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Church-State Relations and the Book of Revelation
An Introduction to The Parousia: A Careful Look at the New Testament Doctrine of the Lord's Second Coming
by James Stuart Russell (1878) // Written by
Todd Dennis, Curator




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070: Clement: First Epistle of Clement

075: Baruch: Apocalypse Of Baruch

075: Barnabus: Epistle of Barnabus

090: Esdras 2 / 4 Ezra

100: Odes of Solomon

150: Justin: Dialogue with Trypho

150: Melito: Homily of the Pascha

175: Irenaeus: Against Heresies

175: Clement of Alexandria: Stromata

198: Tertullian: Answer to the Jews

230: Origen: The Principles | Commentary on Matthew | Commentary on John | Against Celsus

248: Cyprian: Against the Jews

260: Victorinus: Commentary on the Apocalypse "Alcasar, a Spanish Jesuit, taking a hint from Victorinus, seems to have been the first (AD 1614) to have suggested that the Apocalyptic prophecies did not extend further than to the overthrow of Paganism by Constantine."

310: Peter of Alexandria

310: Eusebius: Divine Manifestation of our Lord

312: Eusebius: Proof of the Gospel

319: Athanasius: On the Incarnation

320: Eusebius: History of the Martyrs

325: Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History

345: Aphrahat: Demonstrations

367: Athanasius: The Festal Letters

370: Hegesippus: The Ruin of Jerusalem

386: Chrysostom: Matthew and Mark

387: Chrysostom: Against the Jews

408: Jerome: Commentary on Daniel

417: Augustine: On Pelagius

426: Augustine: The City of God

428: Augustine: Harmony

420: Cassian: Conferences

600: Veronica Legend

800: Aquinas: Eternity of the World




1265: Aquinas: Catena Aurea

1543: Luther: On the Jews

1555: Calvin: Harmony on Evangelists

1556: Jewel: Scripture

1586: Douay-Rheims Bible

1598: Jerusalem's Misery ; The dolefull destruction of faire Ierusalem by Tytus, the Sonne of Vaspasian

1603: Nero : A New Tragedy

1613: Carey: The Fair Queen of Jewry

1614: Alcasar: Vestigatio arcani sensus in Apocalypsi

1654: Ussher: The Annals of the World

1658: Lightfoot: Commentary from Hebraica

1677: Crowne - The Destruction of Jerusalem

1764: Lardner: Fulfilment of our Saviour's Predictions

1776: Edwards: History of Redemption

1785: Churton: Prophecies Respecting the Destruction of Jerusalem

1801: Porteus: Our Lord's Prophecies

1802: Nisbett: The Coming of the Messiah

1805: Jortin: Remarks on Ecclesiastical History

1810: Clarke: Commentary On the Whole Bible

1816: Wilkins: Destruction of Jerusalem Related to Prophecies

1824: Galt: The Bachelor's Wife

1840: Smith: The Destruction of Jerusalem

1841: Currier: The Second Coming of Christ

1842: Bastow : A (Preterist) Bible Dictionary

1842: Stuart: Interpretation of Prophecy

1843: Lee: Dissertations on Eusebius

1845: Stuart: Commentary on Apocalypse

1849: Lee: Inquiry into Prophecy

1851: Lee: Visions of Daniel and St. John

1853: Newcombe: Observations on our Lord's Conduct as Divine Instructor

1854: Chamberlain: Restoration of Israel

1854: Fairbairn: The Typology of Scripture

1859: "Lee of Boston": Eschatology

1861: Maurice: Lectures on the Apocalypse

1863: Thomas Lewin : The Siege of Jerusalem

1865: Desprez: Daniel (Renounced Full Preterism)

1870: Fall of Jerusalem and the Roman Conquest

1871: Dale: Jewish Temple and Christian Church (PDF)

1879: Warren: The Parousia

1882: Farrar: The Early Days of Christianity

1883: Milton S. Terry: Biblical Hermeneutics

1888: Henty: For The Temple

1891: Farrar: Scenes in the days of Nero

1896: Lee : A Scholar of a Past Generation

1902: Church: Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem

1917: Morris: Christ's Second Coming Fulfilled

1985: Lee: Jerusalem; Rome; Revelation (PDF)

1987: Chilton: The Days of Vengeance

2001: Fowler: Jesus - The Better Everything

2006: M. Gwyn Morgan - AD69 - The Year of Four Emperors

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"If any thing can be proved by the word of God, I pledge myself to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the resurrection of the Jews and all Christian believers, was at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans."

Ephraim Currier


"the harvest was to be at the end of the world ; and the end of the world according to the words of Christ, was to be before the generation in which he lived should pass away (p. 112)

"If I do not greatly misunderstand the meaning of the scriptures, the great and dreadful day of the Lord, day of the Lord, &c. in the old Testament, and the coming of Christ, in the four Gospels, and the resurrection, in the epistles, all refer to one time.  That time I understand to be at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem." (p. 33)

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"In the following pages, the writer has consulted the Bible itself for his guide, and this must be his apology for departing from all other religious systems now in existence of which he has any knowledge. There has been a deeper interest felt by the community for some time past, upon the important subject of the second coming of Christ, I believe, than there has been before for many centuries. I have long been satisfied that the whole world was in darkness upon the subject of the coming of Christ and the resurrection. But by a careful study of the Bible as a whole, and comparing different passages together, without regard to any human opinions, every difficulty has been removed ; and thus the Bible has been made to me a new book, and every cloud of darkness upon thin subject has vanished away. In hopes that others may be led into the same views and feelings with myself, I hare published the following sheets. All I ask of the community, that they will give my views an impartial investigation, and if they are agreeable to the word or God, embrace them, if not reject them. One thing in particular I have to request of the clergy, as well as of all others, and that is, not to pass by the work now offered for their consideration, without notice ; but let it be closely scrutinized, and if it cannot be refuted in a spirit of fairness, and in a satisfactory manner, to admit that it is truth. But if, on the other hand, any man can show in satisfactory manner that my views are unscriptural, let him do it, and the sooner the better.  When this is done, I pledge myself frankly and unreservedly to acknowledge my errors. But Iong cherished opinions, and all history not found in the word of God, must be left entirely out of the question. I hare nothing to expect from the sympathies of any sect of religionists now in existence, for I know well that all their strength will be arrayed against me. But from candid and sober argument, I hare nothing to fear. If my sentiments are unscriptural, it is a pity if it cannot be shown in a spirit of fairness and good feeling."

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Date: 20 Oct 2010
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Many pre and post theories abound concerning the return of Jesus Christ. It must be remembered that at the time of Noah, only those who were in the Ark were saved, symbolical of us being in Christ. All the others died without exception. There was NO second chance as some believe with a post trib. rapture. Read Matt. 13:24 to 30 + 36 to 42




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