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David S. Clark - The Message From Patmos: A Postmillennial Commentary on the Book of Revelation (1921) "This early twentieth-century Postmillennial commentary on the Book of Revelation, written by the father of theologian Gordon Clark, offers an easy-to-read alternative to the popular Pre-millennial/Dispensational views of the best-selling Scofield Reference Bible and a multitude of other dissertations on end-time prophecy that litter the shelves of Christian bookstores. "

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An Important Letter to Chalcedon and R.J. Rushdoony

By Timothy M. Barrett, Esq.

I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time, and being highly motivated this Sunday I thought now would be the best time. The reason for my motivation is that God the Spirit is busy working in my local body. Last week, two elders resigned after realizing that their embracing of the heresy of hyper-preterism was inconsistent with our church's doctrinal statement. This week, one of our remaining two elders spoke with eloquence and humility in showing why this heretical view was indeed heretical. Praise God! It is my understanding that this heresy is spreading like weeks in Reformed churches; thus, would you consider dedicating some space in Chalcedon to its refutation?

Of course, the events of the prior two weeks at my church are not what has caused me to desire to write to you. Rather, I have wanted to write and thank you for standing up for the truth found in God's Law-Word all these years, for giving us Generation-Xers shoulders we can stand upon to see further as we continue the expansion of our Lord's Kingdom. Your contribution to His Kingdom will not go unnoticed when the Kingdom is fully realized. In fact, I love to tell my friends that I look forward to being told I am worthy to stand guard on the walls of one of the ten cities God will give you to rule in the next life because of your faithfulness. I thank you for doing what you have done and what God will use you to do in the future.

Having said this, I would like to make a personal request. When you find the time and if you deem my idea to be worthy, would you consider writing a book that would essentially be a bibliography of the books you consider to provide the greatest value for the subject the book addresses? For example, a list of the greatest books that deal with supralapsarianism versus infralapsarianism, a list of the greatest books that deal with the philosophy of the Civil War, a list of the greatest books that deal with the history of the church, etc. You have to be one of the most well-read men I know, and with this book, you would aid countless millions in finding the books that strengthen our faith and build the knowledge of the faithful. If I can be of any assistance in putting together such a book, please let me know.

Also, I have recently put together an e-mail list-service for those who affirm Pastor Sandlin's 5-points of Reconstruction. Would you consider placing a small announcement-box in the back of the next Chalcedon Report indentifying the existence of this list? My goal for this list, as articulated in the list charter, is to provide a place where Recons can get network to discuss topics of interest, to ask for prayer, to seek counsel, and even to find a brother to stay with on vacation, a haven where we can advance Reconstruction without having to deal with its detractors. However, a list such as this can be affective only if people know about it. If you are willing to do this, please place the following e-mail address in Chalcedon:

Timothy Barrett is an attorney in Norfolk, Virginia.

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