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Josephus: Henry Leeming: Josephus' Jewish War and Its Slavonic Version: A Synoptic Comparison (2003) "This volume presents in English translation the Slavonic version of Josephus Flavius' "Jewish War, long inaccessible to Anglophone readers, according to N.A. Materskej's scholarly edition, together with his erudite and wide-ranging study of literary, historical and philological aspects of the work, a textological apparatus and commentary. The synoptic layout of the Slavonic and Greek versions in parallel columns enables the reader to compare their content in detail. It will be seen that the divergences are far more extensive than those indicated hitherto."

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Jewish Apocalyptic Writings:
The "Dead Sea Scrolls"

Community Rule
Dead Sea Scroll 1QS
C14 Age: 1) 159 BC - AD 20 2) 206 BC - AD 111 (Subrange) ; Paleo. Age: 100-75 BC

"the community itself expresses its self-understanding as the new covenant community of the Last Days."

"My whole mind sings, and each touch of my harp glorifies God, And the string of my lute, his holy will; And, like a pipe, my lips praise his righteous rule. From dawn till night, I am the Covenant of God. In the dusk of evening and in the morning I voice his teachings; In them will I live for ever. I proclaim his judgment upon my transgressions, And my sins are like an inscription graven before my eyes. I hail God as 'My Righteousness! Most High: Creator of my joy!' 'Well of knowledge, Source of Holiness, Glorious Majesty, Strength of Eternal Splendor!' He has chosen all my joy and I rejoice in his judgment upon me. Walking or moving, I bless his name. At my goings out and my comings in, in my sleeping and in my waking, And even upon my bed, I rejoice in him. I open my lips and praise him for all that he has given to men, ... I know that in his hand is the judgment of every living soul, true are his acts. In my anguish I praise him, I rejoice in his salvation alone." (10.9-17)

"So shall all together comprise a Yahad whose essence is truth, genuine humility, love of charity, and righteous intent, caring for one another after this fashion within the holy society, comrades in an eternal fellowship."  (2.24)



Apostle John
"While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus..." (John 12:36a)

David Flusser
"According to a famous rabbinic concept, God concealed the light which he created on the first day from the present world, 'but in the world to come it will appear to the pious in all its pristine glory.' This explanation of the 'sons of light' is absent from the Dead Sea Scrolls, where it is said only that 'in the spring of light are the generations of truth and from the well of darkness come the generation of perversity' ([Community Rule] 1QS 3.19)." ("The Parable of the Unjust Steward: Jesus' Criticism of the Essenes" in Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls (James H. Charlesworth, Ed. - 1992), p. 181

Norman Golb
"The reward of these righteous ones will be not apocalyptic battles, but 'peace throughout length of days, and fruitfulness of progeny (Hebrew zera, literally 'seed'] as well as eternal blessings and everlasting bliss in life eternal and a diadem of glory together with (full) measure of glory in never-ending light'." (Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?, (1995) p. 69)

"We are introduced...(column 3, line 13) to the figure of an 'instructor' (Hebrew maskil) whose task is to teach all 'sons of light' about the true natures of men. The 'all-knowing Lord', we learn, is responsible for everything that is and was: He has preordained the destinies of all living creatures, and their ultimate actions and fate cannot be changed. But in creating mankind, he put two spirits - one of truth and the other of perversion - in its charge: Truth has its source in a 'dwelling place of light', while wickedness derives from a 'source of darkness'; the 'chieftain of lights' has dominion over all the sons of righteousness, while the 'angel of darkness' rules over the 'sons of perversion', each group walking, respectively, in the paths of light and darkness."

"Any fault or sin committed by sons of righteousness, the author explains, is attributable to the angel of darkness, for reasons that are secret except to the Lord until the age of His own complete dominion dawns. If in the author's own time the righteous suffer, it is due to this same influence of the angel of darkness. Nonetheless, although having Himself created these two opposing angelic spirits, 'the Lord of Israel and the angel of His truth aid all sons of light' - the Lord loving the one spirit and hating the other. Those of humble mien, we are told, thereby possess all desirable moral and spiritual virtues - slowness to anger, mercifulness, understanding, supportive belief in the Lord's deeds and His benevolence, zeal for righteous laws, acts of loving kindness toward all the 'sons of truth', and revulsion at all ritual impurity." (Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?, (1995) pp. 68-69

"The author of the Manual of Discipline [Community Rule] and several others writers...refer to the Lord consistently without employing the Tetragrammaton [YHWH], but rather by use of the brief el, 'God', rather than other possible designations, e.g. elo'ah , elohim , shaddai, and so forth."

"Only two columns of this writing are extant...The scribe's handwriting seems to be the same as that of the copyist who transcribed the Cave 1 text of the Manual, and writers have theorized that the two extra columns once stood, physically speaking, as the opening part of that work. It begins with the avowal that 'This is the rule for all the community of Israel at the end of days.' Here the initiates specifically include women and children."

"The Manual is a text of a highly spiritualized quality, its emphasis centered on the deeper meaning of the Torah to be reached through study sessions held one night in three each year, in which the spiritual sense of holy writings was to be intensified. The author of this text believed that, as earlier ordained to Joshua (1:8), the words of the Law were never to be expunged from the mouths of the true Israel, who rather had to ponder them 'day and night' - and to this end the Manual stipulates that an expounder perform his task constantly, whenever ten members of the Unity are available." (Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?, (1995) pp. 195, 92, 73)

Howard C. Kee
"There are two kinds of human beings: the 'sons of light' who are guided by the angel of truth, and the 'sons of darkness,' who are led by the angel of darkness. God loves the former and loathes the latter ([Community Rule] 1QS3). The qualities that are to characterize God's sons are humility, patience, love, goodness, understanding, intelligence, discernment, zeal for the laws, a holy intent, and the spirit of wisdom. Conversely, the 'sons of darkness' are dominated by a spirit of falsehood, greed, lethargy, wickedness, haughtiness, cruelty, brazen insolence, abominable deeds, lewdness, and blasphemy. They are blind of eye and dull of ear, stiff-necked and in the dark (lQS 4). The enlightened will be instructed in divine knowledge and have been chosen for an everlasting covenant through which they will attain to the glorious image that God first granted to Adam."  ("Membership in the Covenant People at Qumran and in the Teaching of Jesus" in Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls, p. 115 )

"The community perceived itself as the 'house of holiness' ([Community Rule] lQS 8), a precious cornerstone (Isa 26:16), a perfect dwelling place for Aaron, as the embodiment of the everlasting knowledge of the covenant of rightness, as the house of perfection and truth in Israel. The community believed that it was atoning for the land even as it was identifying and judging wickedness in the last days, the community is to assemble - including women and children - to hear the covenant and its exposition, which are binding on everyone born in Israel ([Rule of the Congregation] lQSa 1)."  ("Membership in the Covenant People at Qumran and in the Teaching of Jesus" in Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls (James H. Charlesworth, Ed. - 1992), p. 116)

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these are the guys who translated it but the dead sea scrolls were found in 19 46 , the translation you speak of might be english tranlation and there names are, Michael wise, Martin abegg, jnr ,Edward cook, haper collins is were you find the publisher and isbn is 0-06-069201-4


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