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Church-State Relations and the Book of Revelation
An Introduction to The Parousia: A Careful Look at the New Testament Doctrine of the Lord's Second Coming
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T H E    N A K E D


-   W H A T    T H E Y    S T A N D    F O R   -

By Bands Report

"Although there - is - no such word or term as "preterist" in any dictionary:  The preterists could not have possibly chosen a better name for their demonic cult. "

Preterist: A theologian who believes that the prophecies of the Apocalypse have already been fulfilled. (Webster's Dictionary -

Although there - is - no such word or term as "preterist" in any dictionary:  The preterists could not have possibly chosen a better name for their demonic cult.   Wherefore the term "preter" is clearly defined by - all - dictionaries as meaning:   "beyond",  "beside",   and/or  "more".

Moreover:   FAR beyond,  A LOT besides,  and MUCH more, than what is actually written in God's Word,  is precisely what anyone will receive who allows this demonic cult to influence their thinking.

Source:   Webster Dictionary (1828 edition).
PRETER, a Latin preposition, [proeter,] is used in some English words as a prefix. Its proper signification is beyond,  hence beside,  more.

Source:   Webster Dictionary (1913 edition).
Pre"ter- (?). [L. praeter past, beyond, originally a compar. of prae before. See For, prep.] A prefix signifying past, by, beyond, more than; as, preter- mission, a permitting to go by; preternatural, beyond or more than is natural. [Written also pręter.]

Source:   Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA,  Inc.
\Pre"ter-\ [L. praeter past, beyond, originally a compar. of prae before. See For, prep.] A prefix signifying past, by, beyond, more than; as, preter- mission, a permitting to go by; preternatural, beyond or more than is natural. [Written also pr[ae]ter.]

Perhaps the best way to define the  "preterist"  movement,  is as follows:

A preterist is a person publicly proclaiming the Bible to be the literal Word of Almighty God:  Who will very boldly attempt to convince you that Jesus' Kingdom began at the time He was here on earth;  And that his first time on earth was and is His Second Coming !!

A preterist is a person who will on one hand attempt to hold Jesus' feet to the fire by holding Him to the literal letter of every Word written in the Bible:  Then proceed to maliciously twist everything that Jesus ever said:  In their attempt to make Him out to be a liar.

A preterist is also a person who will boldly tell you that most of what is written in God's Holy Word was never intended by HIM to be taken literally;  That every word of End Time prophecy has already been fulfilled;  That what you now see in your life is all there is ever going to be:

Then use - this - aspect of their so-called belief to make  GOD  HIMSELF  out to be a liar !!!

Every  singular  word  of  which  "preterist"  belief is  an  outright  provable - LIE  !!!!!


Perhaps the following best presents the preterist's obviously twisted view of God's Word.

This was written to,  on Sunday, March 9,  2003,  By:

Richard Matthews,  aka "npclifesight",  Executive Coach - Business Speaker,  Portland, Oregon.

A  known  preterist.

The following - BY NO MEANS - expresses the belief of - ANY - actual Christian !!!

Richard's post pertains to the preterist's false claim that Jesus Return occurred in the first Century:

"As a former (distant) fundamentalist Christian and current New Thought minister, this issue is of keen interest to me (Richard Kent Matthews).  The subject has been a thorn in the side of the Church since the second century.  Each of the Church Fathers from Augustine to Aquinas and all in between have tackled it.  There has never been a consensus.  The only answer that has filtered down through the centuries -- at least one that the majority of churchers accept, both Catholic and Protestant - is that, since the Bible is inerrant,  this issue is just one of the several mysteries in Scripture that will be revealed to us in Heaven. It allows them to cop out without losing face,  at least in their own eyes.

Nearly all of the Jewish leaders in first century Palestine denounced Jesus as a false prophet.
If the verse in Deuteronomy is to be accepted, then Jesus indeed is a false teacher. None of his prophecies came true in his lifetime;  In fact, none of his prophecies have come true yet.   It is doubtful they ever will.

Richard Matthews then goes on to cite the following Scriptures to support his outrageous claim:

Genesis 2:16-17 [KJV]:   "And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:   But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,  thou shalt not eat of it:  For in the day that thou eatest thereof   thou shalt surely die.

Further quoting preterist Richard Kent Matthews:

"Since God lied in Genesis 2:16-17 (apparently because men eating from what Richard Matthews perceives to be trees are not dying),  it's not surprising that Jesus lied in the following verses."

Matthew 10:22  All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. I tell you the truth, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel  before the Son of Man comes.

As a person who happens to hang on every Word Jesus Spoke, I cannot allow this to be printed without personally addressing this utterly demonic preterist claim:

First off:  This thread begins with verse 28, and it specifically refers to End Times gentiles,  by using the word "shall" to refer to things in the future:   To wit:

"And ye  shall  be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles."  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake:  But he that endureth  to the end  shall be saved.   (thereby referring to End Times)  (Mat 10:18 & 22)   But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another:  For verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel,  till the Son of man be come."   (Mat 10:23)

And as of March, 2003, I, Kirk White, submit to you that man has - STILL - not reached (as in converted) the peoples of the cities of Israel.  Therefore Jesus is not yet - required - to have come, in order to fulfill what the preterists consider to be a (false) prophecy; by falsely claiming Jesus was referring to His time on earth 2,000 years ago.

Therefore their claim that Jesus lied,  is nothing but - their own - lie !!!

Next,  the preterists will use Matthew 16:27-28 and/or 1-Thessalonians 4:15, to try to support their utterly false and absurd claim that either Jesus is a liar:  Falsely claiming that either we (you and I) are now living in Jesus' Kingdom;  Because, according to preterists either Jesus' Kingdom began during His time on earth;  Or Jesus is a bold faced liar.    (which HE is not)   But, read the verses they cite carefully:

Matthew 16:27  "For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father's glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done.  I (Jesus) tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.

1-Thessalonians 4:15  "For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord,  that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord   shall not prevent them which are asleep.

Once again,  I cannot allow the preterist's utterly absurd lies to be printed without using The Lord's Scripture to totally disprove them within the same text.  Whereas:

According to preterists,  because no one that - THEY - know of who was standing in the presence of Jesus when Jesus made the above statement has not died: To them, this means that either Jesus is a liar, or His Kingdom began at the time He was on earth.

Well, in the first place the preterists are not - looking - for a way to understand what Jesus was actually saying:  Therefore, they lack the Scriptural knowledge to consider just who was in the audience at the time:  Much less the ability to apply Scripture to every event.

Because if they - wanted - Jesus to be anything but the liar they so viciously claim Him to be: The preterists would already know from Scripture that from the beginning ALMIGHTY GOD had Appointed Jesus to be the Sole Judge of all mankind. They would further realize that Jesus' apostles were in the audience.  They would further realize that Jesus Appointed His apostles to be with Him when He Judged mankind.  And, if they were armed with just any Scripture at all,  the preterists would know that if Jesus elected to Judge His apostles on the spot,  at that specific point in time:  In Scriptural fact,  NONE OF THEM  would experience the type of death that Jesus was at that time making reference to !!!   Which makes His statement factual.   To wit:

"For the Father judges no man, but has committed all judgment unto the Son."  (John 5:22)

"Him (Jesus) hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel,  AND forgiveness of sins." (Act  5:31)

Therefore, if Jesus deemed that His apostles would never taste death,  He certainly had,  and still has,  more than sufficient Authority to make it so !!!

Therefore, its a common fraud for the preterists to claim - anything at all - based on Jesus' statement in Matthew 16:27.

Next,  the preterists will use Jesus' use of the Greek term "GENEA",  (which Bibles that have been translated into English commonly translate to imply the English term "generation"), to try to support their utterly false and absurd claim that either Jesus is a liar,  or, we (you and I) are now presently living in His Kingdom.  Because, according to preterists,  either Jesus' Kingdom began during His time on earth;  Or, Jesus is a bold faced liar.  (which HE is not)   To wit:

Matthew 24:34  "I tell you the truth,  this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

The preterists then use Matthew 24:34 to try to claim that either Jesus is a liar,  Or, His Kingdom on earth began at the point in time when He was here on earth.  Which would then make every prophecy issued by His Father, ALMIGHTY GOD  a lie !!!

Well, here they go again, twisting  The Holy Word of ALMIGHTY GOD  in their utterly demonic desire to make Jesus and/or GOD Himself out to be common liars.   And I will not permit them to succeed in their efforts to do so.  Because the thread of verses they so demonically twist, in fact begin with verse 24:15,  and make clear that Jesus was referring to the End Time generation;  Not to the people to whom He was speaking.   To wit:

These verses make it clear  WHEN  the event Jesus is referring to,  will take place:

When  ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place ..."   (Matthew 24:15)

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:    (Matthew 24:29)

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.    (Matthew 24:30)

Verily I say unto you,   This generation  shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. (Matthew 24:34)

Moreover, the above evidence doesn't even take into consideration that the Greek term used in these verses of Scripture which was translated to be "generation",  was in fact "GENEA".

And that in fact, when properly translated,  the Greek word "GENEA" does not simply mean "generation".   But instead, it means "OFFSPRING" or otherwise - future - generation. 

What do YOU think ?

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05 May 2003


This man is a sad case of manipulative eisegesis.

05 May 2003


there are no comments necessary for such a poorly written and researched article such as this one.

05 May 2003


The next time I read an article by this man I will need to wrap my head with an entire roll of duct tape to prevent my head from exploading. Attempting to follow his logic is hazardous to good mental health. Nice job on explaining Matthew 16:27. I would have never come to that conclusion on my own. Thanks a bunch. Jim

05 May 2003


Dear Bands Report, My Preterist master told me that we're taking over the world. We march at dawn. Booo!!!

06 May 2003


Wow, I haven't seen vitriolic hatred like this since I last read an article blasting Catholics. Scott

02 Jun 2003


Hello All, I don't know who this "Bands report" guy is, BUT this i do know to be factual: He used to have a yahoo group (i don't know if he still does) and he used to say some of the oddest things. Like... that he was some kind of prophet or some such and claimed to be referenced in the OT. I think he got his name from Zechariah 11:7 "And I will feed the flock of slaughter, even you, O poor of the flock. And I took unto me two staves; the one I called Beauty, and the other I called Bands; and I fed the flock." I believe that he also claimed to be one of the "two witnesses" of Rev. (his take on it was that one witness was named "beauty, and he was named "bands") But i may be incorect about this as it has been several years since he made the statement. His old website (which does not exist anymore btw) made the Phil Johnsons's Bookmarks: Really, really, really bad theology web page. Here's what Phil had to say: "I have no clue who "Bands" is (someone named Vince Diehl, apparently), but he pretends to speak for God. He's angry at just about everyone in the church today, and he vents his rage by prophesying doom and destruction (particuarly against Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico). His rants would be funny if they were not so blasphemous, attributing Bands's own demented tirades to the Lord." Well, If he did get his name from the Zech. passage, he might not have read verse 14 which says: "Then I cut asunder mine other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel." If any of you are interested in reading some of his previous rants go to the last four digits of the above is the message number, also try reading the following messages by this guy: 2980 2986 2988 2990 2991 3394 3471 3508 3521 3539 3544 3546 3547 3550 3551 3553 enjoy, Kevin, aka Co-founder of The Preterist Club

11 Jul 2003


A sad account of someone who claims to speak for God. He doesn't even try tho see other views. Funny that Arndt and Gingrich translate "genea" as in the phrase "this generation" , not offspring. Doesn't he read verses like Matt 5:22 where if anyone calls his brother "Raca" or " Fool" is in danger of ge henna !! If he claims we are demonic what about Rom 10:9-11. I'm pretty sure most if not all on this site agree Jesus rose from the dead. Doesn't this man contadict his own claims to speak for God? His ignorance and lack of tact astound me. A couple of years ago I typed in "theology" in google and came across this site. I thought "Jesus came back in 70 A.D. mmm this shouldn't be too hard to disprove. The more I read this site, the more intrigued I was. I started to put a Greek course I took to use in checking the actual Greek words in the N.T. instead of relying merely on logic of preconceived ideas I had of Pretrib. Preterism makes A LOT of sense. I thank God for this site and getting me off the "end of the world trip Hal Lindsey style " fantasy since the 80's. "The Parousia" , "Days of Vengeance", "Before Jerusalem Fell " all have a great deal to ponder about in this view. May God free us from our closed minds of traditions of men. steve steve

13 Aug 2003


Why is this even on ANY website? Thanks for the laugh Todd :o) JEGjr

14 Jan 2005


I pointed out to this guy that 1 of his prophecies disagreed with the Bible and he said that "he was praying to God to kill my firstborn" and he put a curse on me that all water entering my mouth would turn to blood and drive me insane - he is an evil and satanic FALSE PROPHET !

Date: 13 Sep 2006
Time: 01:40:13


I don't know about what this guy is saying, but I know these are the last days

Rev. D. R. Schlather

Date: 12 Jul 2007
Time: 10:01:26


Taking the Bible as literal truth has caused more pain and suffering in the world than any other single idea or philosophy, including the Third Reich. The creator of this universe could not possibly be the monster of the Bible, Jehovah. It's way too interesting and complicated for that beast to have any part of it. To say that the Bible is the inerrant Word is to play the fool.

Date: 13 Jul 2007
Time: 09:29:40


Your argument is specious. You cannot use the book to prove the book. It is unscientific, not to mention, neurotic. And the most damning of all Biblical books is the Book of Revelation. The John who supposedly wrote that book was simply a zealot with an axe to grind against Rome. A couple of hundred years (or so) later, Rome was the seat of Christianity. John's prophecies did not come true any more than any other prophecy in Scripture.

And if Jesus was truly human, as the Bible claims, then he ejaculated, pee'd, pooped, looked upon women (or men) with sexual thoughts, got angry, sulked, and so on. He hung around with dirty men, prostitutes, and gentiles. Of course the Jewish authorities would find him a false prophet! He went against everything they believed in, just like I'm doing with you. And you see how outraged you are. That's how the priests and rabbis reacted. Just like you. You are no different from the scribes and Pharisees. You hypocrite!

Date: 17 Jul 2007
Time: 10:07:20


>From Rev. Richard Matthews

I am not what you call a preterist. I do not believe the Bible is literally true in any sense. It is a book written by humans over a long period of time and is in no way divinely inspired. The article I wrote was simply to show that. I would rather you call me an atheist than someone who actually thinks the Bible is in any way inerrant or ultimate truth. As far as your use of the word "demonic," you have no real sense of what that even means. Remember: it was your God who created Satan so He must have had need of the devil's services. He knew in advance that Lucifer would "fall." He knew in advance that Eve would offer the fruit to Adam. He knew it all in advance...and did it any way. The God of the Bible is a monster! But since he doesn't actually exist, the whole point is moot.

Date: 16 Mar 2009
Time: 14:47:47

Your Comments:

It is wise to be cautious when invoking Greek words to support commentary. Even the most evolved Greek student knows that the Greek language contains twists, turns, and nuances that cannot be completely captured in the bastard English tongues, or even high Latin. Your arguments here are weak at best. The preterist makes the most sense. I will re-read the New Testament with new and eagle eyes. Thanks, preterist. You have delivered me!

Date: 13 Apr 2009
Time: 17:05:44

Your Comments:

What? No one has commented since 2007? No one has taken you seriously? You probably don't even check this site anymore. Too bad. You were kinda your own weird way. Many blessings and a continued good life to you. Wherever we all end up, see you there!

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