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David S. Clark - The Message From Patmos: A Postmillennial Commentary on the Book of Revelation (1921) "This early twentieth-century Postmillennial commentary on the Book of Revelation, written by the father of theologian Gordon Clark, offers an easy-to-read alternative to the popular Pre-millennial/Dispensational views of the best-selling Scofield Reference Bible and a multitude of other dissertations on end-time prophecy that litter the shelves of Christian bookstores. "

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Reforming Foundations; Global Transitioning of the Church through the Apostolic Reformation

By Renaldo Texidor

God is not the author of confusion. (1 Corinthians 14:33) This is a foundational premise upon which all doctrine is established. It is not the character or the nature of God to have included in His Word any content that would create confusion, divisiveness, and/or ambivalence among the Church - and between the "true Israel of God" and the nationalistic Jew - over the fulfillment of Jesus' return and other related prophetic events. Consequently, His Word must be crystal clear and very revealing in this matter.

Nothing discredits the presentation and defense of the Christian faith and makes it more of a laughing stock in the eyes of the non-Christian world than the barrage of failed predictions, imminence speculations, and scare tactics of sincere Christians bound by our current irresponsible doctrine of the "end-times." At the turn of this millennium and presently engaged in the reformation move of God, the next major area of Christendom that is ripe for reform is the subject known as "eschatology."

What we believe affects what we do and who we are! Several generations of Christians have been and are being diverted from what they should be doing because they failed in the "Bereans principle;" to become of noble character by examining the Scriptures in search of the truth that they may align faith with God's purposes for the Church. It is of critical importance that we embrace a personal revelation approach to our present journey instead of continuing to follow presuppositional assumptions in ignorance of their validity or non-validity.

We must now reexamine the biblical truths related to the "end-time" paradigms. Knowing that we have been long conditioned to believing a "boxed-in" view of the final events of the Church, and that it's held by the greater conservative evangelical Christianity as a predominent view, our prayer must be that we will be willing to address any flaw in doctrine that would lead us into irresponsible activity, it's tired rhetoric, and it's insolvable problems that brings shame to the Church in the eyes of the world.

A Widely Held Inaccurate Viewpoint

In particular, it can be stated that much of the doctrine of "eschatology" that has been current in Evangelical and Pentecostal circles (especially in the USA) for the past several decades is wrong, not necessarily in every fact, but definitely in spirit and in its emphasis.

Some of the usual features of this viewpoint are:

1. Concentration of natural developments in the earth, and continued attempts to match Biblical statements to them.

2. A fear of the expected rise of the "Anti-Christ," and the coming of the "Great Tribulation."

3. The doctrine that Jesus can return at any moment, completely separated from God's present purposes for the Church.

4. The use of an "any-moment" rapture doctrine as an attempted incentive for people to get saved and to keep free from sin.

5. An elevation of particular interpretations, notably the "pre-tribulation rapture" doctrine to the status of major doctrine, which in some cases becomes a criterion for fellowship.

Problems With The Recent Evangelical / Pentecostal Viewpoint

Some problems with this framework of thinking are as follows:

1. It produces fear and not operational faith. People become frightened of the future. This fear tends to paralyze even normal, healthy human development, and causes the people of God to become backward, negative, and defeatist in their thinking rather than pressing forward to excel and be established in every area of life.

It is part of the strategy of Satan to have the people of God to be  the tail and not the head, and to be victims rather than victors in the earth. A correct biblical model for the Church is the prophet Daniel, who excelled in every dimension of life and was thus eventually able, right in the heart of Babylon, to force the will of God to be implemented in the world.

2. It receives its guidance and understanding from natural events and not from the Spirit of God. Believers cannot hear what the Lord is saying and wanting to accomplish in His Church because they are just tuned to a wrong frequency. There will always be some prominent event or threatened event (e.g. Y2K, a war, an epidemic, natural disasters) in the natural upon which it seems possible to hang eschatological speculations. Preoccupation with this will cause us to be unable to receive the truth that the Lord is currently restoring to the Church. The continued "sensationalist" kind of teaching which always latches on to some current political, economic, or technological development to prophesy imminent global chaos, has made large sections of the Church akin to a child who has become accustomed to eating only junk food. He is weak, malnourished, and ill-prepared for the future, but he does not have the liking for the nutritious food which he desperately needs. It takes an effort of will and determination to change one's tastes to line up with what is truly better. (Furthermore, it is ironic that such teaching does not in fact properly prepare believers for difficulties where this occurs. Only understanding churches with a victorious mentality have the strength to fight and overcome in the face of opposition and trials.)

3. It produces a situation in which the Church does not think, plan, and act strategically to produce a long-term result. In extreme cases, individual believers are discouraged from going to University, buying a house, making long-term investments, and generally taking measures which help them to build successful lives and accomplish their full potential. Similarly, on a corporate level, the Church does not build long-term relationship structures,
or design strategic interventions into the kingdoms of the earth. One of the reasons for this is that this wrong thought-system has resulted in the Church subconsciously thinking of God as like itself - that He is waiting for events outside of His control to be completed, and basically going into "sleep-mode" as far as the nations are concerned. He is not thought of as being active in the world (except, perhaps, to bring healing and prosperity to individuals).

4. It tends to produce a very shallow faith. The main requirements are to get people saved (in the initial sense of the term) and try to keep them from sinning until Jesus returns. (In the "Faith" or "Charismatic" circles, the concepts of individual blessing are added) The revelation of fulfilling purpose, building the Church, ruling the earth, and advancing the Kingdom are largely absent. Such a simplistic philosophy is totally foreign to the Word, and causes the Church to be dismissed as unintelligent. Up to now, the global corporations of this world have shown themselves far wiser and more insightful than the Church in terms of strategic planning and understanding of the times. This has to change if the victorious perfected Church of Revelation 21 is to "make herself ready." The principalities and powers must learn the manifold wisdom of God from  the Church, and not be laughing at the foolishness of Christians. It results in believers being born, but then becoming stunted in growth and development, and never finding their destiny. Worst of all, it misrepresents the Lord, portraying Him as unintelligent and uninteresting.

5. It produces a defensive mentality. It promotes the idea that we are just trying to hold on to a little foothold until Jesus comes, rather than invading and overcoming. This concept is very deeply held and has even been illustrated and propagated in the Western church by well known songs. But the Church in Acts certainly does not give the impression of being in a defensive mode. Also, in 2 Corinthians 10, Paul talks about demolishing strongholds, which is not a defensive posture. If we are always in a defensive mode, we will never pull down any stronghold. This view of the end has therefore been a strategy of the enemy to keep the Church in a defensive mode, since he knows that as long as it remains that way the end will never be accomplished and his survival is assured. The question now is this; will this generation be the generation that pushes things to the finish? What the Lord wants is to raise up a victorious Church filled with the wisdom of God, and having the capability to dethrone every principality that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

6. It frequently produces positions which are just ridiculous. In reality it makes the Church and the faith something which intelligent people would not want to associate with. For instance, some years ago when the European Union (EEC at that time) expanded to 10 nations there was, of course, a widespread declaration that this must be the fulfillment of statements in Daniel and Revelation that this was the end. Similarly, one author made a lot of money selling a book titled "88 Reasons Why Jesus Is Coming In 1988." People saying such things make the Church a laughing stock and cause the truth to be discredited. However, the reasons why these opinions were so widely accepted is because of this wrong underlying thought system which has pervaded the Church.

7. It causes believers to abdicate their rulership function in the affairs of the earth. 1 Timothy 2:1 - 4 clearly instructs us to pray for good government, peace, and stability in the nations of the earth.  Clearly, the Lord would not give such instructions if He did not intend to answer this kind of prayer.
By our prayer and influence we can be the salt of the earth, holding back the forces of destabilization and decay. However, this wrong thought system concerning eschatology does not encourage obedience to this command, but rather suggests a fatalistic attitude to this world.

What do YOU think ?

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04 May 2004


There is a way that seems right to men but the end is the ways of death

02 Oct 2004


i am agree with this study,, i would like get more about this brother,, where,, can i get it?? my

17 Feb 2005


C. Peter Wagner and company have had over the years so many curious (coincidental??) coincidings with the New Age Movement and its company. As the European Union with "Section 666" of the Europa Code carves out a job for a leader (presently Javier Solana) and the 10 Nation Western European Union (10 nations enjoying weighted voting power in the EU) hand Solana (or his successor) virtual dictatorial powers with Solana drafted Assembly Recommendation 666 introduced in the WEU Assembly June 5, 2005, Wagner amazingly attempts to compel people back to sleep on plain prophetic events by enthroning himself as an "Apostle" - FALSE - and marginalizing those who do heed Revelation. I've watched C. Peter Wagner operate with growing fascination over the past 25 years. Is he running himself a wannabe for a prophetic position in the New World Order -- False Prophet? You (and God Almighty) be the judge!

  Date: 30 Jul 2005
Time: 04:26:24


The Apostasy that is predicted has begun. It seems now that the Apostasy has its home in the "New Apostolic Reformation". Many have been led astray by C. Peter Wagner and his teachings--even the very Elect.

Date: 01 Feb 2007
Time: 03:43:52


I know you are not going to answer this, but one more time, the honor was mine.
Thank you Jesus for give me this teacher, thank You for feeding me when there were nobody there to teach me your Paths.

There is still hope Texidor, I believe it!

See u soon my Master!!

Date: 24 Sep 2009
Time: 04:42:34

Your Comments:

what our brother rinaldo texidor has taught us is of hogh value and importance . thanks god he has opened our eyes to see beyond the escapist mentality towards wider and global contest of the kingdom of god. i have learned a real truth which can changed so many concepts in my mind. the bible is realy undiscovered world of mystries.

Date: 25 Jul 2013
Time: 13:25:04

Your Comments:

felicidades este hombre dejo una gran herencia para las generaciones venideras


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