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Introduction and Key


AD70 Dispensationalism: According to that view, AD70 was the end of 'this age' and the start of the 'age to come'.    Those who lived before AD70 could only 'see in part' and such, lacking the resurrection and redemptive blessings which supposedly came only when Herod's Temple in Jerusalem fell.    Accordingly, AD70 was not only the end of Old Testament Judaism, but it was also the end of the revelation of Christianity as seen in the New Testament.


"Full preterist" material is being archived for balanced representation of all preterist views, but is classified under the theological term hyper (as in beyond the acceptable range of tolerable doctrines) at this website.  The classification of all full preterism as Hyper Preterism (HyP) is built upon well over a decade of intense research at, and the convictions of the website curator (a former full preterist pastor).  The HyP theology of final resurrection and consummation in the fall of Jerusalem, with its dispensational line in AD70 (end of old age, start of new age), has never been known among authors through nearly 20 centuries of Christianity leading up to 1845, when the earliest known full preterist book was written.  Even though there may be many secondary points of agreement between Historical/Modern Preterism and Hyper Preterism, their premises are undeniably and fundamentally different.



  • AD70 Dispensationalism


Systematic Hyper Preterism
(aka "Full Preterism")

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Jesus: "It is finished" (AD30)
cf. Hebrews 10:19-22

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It is important to keep in mind that many ideas and doctrines full preterism appeals to - such as the complete end of the Old Covenant world in AD70 - are by no means distinctive to that view.   Many non HyPs believe this as well, so one need not embrace the Hyper Preterist system in order to endorse this view.   Following are exceptional doctrines which, so far as I've seen, are only taught by adherents of Hyper Preterism.:


  • All Bible Prophecy was Fulfilled By AD70

  • Atonement Incomplete at Cross ; Complete at AD70

  • The Supernatural Power of Evil Ended in AD70

  • The Spirit of Antichrist was Destroyed in AD70

  • "The Consummation of the Ages" Came in AD70

  • "The Millennium" is in the Past, From AD30 to AD70

  • Nothing to be Resurrected From in Post AD70 World ; Hades Destroyed

  • The Christian Age Began in AD70 ; Earth Will Never End

  • "The Day of the Lord" was Israel's Destruction ending in AD70

  • The "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ Took Place in AD70-ish

  • The Great Judgment took place in AD70 ; No Future Judgment

  • The Law, Death, Sin, Devil, Hades, etc. Utterly Defeated in AD70

  • "The Resurrection" of the Dead and Living is Past, Having Taken Place in AD70

  • The Context of the Entire Bible is Pre-AD70 ; Not Written To Post AD70 World

(under construction)

  • Baptism was for Pre-AD70 Era (Cessationism)

  • The Lord's Prayer was for Pre-AD70 Era (Cessationism)

  • The Lord's Supper was for Pre-AD70 Era (Cessationism)

  • The Holy Spirit's Paraclete Work Ceased in AD70 (Cessationism)

  • The Consummation in AD70 Caused Church Offices to Cease (Cessationism)

  • The Resurrection in AD70 Changed the "Constitutional Principle" of Marriage (Noyesism)

  • Israel and Humanity Delivered into Ultimate Liberty in AD70 (TransmillennialismTM)

  • The Judgment in AD70 Reconciled All of Mankind to God ; All Saved (Preterist Universalism)

  • Adam's Sin No Longer Imputed in Post AD70 World ; No Need to be Born Again (Preterist Universalism)

  • When Jesus Delivered the Kingdom to the Father in AD70, He Ceased Being The Intermediary (Pantelism/Comprehensive Grace?)

  • The Book of Genesis is an Apocalypse; is About Creation of First Covenant Man, not First Historical Man (Covenantal Preterism)


  A Response to "The 70 A.D. Doctrine"

By Ed Stevens

Ed Stevens Page | Silence Demands a Rapture | Regarding "Annihilationism" | A Servant's View | Hampden-Cook Preterist Rapture | JS Russell Preterist Rapture

This is a response to "The A.D. 70 Doctrine" by Buff Scott.


The basic objections to the preterist view expressed by brother Buff Scott in the article below are:

1. That Pentecost was the fulfillment of Mt. 16.27ff and its parallels (Mark 9:1; Lk. 9.26ff). And, that there are multiple comings 'in-between' Christ's first advent and His second appearing.

2. At 70 A-D. 'every eye' did not see Him (Rev. 1:7), and there was no general resurrection and laying bare of the earth (2 Pet. 3).

3. The book of revelation was written about A.D. 96, not before 70.

1. Pentecost Fulfillment of Mt. 16:27,28? All three accounts state that 'some' of them listening would still be alive when these things happened. Very awkward way to speak of an event that was less than two years away, especially when ALL of those listening would still be alive. Jesus here refers to His return in association with these events (that "some" would live to see) by using the phrase 'the Son of Man coming.

     There is NO other term in the synoptic gospels which Jesus uses to refer to His return other than this. The burden of proof rests on those who contend that this phrase in Mt. 16:27f means something different than it does in other passages such as Mt. 10:23; 24:30; 25:31. Did Christ speak of multiple 'in-between comings' using exactly the same phrase without distinguishing between them?

     Where is the evidence that Christ knew of different comings separated by thousands of years???

2. 'Every Eye", Resurrection, and the End of the Earth: Many assume there is only one way to interpret the NATURE of the endtime events (the physical/literal method). So, when they run into problems with the TIME statements, they adjust their timing to resolve it, instead of looking to see if they might have misunderstood the NATURE of those events. The Jews made the same mistake. They still look for the Messiah to come, since Jesus didn't fulfill their physicalaiteral expectations. That is the problem here. We just need to leave the TIME statements alone and re-examine our understanding of the NATURE of those prophesied events.

3. Date of Revelation: I have heard many people assert that there is an "abundance' of evidence to support the 96 AD date of Revelation. All of it I have seen is based on a poorly-translated statement by Irenaeus. This is the guy who said Christ lived until the age of fifty. We should never place final authority on EXTERNAL evidence. Only INTERNAL evidence deserves that position. The temple was still standing when the book was written, and Rev. 11:8 and 18:24 clearly point to Jerusalem as the "Great City". Rome will not fit.

     Foy Wallace and Kenneth Gentry's commentaries build an 'un-getoverable" case for the pre-70 date of Revelation, using almost nothing but internal evidences.

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