, and orders the things inherited at his will; but the latter things are in a state of subjection, are under order, and are ruled over by him who has obtained the inheritance. What, therefore, is it that lives? The Spirit of God, doubtless. What, again, are the possessions of the deceased? The various parts of the man, surely, which rot in the earth. But these are inherited by the Spirit when they are translated into the kingdom of heaven. For this cause, too, did Christ die. that the Gospel covenant being manifested and known to the whole world, might in the first place set free His slaves; and then afterwards, as I have already shown, might constitute them heirs of His property, when the Spirit possesses them by inheritance. For he who lives inherits, but the flesh is inherited. In order that we may not lose life by losing that Spirit which possesses us, the apostle, exhorting us to the communion of the Spirit, has said, according to reason, in those words already quoted, "That flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." Just as if he were to say, "Do not err; for unless the Word of God dwell with, and the Spirit of the Father be in you, and if ye shall live frivolously and carelessly as if ye were this only, viz., mere flesh and blood, ye cannot inherit the kingdom of God."(Against Heresies, 5:9)

(That the world would end in the sixth thousandth year)
3. For in as many days as this world was made, in so many thousand years shall it be concluded. And for this reason the Scripture says: "Thus the heaven and the earth were finished, and all their adornment. And God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the works that He had made; and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works."(6) This is an account of the things formerly created, as also it is a prophecy of what is to come. For the day of the Lord is as a thousand years;(7) and in six days created things were completed: it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an end at the sixth thousand year." (Against Heresies, 5:28:3) [Note- This position failed three years ago, as the year 1994 was the 2000th year since Christ's birth)

Martin Luther
(16th Century)

"I hope the last day of judgment is not far, I persuade myself verily it will not be absent full three hundred years longer; for God's word will decrease and be darkened for want of true shepherds and servants of God. The voice will sound and heard erelong: 'Behold the Bridegroom cometh.' God neither will nor can suffer this wicked world much longer, He must strike in with the dreadful day, and punish the contemning of His word." (Familiar Discourses, pp. 7, 8. )

"Let us not think that the coming of Christ is far off." ; Believed that the End would occur no later than 1600. (Weber p.66)


"After me there will be no prophecy, but the End will come." (quoted in Dowley, 36)


Nostradamus (1503-1566) - "In the year 1999, and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror" (Century 10,Quatrain 72)


Do Jesus and the New Testament Writers Deserve to be on a List of False Prophets?
Jews for Judaism says YES:

  • "Jesus did not come back "quickly," as promised, to judge mankind. The time has long past that one can claim Jesus will come back "quickly." Thus, what we have in Revelation 22:20 is a false prophecy."

  • "The expectation of Paul and the other New Testament authors was for the speedy arrival of the second coming in their generation. The use of "for yet a little while," "shortly," "the time is near," and "I am coming quickly" point to the utter failure of the predictions that Jesus was coming a second time to do what he did not accomplish the first time."

  • "There was to be fulfillment within the lifetimes of certain individuals alive at the time Jesus made the promise and following upon certain cataclysmic events which were to be witnessed by that generation. These events never occurred and the time for their occurrence has long since passed."

  • "The second epistle of Peter is a late attempt to explain away the obvious fact that the second coming did not arrive at its appointed time."

  • Jesus' own statement shows that the culmination of the "tribulation period" was to see the parousia, the second coming of Jesus (Mark 13:26; Matthew 24:3, 30), which certainly did not occur during the (Roman-Jewish) war nor subsequently."

This information was compiled by a Dispensationalist writer (if you know which, please let me know) who was only attempting to show prophecies in the past which have failed, yet who believes that there are a number of prophecies yet to be fulfilled.  My intention for posting this is to begin a work of compiling failed prophecies from the myriad of Christians and Christian groups who are convinced that the end is still nigh.  Though not highly represented in this list, the information compiled in Dwight Wilson's book "Armageddon Now!" leaves few Dispensational stones (leading up to publication in 1977) unlisted.

1914 was one of the more important estimates of the start of the war of Armageddon by the Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). They computed 1914 from prophecy in the book of Daniel, Chapter 4. The writings referred to "seven times". The WTS interpreted each "time" as equal to 360 days, giving a total of 2520 days. This was further interpreted as representing 2520 years, measured from the starting date of 607 BCE. This gave 1914 as the target date.

1914, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975 and 1994 were other dates that the Watchtower Society predicted. 1975 looked likely as it was computed as the 6000th anniversary of the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden in 4026 BCE. They interpreted Psalms 90:10 as defining the length of a generation to be 80 years. Since 1914 plus 80 equals 1994, they predicted Armageddon would occur around that year. The latest estimate was 6000 years after the creation of Eve, for which no date can be determined with any accuracy.

1953-AUG: David Davidson wrote a book titled "The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message". In it, he predicted that the world would end in 1953-AUG.

1957-APR: The Watchtower magazine, quoted (1) a pastor from California, Mihran Ask, as saying in 1957-JAN that "Sometime between April 16 and 23, 1957, Armageddon will sweep the world! Millions of persons will perish in its flames and the land will be scorched.'

1960: Piazzi Smyth, a past astronomer royal of Scotland, wrote a book circa 1860 titled "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid." It was responsible for spreading the belief in pyramidology throughout the world. This is the belief that secrets are hidden in the dimensions of the great pyramids. He concluded from his research that the millennium would start before the end of 1960.

1970's: The late Moses David (formerly David Berg) was the founder of the Christian religious group, The Children of God. He predicted that a comet would hit the earth, probably in the mid 1970's and destroy all life in the United States.

1984 to 1999: In 1983, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Guru of the Rajneesh movement predicted massive destruction on earth, including natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. Floods larger than any since Noah, extreme earthquakes, very destructive volcano eruptions, nuclear wars etc. will be experienced. Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bombay will all disappear.

1986: Moses David of The Children of God faith group predicted that the Battle of Armageddon would take place in 1986. Russia would defeat Israel and the United States. A worldwide Communist dictatorship would be established. In 1993, Christ would return to earth.

Early 1990's: In 1992, David Koresh of the Branch Davidian group in Waco Texas changed the name of their commune from Mt. Carmel to Ranch Apocalypse, because of his belief that the final all-encompassing battle of Armageddon mentioned in the Bible would start at the Branch Davidian compound. They had calculated that the end would occur in 1995. After a 51-day standoff, on 1993-APR-10, 76 members died as a result of a deliberately set fire.

Sometime in 1996: The book "The Return of Jupiter: End of the world in the light of the Bible" Dorrance Publishing, Pittsburgh PA predicted a disaster starting in the Pacific Ocean:

"A terrible earthquake is going to break the oceanic earth crust under the Pacific Ocean by the year 1996 AD

1996-OCT-23: Since 1658, many Christians have accepted the calculations of James Ussher, an Irish archbishop, who estimated that the first day of creation occurred on 4004-OCT-23 BCE. This would make the time interval between the creation of the world and a common estimate of the birth of Christ to be precisely 4000 years. Some people believe that Ussher fudged the data to make it come out neatly. He also estimated that the end of the world would occur exactly 6000 years later, in the fall of 1996.

1997-MAR-8: The Vortex of the Star of David religious sect of Luskville, Quebec was quoted (2) as predicting the end of the world on Saturday, MAR-8. A father, Jean Leon Marcoux, was interviewed; he was worried because his children will be visiting their mother at the sect's commune on that weekend. He approached the Quebec police but was unable to get them to take any action. A spokesperson for the sect stated that they do not have a doomsday scenario.

1997-APR-10: Dan Millar, of Surrey, BC, Canada and Bob Wadsworth of the Biblical Astronomy newsletter are two religious researchers. They are following the age-old tradition of looking for signs in the heavens for the arrival of the Antichrist, return of Christ, etc. Ancient prophecies told of heavenly events and even a cross in the sky in advance of momentous developments. Millar and Wadsworth have predicted the arrival of the Antichrist on APR-10. Dan suggested that we watch news from the Vatican and from Jerusalem on that day, because he expects some sort of coup by the Antichrist. He is expected to come to power in the Vatican as Pope Peter II.

One heavenly indicator is the intersection by two comets of the star Algol in the constellation Perseus. Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp intersected the star on the same date (APR-11) on two adjacent years (Hyakutake in 1996 and Hale-Bopp in 1997). Plotting the two comets' trajectories over the period APR-1 to APR-30 on the two years forms an almost perfect cross. They intersect between the eyes of the Medusa head that Perseus is holding in his left hand. "Algol" means "Demon Star" in Arabic. The head is known as Rosh Satan (the head of Satan) in Hebrew. There will be one further heavenly sign: on the evening of APR-10, there will be a lunar occultation of the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus.

1997-OCT-20 A Jewish group, called theTemple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement were expected to attempt to place the cornerstone of a new temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is a small piece of real estate that is the most sacred spot in the world to Jews, and one of the most sacred to Muslims. The Rapture Ready home page has predicted that the "Tribulation" would be triggered by that event. Previous attempts had failed either because of riots, or police action. There was one report that they were going to try to airlift the stone by helicopter this time. On OCT-20, several thousand police officers were deployed throughout Jerusalem; they successfully prevented access to the Temple Mount.

1997-NOV-27: The Sacerdotal Knights of National Security report that "A space alien captured at a UFO landing site in eastern Missouri cracked under interrogation by the CIA and admitted that an extraterrestrial army will attack Earth on November 27 with the express purpose of stripping our planet of every natural resource they can find a use for -- and making slaves of every man, woman and child in the world!"

1997: Superdave the Wonderchemist (5) takes the magic number 1331 and adds it to 666 the "Number of the Beast" from the Book of Revelation to get the year of the arrival of the Antichrist and the end of the world. Why is 1331 a magic number?

  • 1331 is the same backwards as forwards.
  • It displays the unlucky number 13 when read in either direction.
  • it is the fourth row in Pascal's Triangle:
         1 1
        1 2 1
       1 3 3 1
      1 4 6 4 1   etc.

1331 is 11 cubed.

  • 1997-DEC-31: The 1997-JUL-29 issue of the Weekly World News reported that the biggest end of the world scare since the Cuban missile crisis was circulating through Washington. President Clinton called a secret meeting with leading Bible scholars for the week of JUL-27. A confidential Pentagon memo sparked the scare; it predicts a worldwide cataclysm of unprecedented proportions. Earthquake activity is on a rise and will peak at year-end; the earth's crust is shifting ominously.

Well, we have made it this far, and none of the prophecies have come true...yet

  • 1997-1999 Russian scientist Vladimir Sobolyovhas of the Rerikh Academy has analyzed prophesies made by Russian saints, by Nostradamus etc. (6) He announced his conclusions in1997-SEP: that the earth's axis will suddenly tilt about 30 degrees sometime during the next two years. This will submerge the Scandinavian countries and Britain under water, in what is termed the Armageddon Flood. Siberia will be spared. He expects that aliens will intervene and lead the world into the fourth dimension. Right now, these aliens are on earth, but in hiding. Sobolyovhas said: "If we completely believed in them, we would get lazy. So they are clever. They stay hidden in the fourth dimension and only show themselves from time to time.''
  • Sometime in late 1997 or early 1998: The 1997-JUL-29 issue of the Weekly World News carried a statement by a spokesperson of the International Association of Psychics. 92% of their 120,000 members have had the same "end time" vision. Spokesperson Madame Vredeau predicts:
    • A rise in religious belief. Prophets and saints will appear and lead the faithful to safety
    • The oceans will shrink. Deserts expand. Crops will fail; there will be massive starvation
    • Widespread emotional and mental collapse; increase in crime and violence
    • Changing weather patterns; basic laws of nature will be disrupted
    • Satanic demons will appear in broad daylight. War, pestilence, a worldwide plague
    • Mankind will disappear around the year 2001 CE.
  • Sometime in 1998: Centro is a very active religious organization, largely centered in the Philippines. They predict that the world will come to an end in 1998. They recommend that their followers retreat to safe places.
  • Sometime in 1998: The famous psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that a secret, underground chamber would be discovered between the paws of the Great Sphinx. Inside, there will be documents revealing the history of Atlantis. This revelation will trigger the Second Coming of Christ. This prediction is rather interesting, because two independent studies have revealed that there is in fact an underground structure just where Cayce said it would be!
  • 1998-FEB-26: Edgar Casey predicted that the earth would have a new pole during the winter of 1997-1998. Since the earth spins like a gyroscope, this would take an enormous amount of energy to achieve. That amount of energy would cause a massive disruption to the oceans and the earth's crust. That could, in turn, cause very serious, worldwide tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • 1998-MAR-31: About 150 followers of a Taiwanese Christian-Buddhist spiritual sect have moved into Garland TX (a suburb in northern Dallas) to await God's arrival. On MAR-25, God is expected to broadcast a commercial on Channel 18 in Garland. He will then be reincarnated into a man on MAR-31 at 10:00 AM, local time. They expect to draw a crowd of about one million who want to be touched by God. Their leader, Hoh-Ming Chen, selected Garland because it sounds like "God land". News reports from Taiwan indicated that the group plans to commit mass suicide if God does not appear. These appear to be unfounded.
  • 1998-JUL-5 The Church of the Subgenius predicts that on "X Day", the end of the world will occur. At that time, "the Men from Planet X, or XISTS, will arrive on Earth, close a deal with "Bob," rupture the card-carrying Ordained SubGenii up to the Escape Vessels of the Sex Goddesses, and destroy the remaining population of Earth, VERY VERY SLOWLY." Bob is J.R. Dobbs, leader and High Epopt of the Church of the SubGenius, Living Avatar of Slack, the Saint of Sales. He was responsible for founding the Church on a shifting, sandy beach of hypocrisy."
  • 1998-OCT The House of Yahweh, Abilene (™) predicts that an end-of-world scenario will start during 1998-OCT. By mid-2001, they predict that 80% of the world's population will have been killed as a result of nuclear warfare.
  • 1999-AUG-11 etc.: The WWW site CALENdeRsign® lists a number of astronomical events that will happen as the millennium closes. There has always been an association between such alignments and momentous events in the mind of the public. Starting in late 1999, the following will be observed:
    • 1999-AUG-11: total solar eclipse; visible from Europe
    • 2000-JAN-21: total lunar eclipse; visible in Europe and US
    • 2000-APR: Triple planetary conjunction involving Mars, Jupiter & Saturn
    • 2000-MAY: "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn. This also occurred in 7 BCE and is thought by some to be the star that some of the Gospels mentioned as leading the three wise men to Jesus.
  • Sometime in 1999: Hon-Ming Chen has founded God's Salvation Church in Texas. The group believes that a nuclear war will destroy parts of Earth in 1999. They have identified a nine-year old boy as the "Jesus of the East", a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. They believe that if they can link him up with the "Jesus of the West" then 100 million lives will be spared. The second Jesus is supposed to live in Vancouver BC, look like Abraham Lincoln, and have been born in late 1969. Their search was unsuccessful.
  • 1999-JAN: According to the 1997-JUN-24 issue of Sun Magazine Pope John XXIII predicted in 1962 that visitors from outer space will arrive in chariots of flaming steel and will share their advanced knowledge with humanity. Our life span will be increased to 150 years or longer. Most diseases will be wiped out.
  • 1999-AUG-6 : According to the latest interpretation of Biblical prophecy by the Branch Davidian sect, 5 months of major torment will begin as the sixth seal is fulfilled.
  • 1999-AUG-11: According to the 1997-MAY-27 issue of Sun Magazine, the Anti-Christ is alive today and living in the Middle East. On AUG-11, the time of an eclipse of the sun, he will make himself known to the world. "It will be the ultimate war." Many will perish, and their souls will travel to Heaven or Hell, depending upon which side that they supported during the conflict.
  • 1999-DEC-19: Sun Magazine listed a prediction of "Bible expert" Dotson Meade. He predicts that "something will happen that brings about the war which will end the world as we know it... There will be a vicious cycle of storms and earthquakes that lead to the final battle the world has awaited." This date was derived from information in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • 2000: Michael Drosnin, author of "The Bible Code," found a hidden message in the Pentateuch (the first five books in the Bible) that predicts that World War III, involving a worldwide atomic [sic] holocaust, will start in 2000 (or perhaps 2006).
  • 2000-JAN-1: According to the 1997-JUN-24 issue of Sun Magazine Pope John XXIII predicted in 1961 that Doomsday will begin with the detonation of an atomic bomb in a major European city by a Libyan terrorist group. This will trigger a massive six-month war that will cause the deaths of millions of people.
  • 2000-JAN-1: William Cooper, head of a militia group in St. John's AZ, predicted that on this date the secret chambers of the Pyramid at Giza will be opened. Its secrets will be revealed and Satan will become a public figure. The American militia will engage in a massive war at this time. This, and the previous prediction, are the only two that we have been able to find which agree on the same day. Of course, it is an obvious date to select, because most people believe that the next millennium begins then. It doesn't; it starts one year later on 2001-JAN-1.
  • 2000-JAN-11: According to Weekly World News of 1997-NOV-18, the CIA has caught a space alien who had crash-landed on JUN-20 in a New Mexico desert. He is from a species that is considerably more developed, both mentally and spiritually, than mankind. He is only survivor of the destruction of his world - a planet some 200 light years from Earth. He reports that God is "furious with His creations everywhere." Apparently none of the species that he created turned out at all well. So, god is systematically working his way across the galaxies, setting fires to the planets and exploding them one by one. Earth will be next!
  • 2000-SEP-21: Dan Millar, mentioned above, estimates this date as that of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Four events happen on that day, a Thursday. The sidereal day is reset. It is also the Jewish New Year, using the Canaanite calendar that was in use within ancient Israel prior to the Babylonian Captivity. It is the time of the Jewish "Feast of Jubilees" according to a message given by the Virgin Mary to Father Stefan Gobbi. This feast occurs only once every fifty years. This date is also the Autumn Equinox.
  • 2000-MAY-31: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in front of Taurus and the coming back of the Star of Bethlehem like 7.B.C. Some people expect a supernatural event comparable to the birth of Jesus.
  • 2000-DEC-25: According to the 1997-JUN-24 issue of Sun Magazine Pope John XXIII predicted in 1962 that Christ would appear in the sky over New York City. He will announce the creation of a 1000-year paradise, to be proceeded by six months of great sorrow.
  • 2001-JAN-31: Sun Magazine reported in its 1997-OCT-14 issue that Noah's Ark has been discovered intact in undamaged form on a slope near Mount Ararat in Turkey. Inside were a group of 6 copper-gold-silver scrolls, each 12" square. Scroll 2 reveals that the sun will superheat the earth, melting both polar ice caps, and creating a world-wide flood. Scroll 3 reveals that Doomsday is set for 2001-JAN-31. Good people who repent of their sins will be saved; cruel tyrants will be cast into the burning fires of Hell.
  • 2001 Jack Van Impe Ministries sponsors the largest Evangelical Christian program devoted to end-time prophecy. In his home page, he discusses his book "On the Edge of Eternity" in which he predicts that the year 2001 will "usher in international chaos such as we've never seen in our history." He predicts that in 2001, and the years following, the world will experience "drought, war, malaria, and hunger afflicting entire populations throughout the [African] continent...By the year 2001, there will be global chaos." Islam will become much larger than Christianity. (That would take a sudden growth spurt; Islam is currently followed by 19% of the world's population vs 33% for Christianity). A one-world church will emerge; it will be "controlled by demonic hosts." Temple rituals (presumably including animal sacrifice) will resume in Israel.
  • Circa 2001: Charles Spiegel, a retired psychology professor, preaches from a small town near San Diego CA that the ancient land of Atlantis will emerge from the Caribbean circa 2001 CE. Shortly thereafter, 1000 extra-terrestrials from "Myton" in 33 spaceships will land there and bring new knowledge to humanity.
  • Late 2004: Arnie Stanton noted on 1997-SEP-16 that that evening was the fourth Jewish festival since 1996-APR-3 on which a lunar eclipse occurred. (7) He quotes Luke 21:25-26 which mentions "signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars and on the earth distress of nations" He believes that "these recent lunar eclipses are the last known astronomical signs that will preceed a 7 year (360 day/year) countdown to Armageddon/Christ's return to the Earth." He expects that Christ's return will occur within a few months of 2004-SEP-29 when Asteroid Toutatis will make a very close approach to the Earth - perhaps even a collision!
  • 2012: Michael Drosnin, author of "The Bible Code," found a hidden message in the Pentateuch (the first five books in the Bible) that predicts that a comet will crash into the earth in 2012 and annihilate all life.
  • 2012-DEC-22: The Mayan calendar has many divisions of time: months of 20 days, years of 360 days, katun of 7200 days and a baktun of 144,000 days. Their calendar started on 3114-AUG-13 BCE with the birth of Venus. They expected the world to last for exactly 13 baktun cycles. They anticipated the end of the world near the Winter Solstice of 2012. (3)
  • 2016 An article in Weekly World News describes a find by a Professor Lloyd Cunningdale of Salt Lake City who was excavating with his students at the site of the famous Donner party disaster of 1847. The latter were a group of settlers bound for California who became trapped by snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Cunningdale and students have found a time capsule left by the settlers which contains many predictions for the future. They predict that nations will abandon traditional methods of conflict and resort to the use of biological warfare. In 2016, one such disease will spread and kill all of the humans on the planet. (4)
  • 2047-SEP-14: According to The Church of !BLAIR!, the human race will probably be terminated at 3:28 AM (Soho, England time). The church teaches, with tongue firmly in cheek, that if the human race does not discard their plastic conformity, then the Gods will withdraw their protection. The Gods don't want us to worship them; they don't want sacrifices or even offerings. They just want us to rid itself of our excessive "Normalcy". At that point, Astro-Lemurs (extra-terrestrials similar in shape to lemurs, but with rainbow colored bodies) will attack the entire human race and beat them to death with gigantic burritos. You have been warned. ;-)


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  14. If you want to know how many years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds are left until the year 2000 CE, try:,1,1,0,0,0

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Date: 27 Aug 2003

Time: 20:03:04


i will not end but the prediction we make will not come true. u should alwayes expect the unexpected. point is it will not end as we can think it should be. the thing is every good things comes to end evantually let it be by anyway. but i strongly belive on 1 thing "when ever there is a will there is a way". what ever happens tom we can survive if we make right choices today,

Date: 23 Oct 2003
Time: 07:17:51


every thing comes to an END. why would you put a small child in a candystore that is giving out free candy.And then say you cant have none. I wouldnt and Im no GOD. think about it

Date: 27 Nov 2003
Time: 14:55:19


As the Lord said no one knows the time of "THE END", so have fun trying to guess when it will come.

Date: 16 Dec 2003
Time: 06:11:14


there is SOMEONE that'll come to get us at this time and i know who it is!

Date: 16 Dec 2003
Time: 06:13:17


if you all don't stop destroying my planet you will all die

Date: 03 Jan 2004
Time: 10:24:21


Everything ends. Weather this race lasts til the destruction of our sun, destroying this galexy, or is victim of another ice age or meteor, disease, war, or anything of such a nature, everything has its time. Death is assured. The one thing you should be worried about is that which is not for sure, life. Live while you can, because even if they come up with a cure for age, sooner or later everything changes, and a bumb on the head might just finish you off before you ever get a chance to actually look up and enjoy the sunrise.

Date: 31 May 2004
Time: 07:38:00


This is not an honest assessment of false or unfulfilled prophesies, but of false predictions by persons/groups that have no divine authority to be giving such predictions. As such no credence should be given to them.

Date: 30 Sep 2004
Time: 16:34:39


Guess what...The lord said there would be many false profits! Can you find any here? I'm just waiting for the Temple Mound in Israel to be rebuilt, then the fun begins. Fear not all, the world will never end, it will just change as you know it! "look to the sky as your redemption draws nigh"

Date: 02 Dec 2004
Time: 10:27:43


Please read about "Billy Meier" and you'll find the truth about the end of the world

Date: 07 Jan 2005
Time: 01:12:15


Never as clear has it ever been, for GOD warned us of what's to come. Don't mess with what you have, for if so, the END will be near.

Date: 23 Mar 2005
Time: 00:25:49


Didn't Edgar Casey predict that some prophet would come around this time? He said something about the prophet always standing up to eat.

Date: 31 Jul 2005
Time: 12:13:23


The end of the world will be caused by one man and one man alone. That man is me. When I die I have already agreed to wage war with god. God fears me now because I am already more powerful than he is. Their will be a great battle and in the end I will cast fire upon the whole earth as my revenge for being born to begin with. Afterward there will be two humans left over and two of every animal, to restart the earths population. Only they will not be able to think for themselves or have choice I will control all and everything will remain in perfect harmony. No more pain no more struggle just peace. But don't worry, I'm sure some of you don't like that idea. You will be dead and the new generation won't be able to not like it because they won't be able to think like we do now. If you don't believe me just wait and see. I promiss quick and painless deaths to all of those who except the truth. And to those of you who don't sorry but it is going to be painful.

Date: 13 Oct 2005
Time: 20:35:21


And the beast shall rise from trinidad and kill all inlcuding himself and this would all start in 2020 cause thats my eye vision.

Date: 15 Oct 2005
Time: 20:06:58


When the New Orleans Saints win the Superbowl, or George W. Bush makes an intelligent, informed decision, which ever comes first, that will be when the world will end. Actually, it when it comes to an end, it will be over. That is my predicition.

Date: 02 Nov 2005
Time: 08:41:32


Looking at the comments here, it's probably best if the world DOES end - and quickly. I don't think God intended his greatest creation to end up as sad nutters, like the crackpot losers on this page.

Date: 28 Jan 2006
Time: 20:05:28


End of world Prophecy!
In 1968, (I was 16) my mother died, after 7 years of suffering, (also because of that my father died 7 years earlier). "Padre Pio" died 1968 shortly after my mother, (he prayd for her just before her death), I was adopted to baptist family on the country side,-I heard angle choir (one time) and a few month later I got answer on my question - why are we living- it was so strong it filled my hole body with great love and a deeply understanding for all living creatures (also plants), I got frightend - and prayd that I would be the one I know before - immediately, my vision disappered, but afterwards for months my mind was living in that vision - At that time I gave all my money I have to charity - (I did feel that I have what I needed)- In 33 years  after I just worked for my self as others , until Sept. 11, 2001. -  I saw the WTC crashed in TV- I took my Bible, and open it, and read what my eyes fall on (as I usually due)-Sefanias:(Zef:3) : "The high towers shall fall" -
I read more, :" They shall go around as blind"- "Their blood and bodies should be held out like garbish"-"Their gold and silver can not help them" them" -"because they had left me"- "and still they will not turn back to me" - I read on top the chapter - " the lords day " Days after I realised when I saw a slaughterhouse that most animals in our industry are suffering badly, badly teatment - "Animals holocaust" -I felt deeply that God have seen the same thing, I was very harmed,- in fact, I prayd for that If we not stop this cruelty against other creatures, that is in Gods love as well as we are, then God must stop us. I am also working with animal welfare now, but it is to late, it is far to bad with our cruelty - I feel that this year 2006 is the end, I also feel that prayer from certain people could prolong the mean time before the end, but why should we prolong the mean time, when we dont want to change our behaviour, therefore God will still be mad, and the animall will still suffer badly in our industry.

What is matter is what we do while we are here -

Date: 01 Feb 2006
Time: 07:40:09


Speaking of the end of the world, didnt believe the others ones but heres one for you.... Deep within the ancient pyramids there is a terrible curse which will bring about...ARMAGEDDON. Only one man can stop this and save our souls, so lets look to the sky's, open our hearts and start chanting ...SPIDERMAN...SPIDERMAN...SPIDERMAN. For he is truely our webed saviour. Coming Spring 2006 to a world near you. Hope this helps all, good luck and remember..what i just said.

Date: 12 Mar 2006
Time: 18:16:07


man who ever wrote that jesus and the prophets were a failure obvisouly didnt read or interept the part that states no man will know the time or hour for the second coming only the father not even the son. This is obviosuly not being taken into interpreation and whoever wrote this has the spirit of the ant-christ within them.

Date: 24 Apr 2006
Time: 18:42:45


It is now the year 2006. Most of these predictions have come and passed since this was written. The end of the world is getting closer everyday and i believe that it will not come in this life time though, the end of the Mayan calander only shows the beggining of a new world of peceace and no war no violence, i believe we are currently living in the appocalipse and once it ends we will all be ok. To one sence or the other. Jesus will return in about 6,000 more years. Think about it, in the bible it says he will return in 2,000 years, but think about this. 2,000 years in heaven is the equicilent of 8,000 years here. So we 6,000 more years.

Date: 14 May 2006
Time: 18:44:18


DO want a interesting data about 2006?
You can enter in a world population clock in the internet and calculate the famous ´´number of men´´
I have do it. The data is 2006, in november 23: during this day 6.666.666.666 people will live in the earth. To me it´s a real signal of end of times , or the sign of the beginning of the end until 2012. The piramyds of Egipt narrow to 2012 to close the solar era, like the mayans.

Date: 03 Jun 2006
Time: 20:23:23


I like the one in 2047 and the beatings with the giant borritos. Lets try that one. some people are wacked. thanks for the laugh.

Date: 07 Jun 2006
Time: 23:14:02


The end of the world will be due to scientific effects such as massive disease spread exterminating humanity, energy of earth core or sun going out of control (this explains recent massive earthquakes around the world and volcano eruptions). World nuclear wars and global warmin/damaging the environment. Why is this? these can be physically proven through small labs and experiments representing the planet earth. Now please dont flame me

Date: 24 Aug 2006
Time: 09:51:24


if your people do not stop doughting the lord your guys are listen to one person who knows nothing of what he say, but you guys are douting the person who created you, the one that give you shelter,food,and love.have your people ever thought that not even god or the devil will kill you but you will kill yourselves with these wars,kilings,stealing ,cheating,rapings going on god should have end this world a long time ago but instead he is giving us a chance you dare to dought him, god choose not to come to you because your evil eyes will burn his heart. tonight after you read this pray not only for you but for him don't you think god need some one to pray for him so that he'll get every thing he need (not want)think about it. there is only one god and one you don't end yourselves and god. marie, god's messenger i am only 16 and i believe, you should too.

Date: 18 Sep 2006
Time: 14:36:51


everyone needs to stop judging on another and stop talking bad about the bible... my opinion is to leave all that hatred and lies alone and believe in god..... everyone in this world needs to be saved fast. who knows when the world is going to end. GOD has something planned out for us. so with all said do what you need to do which is cherish and obey the LORD and CHRIST, and let them decide when things is going to happen and keep your mouth shut and stop gossiping and the bible...

thanks and may the lord be with us all. =]]

Date: 26 Dec 2006
Time: 15:58:47


i feel there is an important date ,that is november 28 2012.this so called comet, may be supernova, the sun is getting hotter,and expanding. there is also another important date wich is 33 days after nov. 28, that is jan. 1 1:13 am 2013. a in the alphabet is #1, m in the alphabet is #13, so 1 and 13 is a key! also there is 33 days between these 2 dates, jesus was 33 when he died!! and the bible doese say everyone will be drunk and merry at the time of yhe rapture!! these dates to me areimportant and ifeel i was the only one given these dates. only time will tell!!!!

Date: 14 Jan 2007
Time: 20:45:48


i think the end is when ur ready for it to end, BTW burritos are irrelavant here, im sure no1 will ever read this and im surprised a site like this even exhists...... it was my birthday last night and i puked everywhere, i am the benevolent malevolent being being being bongo drum

Date: 27 Jan 2007
Time: 08:54:48


Some people find fault in everything because they cannot accept what they didn't witness. They are truly stupid moronic accidents, wastes of space and air that is desperately needed.

Date: 29 Jan 2007
Time: 09:09:38


How can you call Jesus a false prophet? These things you mention here happened recently and you can compare your "time frames" to the Lord's? YOU IMBECILE!! Maybe a century isn't as long as it seems to be. What-you idiots expect a prophecy that is thousands of years old to be like POOF!?
Your fathers should have covered themselves but you are the consequence for their STUPIDITY.

Date: 10 Jun 2007
Time: 11:03:24


The Bible says the end of the world will come like a thief in the night, when we least expect it. I expect the end every day, so that it will never come in my lifetime. I'm the sustainer of the universe. But someone else will have to take over this responsibility when I'm gone.

Date: 30 Oct 2007
Time: 23:05:24


It doesn't really matter when the world would end, or even if it would end at all. The thing is answer two vital questions:
- If the world ended up today, would it be possible for me to say that I have had a happy life and that I can go in peace?
- If the world continued being so, could I say that I'm not destroying it or that I'm not doing what can be done to protect it?

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