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  • American Prophecy and the Judeo-Christian crusade against evil - "

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Characters and Events of Roman History: From Caesar to Nero - Guglielmo Ferrero (1906) "In this story St. Paul is exactly the antithesis of Nero. The latter represents the atrocious selfishness of rich, peaceful, highly civilised epochs; the former, the ardent moral idealism which tries to react against the cardinal vices of power and wealth through universal self-sacrifice and asceticism. Neither of these men is to be comprehended without the other, because the moral doctrine of Paul is partly a reaction against, the violent folly for which Nero stood the symbol; but it certainly was not philosophical considerations of this kind that led the Roman authorities to rage against the Christians. The problem, I repeat, is insoluble. However this may be, the Christians were declared responsible for the fire; a great number were taken into custody, sentenced to death, executed in different ways, during the festivals that Nero offered to the people to appease them. Possibly Paul himself was one of the victims of this persecution."     "The armies of Gaul and Spain, for a long time irregularly paid, led by their officers, revolted. This act of energy sufficed. On the 9th of June, 68 A.D., abandoned by all the world, Nero was compelled to commit suicide. So the family of Julius Caesar disappears from history. After so much greatness, genius, and wisdom, the fall may seem petty and almost laughable. It is absurd to lose the Empire for the pleasure of singing in a theatre. And yet, bizarre as the end may seem, it was not the result of the vices, the follies, and the crimes of Nero alone. In his way, Nero himself was, like all members of his family, the victim of the contradictory situation of his times."


  • Exposed: The Jesus Fakes "The four men indicted were Tel Aviv collector Oded Golan, owner of the James ossuary and the Yoash tablet; Robert Deutsch, an inscriptions expert who teaches at Haifa University; collector Shlomo Cohen; and antiquities dealer Faiz al-Amaleh."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Dr. Francis Nigel Lee - The Olivet  Discourse and the Destruction of Jerusalem in prophecy (2000) "The beginning of that "abomination" refers to the desecration of the city by the ensigns of the Romaneagles3089 (or unclean vultures)3090 which surrounded Jerusalem in 66.5 A.D.   So the Dordt Dutch Bible, Matthew  Henry,  Adam  Clarke,  Albert  Barnes,  and  Marcellus  Kik.      The  "desolation"  itself  would  be engineered three and a half years later at the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in 70 A.D."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Dr. Francis Nigel Lee - John's Revelation Revealed (1999) "John does not say or mean (preteristically) that all those things would soon finish coming to pass. Nor does he say or mean (futuristically) that almost none of those things would even start to occur until after an alleged and still-future 'rapture.' He says and means (historicalistically) that first some and then all those things would "shortly" start coming to pass.

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Dr. Francis Nigel Lee - The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and the Calvinistic Standards (1993) "Historicalists would agree with Preterists that there is indeed a very important sense in which Christ did come (invisibly) to Jerusalem, in punitive judgment, during A.D. 70.. He would particularly come and comfort them in the hour of those believers' deaths. Yet if they, the first-century A.D. Congregations, would not repent of their backslidings ¾ that same Jesus would come even to chasten and to correct them. Indeed, He certainly came invisibly yet powerfully ¾ to destroy the wicked Jerusalem in 70 A.D."

  • Wave hit Christians during church service - In Indonesia, where less than 1 percent of the population is Christian, believers "have been very badly affected," said a report from that nation. "At least 150 Christians have died and about 5,000 have been displaced," a contact e-mailed to Barnabas Fund."

  • "Luther noted that Christ warned about false prophets coming from the desert (Matthew 24: 24 – 26) and this certainly included Muhammad."


  • Henry Hammond: Hammond's Commentary Added to Southwestern's Library - "Hammond was a preterist, one who believes the events of the Apocalypse had already come to pass. During a chapel service in November Driver read from a review written by Charles Spurgeon, who had a mixed assessment of Hammond’s New Testament commentary. “Though Hammond gives a great deal of dry criticism and is Arminian, churchy, and peculiar, we greatly value his addition to our stores of biblical information. Use the sieve and reject the chaff,” Spurgeon wrote."


  • Press: Tidal Wave Tragedy Teaches Humility - UPI "The Book of Revelation predicts a dramatic earthquake will shake the earth before the Second Coming of Christ. Accordingly, Christian fundamentalist groups have always been prone to see earthquakes as signs of divine judgment or of the imminence of the return of Jesus.

    And even with accounts of the death tolls and devastation still incomplete, it teaches the sobering lesson that the wrath of Nature can dwarf the worst excesses of Man."

  • Pret Website: Beyond the End Times Ministry - Ron McRay "In the past fifteen years, I have reviewed my convictions with the intent of testing them to see if they agree with the Bible, rather than make the Bible fit what my ideas are."


  • Ralph Woodrow: Matthew 24 - The Great Tribulation: Future or Fulfilled? "The scholarly Christian translator of Josephus’ works mentions this in a footnote: “That these calamities of the Jews, who were our Saviour’s murderers, were to be the greatest that had ever been since the beginning of the world, our Saviour had directly foretold (Mt. 24:21; Mk. 13:19; Lk. 21:23,24) and that they proved to be such accordingly, Josephus is here a most authentic witness.” (Preface, p.429)."

  • Caiaphas' Bones -

    “Then the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders of the people assembled at the palace of the high priest, who was called Caiaphas, and plotted to take Jesus by trickery and kill Him” (Mt.26:3,4).  Among the Jewish leaders who sought the death of Jesus was the high priest named “Caiaphas.”  It was this Caiaphas who said, “…that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish” (Joh.11:50).  Little did he realize that his statement was actually a prophecy that indicated Jesus’ death would be on behalf of the Jewish nation and all who would become God’s children.  Caiaphas served as the high priest of Israel for approximately eighteen years (A.D. 18-36).  Because of his part in condemning Jesus to death, and his opposition toward the spread of Christianity, Caiaphas has come to be regarded as one of the most infamous of all biblical characters.  Dear reader, in view of the afore mentioned things about Caiaphas, you will think it strange for this writer to say that Caiaphas now provides strong evidence for the support of Christianity.  How, you may ask?    A little over a decade ago construction workers in Jerusalem’s Water Park accidentally found a burial cave.  While such discoveries are not uncommon in Palestine, this cave proved to be significant because of an ossuary containing the words “Yehosef bar Qafa.”   Translated in English these words are “Joseph son of Caiaphas.”  According to the ancient Jewish historian Josephus, this was the full name of the high priest who served during Jesus’ trial and later threatened the apostles.  In the first century, wealthy families would lay the body of their deceased loved-one in a tomb or cave and allow the body approximately a year to decompose.  After decomposition they would then gather the bones of their loved-one and put them in a burial bone box called an ossuary.  These boxes were around 1 ¼ feet wide and 2 ½ feet long.  This burial custom, according to archeologists, is believed to have been limited to about a one hundred year period, prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D 70.  Dear friend, though Caiaphas opposed Christ and His gospel during his life, yet in death his bones serve as evidence for the historicity and veracity of the New Testament writers who acknowledged both him and Jesus as first century characters.


  • Symbols of Christmas - "Christmas is a later Christian festival," (Baptist Theologian Timothy) George said. "Early Christians didn't observe Jesus' birth; they were concerned about his death, resurrection and second coming."

  • dEmEnTiA: Enjoy the peace of Christmas - "Seems to me the longer Jesus waits to come back for his second return, the more we experience the Biblical account of "Sodom and Gomarrah." The Rev. Dr. Billy Graham said on one occasion.. I do not believe we will experience this type of peace until Christ's second coming."


  • Transition Texts: Gary DeMar: Randall Price and the Transition Texts of Matthew 23:38-39 "Toussaint and Price are willing to dismiss repeated references to an impending judgment by straining to find a single passage to bolster their argument that a pre-tribulational rapture, a rebuilt temple, and the reinstitution of Old Covenant Judaism during an earthly millennium remain to be fulfilled. "

  • Levi and Sarah, or the Jewish Lovers (1821) "The last siege and capture of Jerusalem will ever be memorable in the history of mankind. "

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Josephus by Norman Bentwich (1914) "Josephus hardly merits a place on his own account in a series of Jewish Worthies, since neither as man of action nor as man of letters did he deserve particularly well of his nation."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible (1586) William Allen, Richard Bristow, Thomas Worthington "Zacharias Chapter 11 - The destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. God's dealings with the Jews, and their reprobation. 11:1. Open thy gates, O Libanus, and let fire devour thy cedars.   O Libanus. . .So Jerusalem, and more particularly the temple, is called by the prophets, from its height, and from its being built of the cedars of Libanus.--Ibid. Thy cedars. . .Thy princes and chief men."  "A fountain shall come forth of the house of the Lord, etc. . .Viz., the fountain of grace in the church militant, and of glory in the church triumphant: which shall water the torrent or valley of thorns, that is, the souls that before, like barren ground brought forth nothing but thorns; or that were afflicted with the thorns of crosses and tribulations."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Ballad of the White Horse (1911) - G.K. Chesterton "For the White Horse knew England When there was none to know; He saw the first oar break or bend, He saw heaven fall and the world end, O God, how long ago.

For the end of the world was long ago,
And all we dwell to-day
As children of some second birth,
Like a strange people left on earth
After a judgment day.

For the end of the world was long ago,
When the ends of the world waxed free,
When Rome was sunk in a waste of slaves,
And the sun drowned in the sea.

When Caesar's sun fell out of the sky
And whoso hearkened right
Could only hear the plunging
Of the nations in the night.

When the ends of the earth came marching in
To torch and cresset gleam.
And the roads of the world that lead to Rome
Were filled with faces that moved like foam,
Like faces in a dream.

  • Transition Texts: Added J. Randall Price "In fact joined immediately to Jesus' own pronouncement of the Temple's desolation (Matt. 21:38) is His promise (in the word "until") of Israel (and the Temple's) restoration (Matt. 23:39)." (An Overview of the Future Temples)

  • Yochanan Ben Zakkai Sets up Yavneh - "When he reached the Romans, he said: "Peace to you, O King. Peace to you, O King." He [Vespasian] said: "Your life is forfeit on two counts, one because I am not a king and you call me king, and again, if I am a king, why did you not come to me before now?" He replied: "As for your saying that you are not a king, in truth you are a king, since if you were not a king Jerusalem would not be delivered into your hand, as it is written, ‘And Lebanon shall fall by a mighty one ‘[Isaiah 10:34]. "Mighty one" is applied only to a king, as it is written, And their mighty one shall be of themselves... [Jeremiah 30:21] and Lebanon refers to the Sanctuary, as it says, This goodly mountain and Lebanon [Deuteronomy 3:25]."


  • - The Birth of JesusIs it just a coincidence that when the one true High Priest comes into the world, that for the first and only time, a temporary High Priest is appointed to perform the important duties for the Day of Atonement? Not if you believe, as I do, that the exact date for Jesus' birthday is the Day of Atonement or September 11, 5 BCE. "

  • Venerable Bede: Added Anglo-Saxon Chronicles (the "Saxon Chronicle" contains the original and authentic testimony of contemporary writers to the most important transactions of our forefathers, both by sea and land, from their first arrival in this country to the year 1154) "We come now to a more cheering prospect; and behold a steady light reflected on the "Saxon Chronicle" by the "Ecclesiastical History" of Bede; a writer who, without the intervention of any legendary tale, truly deserves the title of Venerable" - "A.D. 71. This year Titus, son of Vespasian, slew in Jerusalem eleven hundred thousand Jews."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Josephus: The Antiquities of the Jews

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Ancient Man: The Beginning of Civilization by Hendrik Willem Van Loon  "The temple which served no practical purposes (as far as they could see) was neglected until the days of Herod, who was King of the Jews by the Grace of the Roman sword and whose vanity wished to renew the ancient splendor of the bygone ages. In a half-hearted manner the oppressed people set to work to obey the orders of a master who was not of their own choosing. When the last stone had been placed in its proper position another revolution broke out against the merciless Roman tax gatherers. The temple was the first victim of this rioting. The soldiers of the Emperor Titus promptly set fire to this center of the old Jewish faith."

  • When Will Jesus Return? - Joseph Farrah "In 1772, Edward Gibbons published "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," in which he cites early documents suggesting the Christian disciples of the first century were taught that Jesus would return after 2,000 years. We'll soon find out if they were right."

  • Jesus and the development of afterlife beliefs - "The apocalyptic end of the current world is also what Jesus is referring to in his foretelling of destruction below: And as Jesus was coming out of the Temple, one of his disciples said to him, 'Teacher, see what great stones and what great buildings are here.' And Jesus said to him, 'Do you see these great buildings? Not one stone will be left upon another that will not be destroyed.' (Mark 13:2)" (Muslim WakeUp!)


  • J. Randall Price : A Brief History of the Jewish Temple  "Although newly restored, it was still subject to the old terms of the covenantal contract, and with the Nation's rejection of Jesus as Messiah the Temple was again doomed to desolation. All of Jesus pronouncements of the Temple's destruction (Matt. 24:2/Mk. 13:2; Lk. 21:6, 20-24) must be viewed in this light, and not as a rejection or replacement of the Temple as a legitimate institution. In fact joined immediately to Jesus' own pronouncement of the Temple's desolation (Matt. 21:38) is His promise (in the word "until") of Israel (and the Temple's) restoration (Matt. 23:39). This and Jesus' positive statements concerning the Temple elsewhere (Matt. 12: 4; 17:24-27; 23:16-21; Jn. 2:16-17) and especially in His Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24:15; Mk. 13:14) hold out the prophetic promise that the history of the Temple would be continued in the future." (An Overview of the Future Temples)

  • J. Randall Price : The Eschatology of the Dead Sea Scrolls  "The history of mankind is traced from the Creation (1QS 4:15-17) and leads up to the eschaton or the "latter generation" or the "end-time," finally culminating in the "Latter Days" (QpHab 4:1-2, 7-8, 10-14; cf. 2:5-7). This culminating period also looks forward in its description of this age ending the era of wickedness as "the decreed epoch of new things" (1QS 4:25; cf. Dan. 9:26-27; 11:35-36; Isa. 10:23; 28:22; 43:19)." 

"The Messiah of the Dead Sea Scrolls is clearly eschatological. His coming is at "the end of days," and is royal (Davidic), priestly (Aaronic), and prophetic (Mosaic) in nature."

"In Dead Sea texts which depict this period of great spiritual declension of Israel, the apostasy is said to be spearheaded by a figure refer to as "Belial" and a "son of Belial." The term appears also in the New Testament at 2 Cor. 6:15. In other texts, this figure is called "son/man of sin" (cf. CD 6:15; 13:14; 1QS 9:16; 10:19). This expression is quite similar to an expression found in the Pauline description of the eschatological desecrator, the Antichrist, in 2 Thess. 2:3b. It is complemented by another term "son of iniquity" in 1QS 3:21, which is comparable to the phrase "the man of lawlessness" paired with "man of sin" in 2 Thess. 2:3. Even the phrase "the mystery of lawlessness," found only at 2 Thess. 2:7, has an almost identical expression at Qumran: "the mystery of iniquity" 



  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Philip Schaff - History of the Christian Church (1882)  (Chapter 6: The Great Tribulation - The Roman Conflagration and Neronian Persecution)  "The aforesaid Scribes and Pharisees, therefore, placed James upon the pinnacle of the temple, and cried out to him: "O thou just man, whom we ought all to believe, since the people are led astray after Jesus that was crucified, declare to us what is the door of Jesus that was crucified." And he answered with a loud voice: "Why do ye ask me respecting Jesus the Son of Man? He is now sitting in the heavens, on the right hand of the great Power, and is about to come on the clouds of heaven." And as many were confirmed, and gloried in this testimony of James, and said:, "Hosanna to the Son of David," these same priests and Pharisees said to one another: "We have done badly in affording such testimony to Jesus, but let us go up and cast him down, that they may dread to believe in him." And they cried out: "Ho, ho, the Just himself is deceived." And they fulfilled that which is written in Isaiah, "Let us take away the Just, because he is offensive to us; wherefore they shall eat the fruit of their doings." [Comp. Is. 3:10.]"

  • This Will Take a Miracle - Indianapolis Star - Bill Moyers: "Theology asserts propositions that cannot be proven true; ideologues hold stoutly to a world view despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality. When ideology and theology couple, their offspring are not always bad but they are always blind."     "After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back," James Watt, Ronald Reagan's secretary of the Interior, told Congress in the formative days of the Moral Majority. Millions agree, just as millions agree with the general who went around proclaiming that his God was mightier than the Muslims' God. As this strain of religion vies with the other one for the helm of the state, prophecies of a final battle may prove perfectly down-to-Earth. Happy holidays."

  • Smith Bicentennial Renewing Debate - "To loyal Mormons, Joseph Smith Jr. was an American prophet whose creed is preparing for Christ's Second Coming. To skeptics, he was a reprobate impostor, if a remarkably successful one."


  • FP: Dan Delegrave: Compilation of 2004 Articles From Fulfillment Ministries

  • Western Wall hill to be removed - "Jerusalem city engineers will take down the hill jutting out from the Western Wall, replacing it with a bridge. Archaeologists expect to find treasures, such as a tall gate from the Second Temple."

  • A Crack in the Theory "in scholarly circles, a storm is brewing, raising questions about the spiritual past of the site and its connection to some of the legends that have risen on its ashes. Did Essenes live at and scribe the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran? No, says a soon-to-be-released report."


  • An Exchange between Old School Baptists on Preterism

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Lands of the Bible - J.W. McGarvey "The death of Agrippa occurred in the year 44 of our era, just ten years after the death of Jesus, and twenty-six years before the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus; consequently, this enlargement of the city to the greatest dimensions which it ever attained occurred subsequent to the solemn announcement of its doom which had been made by Jesus. Though that doom was to befall it, according to the prediction, before the generation then living should pass away, when ten years had passed the city had started on a new career of growth and apparent prosperity, yet the words of Jesus were not falsified by the result."

  • Press: Why do End-Time Beliefs Endure? - The Economist "Christians have kept faith with the idea that the world is just about to end since the beginnings of their religion. Jesus Himself hinted more than once that His second coming would happen during the lifetime of His followers."

  • Press: In Line for the Rapture - Rick Perlstein, Village Voice "The Apostolic Congress, a Christian Zionist movement, has some attentive ears in the White House. How much influence do they wield on American policy in Israel?" Affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church, the Apostolic Congress is part of an important and disciplined political constituency courted by recent Republican administrations. As a subset of the broader Christian Zionist movement, it has a lengthy history of opposition to any proposal that will not result in what it calls a "one-state solution" in Israel."

  • Jerusalem History: Images of the Temple

  • Catholic Gonzalo Rojas Flores : The Book of Revelation and the First Years of Nero's Reign - "According to ecclesiastical tradition, the Book of Revelation was written by the apostle John, the son of Zebedee, about the year 95, during his exile in Patmos, shortly before writing the fourth gospel in Ephesus. Most scholars support this late dating (last days of Domitian’s reign), but the early dating (between the years 64 and 70) has the support of many important authors1. In this article I will try to demonstrate that (a) the external evidence is not conclusive in favor of a late dating, because there is an important patristic tradition in favor of Nero’s reign; and (b) the internal evidence provides important arguments affirming that the definitive version of Revelation was redacted after Nero’s ascension to power in the year 54 and before the earthquake of Laodicea in the year 60."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Second Coming of Christ and the Destruction of the World - Benjamin Franklin (1869) "But there is another class of scoffers that this discourse has to do with. They say the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ has long since occurred--that he came the second time at the destruction of Jerusalem; that he there judged the world; separated the righteous from the wicked, and, consequently, argue that the coming of Christ, the judgment, and punishment of the wicked are all long since gone by. This fallacy must now be refuted. It must be shown that the coming of the Lord is yet future." (The Gospel Preacher, Ch. 18)

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Evidences of Christianity: A Debate - Alexander Campbell and Robert Owen (1829) "beside the predictions uttered by the Savior concerning his own demise, and all the circumstances attendant upon it, he foretold one event of such notoriety and importance as to confirm the faith of one generation and to produce faith in all subsequent generations."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Illustrated New Testament - Abbott and Abbott (1878) On Acts 2:19-20 "These, also, are figurative expressions, referring to the portentous events which preceded the destruction of Jerusalem."

  • The Lord's Supper: Its Use and Abuse - W.K. Pendelton (1902) "No one can pretend to deny that Paul teaches the fitness of observing the supper till the time the Lord shall come; but it is by some contended that the coming of the Lord, referred to by him, took place at the destruction of Jerusalem, and that since that time, therefore, Christians are under no obligation to show forth his death farther;--that the observance of the supper should have ceased with the destruction of Jerusalem."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Essays on the Work of the Holy Spirit - Alexander Campbell (1824) "we shall proceed to notice a prophecy of great utility, which respected an event about forty years distant. This prediction was designed for public conviction, and was perfectly adapted to this end. It was of that character of events which must necessarily be notorious and eminently conspicuous. Let us attend to it."

  • The Second Coming of Christ a Past Event? - T. Orr, Launceston, Tasmania. (1961) "To the Bible student who is not trammelled by a theory that he must needs uphold at all cost, I commend what I have written as being worthy of careful study, for it accepts the plain statements of the New Testament writers, and requires no evading of the passages in Matt. 10:23, 16:28, and 24:34 which contain a time-limit set by Jesus for His Second Advent."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Philip Mauro: Looking for the Savior (1913)

  • Open Source Theology: NT Imminence of Parousia



  • Listening And Talking To God About Invading Other Countries - "The Israeli government, however, has submerged humor and forged close alliances with fundamentalist Christians. In return, evangelicals contribute big bucks to Israel and lobby for pro-Israeli policies. So, Israeli officials turn blind eyes to Reverend Falwell’s verbal transgressions As recently as January 14, 1999 Jerry Falwell speculated on “the Anti-Christ.”

  • The A.D.70 Doctrine - George E. Jensen

  • Preterism, the Millennium, and Historical Contingencies - Larry Gwaltny "Essentially, Jesus did come “soon” in his initial judgment of AD 70, but this does not preclude his coming again in the future, this time in full force, with full recompense, both good and bad"

  • The Olivet Discourse in the History of Dispensationalist Thought (With a Comparison of the Preterist View) J.H. Hixon


  • Book Store: Continuity of Religion (1670)  By Bishop Jacques Bénigne Bossuet - Chapter 21 Completed "He had foretold the manner in which the ungrateful city would be besieged, and the dreadful circumvallation that was to encompass it.  He had warned the Jews that the time of their calamity was at hand; He had laid open to them the long series of crimes which were to draw such punishments upon them.  In a word, He had traced the whole history of the siege and of the desolation of Jerusalem."

  • Don't Be Left Behind - "As a born again Christian, does the President support efforts to rebuild the temple on the Temple Mount?" Hearing this question, all of a sudden, Scott was in a hurry. He mumbled something like, "I will be glad to take your question, and if there is more, I will get back to you on that," ended the press conference, and left the room.


  • Bob Dylan's Unshakable Monotheism: Part IV - "Christ will set up his kingdom in Jerusalem for a thousand years, where the lion will lie down with the lamb. Have you heard that before? Have you heard that before? I'm just curious to know, how many believe that? [mixed audience response] Alright. This is called 'Slow Train Coming.' It's been coming for a long time and it's picking up speed."


  • The Enemy of My Enemy: John Hagee supports Zionism to the detriment of Israel and Jewish Americans



  • Book Store: Continuity of Religion  (1670)  By Bishop Jacques Bénigne Bossuet "Titus, enlightened enough to know that Judea perished by a manifest effect of the justice of God, knew not the crime which God had willed to punish so terribly.  It was the most heinous of all crimes, a crime then unheard-of, namely, Deicide, which therefore gave occasion to a vengeance such as the world had never seen. But if we only open our eyes and consider the course of things, neither that crime of the Jews nor its punishment can remain hidden from us."


  • Discussion on Preterism - "I believe that Jesus Christ clearly taught that he would return in his second coming (parousia) during the lifetime of his disciples, and that he did in fact do just that. Is anyone interested in having a friendly debate on the timing of the second coming? I hold the position that the second coming was a past event that has already taken place. Again, I stress "friendly debate." No ad hominem attacks (name calling and the such). So calling each other heretic is strictly forbidden. Let's just stick to clear argumentation and exegesis."


  • Tim LaHaye: LaHaye: "New End Times Thriller Teaches 'Ridiculous' Views" - Tyndale Defends Choice to Publish Hanegraaff's Preterist Series - "The pre-trib author says the new book by Hanegraaff erroneously teaches that all of Revelation's prophecies have come to pass and the rapture has already occurred. "Their idea that the Book of Revelation was written in 64 or 66 A.D. means it's passed -- it was all fulfilled," he notes. "Personally, I think it's an absolutely ridiculous view -- and indefensible."


  • FP: Walt Hibbard: Jesus' Promise of a First Century 'Parousia' -- Not Clear? (Comment by Reformed scholar) "It is far from ‘clear’ that Jesus promised that His parousia would be in the first century. That is the point of disagreement. If it was clear, then the Christian church would have believed it and so would I.” He goes on to add the following: “Much of what you say here is based on the belief that there can be no doubt on this matter. However, for myself and the historic Christian church these claims are not clear and so your conclusions do not follow.”



  • Hank Hanegraaff: Hank Hanegraaff Gave Tim LaHaye the People's Elbow! "This story is too good to pass up. LaHaye, alleged author of the Left Behind Series, and Hank Hanegraaff, the man who refers to himself as the Bible Answer Man and lives in a palace near San Diego where he suffers for Jesus, are having a feud about the End Times. Sort of... What's truly sad about this story is that most Christians won't recognize that Hanegraaff is far closer to orthodoxy here than LaHaye." | New Book Challenges 'Left Behind' | Blog: Irking LaHaye

  • Thomas Ice: The Destructive View of Preterism "What’s happening is that Preterism is challenging futurism. Idealism is not a factor out there and Historicism is not a factor. Preterists are rising up, coming mainly out of the Reconstructionist Movement, to do this. What is their theme verse? Does anybody know? Let’s all say it together, "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things be fulfilled." So, when you talk to a Preterist, get ready to hear the words, "this generation" at least eight dozen times if you have an extended conversation... You might be interested to know that in 1843, when the journal Bibliotheca Sacra was first started, it taught Preterism. You can go back and look at the early articles – Scholars such as Moses Stewart and James Robinson wrote for the journal in those early years. It was not until 1934, when Dallas Seminary took control of Bib Sac, that it became a futurist organ."

  • Oil. Water. Ice. The End. - Interesting collection



  • Gary DeMar:  "Shreds of Preterism" Among First-Century Writers "Much of the debate over preterism comes down to when the document was written.  This is especially true for the book of Revelation.  If a document was written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem which occurred in A.D. 70, then any statement about future prophetic events could be a reference to that event."


  • Akron Beagle picks up "Apocalyptic Feud" Story

  • Jonathan Pollard: Israel groomed jailed terrorist to head Palestinian Authority

  • Locust Plague in Israel - "Israeli agriculture officials sent crop dusters into the air to spray against the locusts that swept in from North Africa in the first such invasion since 1959. Eilat residents reported clouds of locusts eating palm trees bare and wiping out entire gardens.  "You watch as trees that are covered with flowers are devoured. They ate everything, even a grassy roundabout which is covered with locusts," said Meir, an Eilat resident."


  • Accept Evangelicals as Friends despite their Theology - Cleveland Jewish News "Their theology seems strange and bizarre to Jews. But, "the reality is that this election was won by the galvanization of the evangelicals to vote," said Cook, professor of Judaeo-Christian studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. "This is not a time to isolate ourselves. That will make us feel there is no hope of getting along with these people."


  • The Judgment of Jerusalem By William Patton (1877) - NOW COMPLETE! "The singularly exact fulfilIment of the prediction of the Saviour relative to the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Romans, as well as the possession of their land by the Gentiles for eighteen hundred years, are fully chronicled in history. But what has become of the people?"


  • CARM: "The Last Disciple" By Hank Hanegraaff Discussion - "I feel the need to post a correction of an earlier post on the subject of Hank's eschatological views. I had read where someone said he was a preterist. I responded, basically, that I thought that I had heard him say that he was a PARTIAL preterist (full preterism being unbiblical). I was wrong. On his broadcast (which I listen to every day) today -3, Nov 2004- he said explicitly that he is NOT a partial preterist and that his position will be laid out in his book on the subject which will be released in a few months. In my attempt to defend a man from whom I've learned so much, I misstated his position."

  • Thomas Ice: One Thousand Years, Literal or Figurative? "Hank Hanegraaff of Bible Answer Man fame has recently delved into the field of eschatology (the study of last things) with the release of a novel called The Last Disciple,[1] co-authored with Sigmund Broward. It appears that Hanegraaff has adopted the preterist position in this first novel in a series that sees the book of Revelation as having been fulfilled in the first century. "Hank is a partial preterist who holds to a view on eschatology that is similar to the position held by Gary DeMar," according to DeMar's website"




  • Dialogue with (Anti-Preterist speaker) Scott Hoffstee who claims to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation : "I can understand that Preterism is a joke, but since Scott Hofstee claims to be one of the two witnesses, isn't that even more ignorant?" Scott Hofstee: We are dead against preterism because its a lie"

  • World Journalists Condemn Vanunu Re-Arrest "Vanunu was detained by police who raided the guesthouse at St. George's Cathedral in East Jerusalem. After interrogation, he was taken before magistrates who ordered him confined to house arrest for seven days and banned him from contacting people connected to the investigation against him."

  • The Case of the Disappearing Rabbis "According to the story for which Barbara was the sole witness, the Orthodox Rabbi informed her that he believed in Yeshua, and that there were some 40 additional Rabbis, all supposedly Believers as well, who were congregating together regularly in Jerusalem. In an effort to investigate this phenomenon, I personally asked over two dozen congregational leaders and elders about these so-called secret believers. and only three (3) were able to verify that there MAY be a "secret underground" movement amongst the Haridim, who believe in Yeshua. The majority were skeptical or were just convinced that so such community could exist and be counted amongst the household of faith in any tangible way."


  • "Apocalyptic Feud" Picked up by Ft. Wayne, IN Sentinel "But the Rev. Tim LaHaye, co-author of the "Left Behind" books, called the decision by his publisher "stunning and disappointing" and said he felt betrayed. "They are going to take the money we made for them and promote this nonsense," he said."

  • Christian Zionism, Premillennialism, Dispensationalism, Terrorism: Is there a Cure? - Ward Fenley "I think the only hope of a prosperous and safe U.S. is a complete pullout of Israel"

  • Tommy Ice: Revealing the Truth: Preterism Control Page - Articles "many of the teachings within this heresy deny clearly taught doctrine essential to the salvation of the believer."

  • BOOKS: Before Jerusalem Fell By Ken Gentry "Furthermore, my preterism - which is generated out of my early date analysis-is adamantly opposed to the heterodoxy associated with the hyper-preterist movement, spawned by the republication of J. Stuart Russell's The Parousia.' I am a fully orthodox, confessionally-based Presbyterian"

  • The Fall of Jerusalem: An Oratorio By Dominic Muldowney "We saw the flaming chariots in the sky - The Sanctuary is no more.  It is reviled.  It is defiled.  The Sanctuary is no more"

  • Arafat News | Mid-level official to attend funeral for U.S | 'The Monster' | Carter calls Arafat 'powerful human symbol' - Just hours after Arafat was laid to rest in a stone-and-marble tomb, President Bush said his death provided ``a great chance to establish a Palestinian state,'' and pledged in his second term ``to spend the capital of the United States on such a state.''


  • R.C. Sproul, Jr.: He ain't heavy, he's my brother "The Mormons, for one, baptize in the Trinitarian formula, all while not being Trinitarian. And Rome does the same, all while not being Christian. So, I presume, would Full-Preterists, Campbellites, and assorted other damned institutions." 


  • BOOK STORE; Outside Study Links - - Hank Hanegraaff's Official Website.  Purchase : The Last Disciple - Write a Review!  (Apocalypse Novel Rivaling Left Behind, but from Preteristic perspective) "Tyndale House, the publisher of the Left Behind books, the megaselling Christian series about the end times, now presents a new series with a very different interpretation of biblical prophecy. Christian radio-show host Hanegraaff and bestselling CBA novelist Brouwer take readers back to the time of Nero in the first century. As the Roman Empire ruthlessly persecutes Christians, the novel's warrior-hero, Vitas, tries to defend them. But even Vitas can't prevent the destruction of the Jewish Temple—the historical event that sits at the center of this novel. Hanegraaff and Brouwer posit that the Book of Revelation, in code, predicted Roman persecution and the Temple's fall; subsequent novels in the series presumably will walk readers through the rest of Revelation, tying historical events to biblical prophecy. This is, to be sure, middle-brow genre fiction, and not an especially shining specimen thereof. The prose is plodding, with far too many dramatic sentence fragments and a conventional plot. The dialogue tends toward the unsubtly didactic (" 'Jesus, then, uses this rich symbolism?' Darda nodded.... 'You said John was obviously educated. Can you make any other guesses about him?' 'John verges on genius.' ") Despite the series' many flaws, readers who are hungry for apocalyptic fiction may embrace it, though it remains to be seen whether they'll find a first-century apocalypse as gripping as Left Behind's 21st-century one. "

  • Adam Clarke on Daniel 11:30 & Kittim:

    "Verse 30.  For the ships of Chittim shall come against him.  Chittim is well known to mean the Roman empire.  Antiochus, being now in full march to besiege Alexandria, and within seven miles that city, heard that ships were arrived there from Rome, with legates from the senate.  He went to salute them.  They delivered to him the letters of the senate, in which he was commanded, on pain of the displeasure of the Roman people, to put an end to the war against his nephews.  Antiochus said he would go and consult his friends; on which Popilius, one of the legates, took his staff, and instantly drew a circle round Antiochus on the sand where he stood and, commanded him not to pass that circle till he had given a definitive answer.  Antiochus, intimidated, said, he would do whatever the senate enjoined; and in a few days after began his march, and returned to Syria.  This confirmed by Polybius, Livy, Velleius, Paterculus, Valerius Maximus, and Justin."  (Adam Clarke's Commentary, Dan. 11:30)


  • FP: Dan Delagrave - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the End "The Scrolls reveal exactly what the New Testament reveals about the imminent "end" - that It was a dominant belief at that time based on the teaching of Jesus and the inspired Apostles. Information was being stored away for future generations because the Jews knew that the end was indeed very near. That end came in 70 A.D."

  • House of God? "As a movement made up of people drawn from a range of denominations, the religious right has co-opted the name of Christianity in the service of an overarching doctrine of power known as dominion theology."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: DSS: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christianity By Robert C. Jones (1999) "Second Temple Judaism can now be seen as a transition period in which the sectarianism and apocalypticism of the period gradually gave away to rabbinic Judaism, on the one hand, and Christianity, on the other. Indeed, it is now clear that the Second Temple period was a kind of sorting process.”

  • Jewish Religious Parties: Essenes "Dupont-Sommer has the correct interpretation of the Kittim being the Romans, Cf. Daniel 11:30 where LXX renders the term correctly, and Vulgate: Romani. One particular detail stands out which can only apply to the Romans and that is they worshipped their military standards. On Hab 1,16 DSH says "Its interpretation is that they offer sacrifices to their standards and their weapons of war are their religion." This points only to the Romans as the Roman worship of the signa, a practice not known among the Greeks."


  • MP: Ralph Bass: Introduction: Methods of Interpretation: Back to the Future "The Preterists see the message to the seven churches as having contemporary significance to the generation to which it was written. They understand that the prophecies of the book were determined for the near future, and were substantially fulfilled by the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. As one author clarifies, ".the sustained attempt to root the fulfillment of the divine prophecies of Revelation in the first century A.D. constitutes the preterist 's distinctive approach." Preterists contend, therefore, that because of its first century context, most of the prophecies of Revelation have been fulfilled and are now, two thousand years later, in our past. In other words, "Though the prophecies were in the future when John wrote and when his original audience read them, they are now in our past." In this camp you will find Jay E. Adams, R. C. Sproul, Kenneth L. Gentry, Greg L. Bahnsen, Gary DeMar, J. Marcellus Kik,.. David Chilton, David S. Clark, J. Stuart Russell, Phillip S. Desprez, Moses Stuart and Milton Terry."



  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: DSS: Pesher Habakkuk ( | Dead Sea Scrolls: Reference Materials "It has also been hypothesized that the Qumran scrolls are the secreted library of a community, perhaps Essene, that lived at Qumran, and thus survived the destruction of the settlement in c.A.D. 68. Startling parallels in expression and thought between the Qumran materials and the New Testament have led to speculation as to their influence on early Christianity." (Kittim: "Term appearing in the Dead Sea Scrolls, used of the Romans. The Kittim are referred to as warriors from the west, who capture Jerusalem."

  • Kittim - Symbolic of Rome - 'Kittim' as 'the Romans' may be earliest example of precise preterist interpretation of Jewish Apocalyptics.  This preterist identification dates before Pompey in 63 B.C., as revealed in the DSS "Habakkuk Commentary"

  • BOOK STORE: F.F. Bruce: New Testament History (Kittim is Rome) "They believed that the iniquities of the Wicked Priest and his associates would bring the judgement of God upon them.  As time went on, they came to see clearly who would be the instruments of God's judgement.  God was raising up the 'Kittim' for this purpose, and by the 'Kittim', as has been said above, they probably meant the Romans.  It was indeed the Romans who, by their occupation of Judaea in 63 B.C., put an end to Hasmonaean domination; but the Qumran community could see the shape of things to come before that date.  They also saw that the Romans would exceed the terms of their commission and incur the divine judgement themselves because of their impiety and rapacity."

  • Matthew Henry: Habakkuk 1:4-6 It shall be a punishment in which much of the hand of God shall appear; it shall be a work of his own working, so that all who see it shall say, This is the Lord’s doing; and it will be found a fearful thing to fall into his hands; woe to those whom he takes to task! 5. It shall be such a punishment as will typify the destruction to be brought upon the despisers of Christ and his gospel, for to that these words are applied Acts 13:41, Behold, you despisers, and wonder, and perish. The ruin of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans for their idolatry was a figure of their ruin by the Romans for rejecting Christ and his gospel, and it is a very marvellous thing, and almost incredible. Is there not a strange punishment to the workers of iniquity? II. The sentence itself is very dreadful and particular (v. 6): Lo, I raise up the Chaldeans. There were those that raised up a great deal of strife and contention among them, which was their sin; and now God will raise up the Chaldeans against them, who shall strive and contend with them, which shall be their punishment. Note, When God’s professing people quarrel among themselves, snarl at, and devour one another, it is just with God to bring the common enemy upon them, that shall make peace by making a universal devastation. The contending parties in Jerusalem were inveterate one against another, when the Romans came and took away their place and nation."

  • BOOKS: Kittim and Rome Books The Untold Story of Qumran "The new leather fragment now provided a first-century B.C.-A.D. testimony to the accuracy of the text as it has been preserved - Kasidim was clearly in the text used by the copyist.  The next line, however, begins, "Its interpretation concerns the Kittim...." The modern theory had already been propounded by interpretation by the ancient community two thousand years earlier!"

  • Calvinism: Golb: Excavations of Qumran support "Jerusalem Origin" instead of "Essene Origin" Theory - "Ever since the scrolls were first discovered in 1947, the Qumran-Essene theory—or as Golb has called it, “the myth of Qumran”—has taken on a life of its own and is still strongly defended by many. Christian writers have been attracted to the mystique of the Essenes because of the connections they can draw between Essenic anti-materialistic beliefs and the teachings of Christianity, which discourage an interest in worldly wealth. The Essenes also espoused predestination, a belief adopted by Calvinists during the reformation in support of a biblical interpretation that some people are chosen by God for salvation, while others are not. Many Jewish scholars also have supported the Qumran-Essene theory. This, as well as the large bulk of evidence that has accumulated now—which, Golb emphasized, the early researchers could not have foreseen—led him to infer that the scrolls were gathered in caves for safekeeping by the Jews of Jerusalem just prior to the Roman siege of 70 A.D. "


  • Board: Preterist False Doctrine - "Preterist like mormons bring damnation on them self. Claiming that Jesus has already returned. I don't remember hearing about angels coming from the sky followed by Jesus to destroy the earth & bring christians to the new world. If this had already happened idiots like Torq & Brat Queen would be sitting in the lake of fire as we speak. Is far as I'm concerned when Jesus does will be roomies with the non-believer's in Hell. God Bless the true Christians."


  • BOOKS: The Temple of Jerusalem: A Revelation "When the Temple was destroyed, they say, the world fell into disorder and nothing has ever gone right since."

  • Dispensationalism: Emasculating the Book of Revelation "In the dispensational interpretation of Revelation the church mysteriously disappears from view in Rev 3:22 (to be replaced by Israel) only to reappear in Rev 19, thus making most of the book irrelevant to the church today. Hence it weakens Revelation by cutting out (emasculating) a whole section which is meant to speak to, and strengthen, the church."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (Chapter Nine) - Patton (1877) "Eusebius also says that Jerusalem "was ploughed-up by the Romans, and that he saw it in ruins." Thus it was that the prediction of Micah, made more than seven hundred years before Christ, found its fulfilment: "Therefore shall Zion for your sake be ploughed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest."   To this fatal end was Jerusalem reduced after a siege of about five months, in the second year of the reign of Vespasian, and thirty-eight years after the crucifixion of our Lord. Such was the end of this city and the Jewish polity. The sceptre had departed,-the daily sacrifices had ceased,-the day of vengeance had come, and in its mighty ruins it stands forth the monumental proof that "heaven and earth shall pass away" before one jot or tittle of all that God hath spoken shall fail."

  • BOOKS: When Shall These Things Be? - A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism By Keith Mathison  (Search Inside This Book!) "Traditional Christians "built a creedal fence to lock out heresy, but they didn't realize they built their own prison walls"

  • BOOKS: Nobody Left Behind By David Vaughn Elliott - The Great Tribulation of A.D.70

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  • FP: Jim Gunter - "Heaven and Earth Must First Pass Away" - Matthew 5:17,18 "I am fully persuaded by these words of Jesus, that if "heaven and earth" have indeed NOT "passed away," then we today would of necessity still be held sway under the Old Covenant or Law of Moses.  If in fact "heaven and earth" have not "passed away," then it would mean that not ONE "stroke or the smallest letter" found in the Law has passed away!"

  • BOOKS: Paul L. Maier - Josephus: The Essential Works 1988  - Search within this "Full-color edition with updated text, charts and maps" - Textbook Quality for Jewish History as Translated from Josephus' Works

  • Rexella Van Impe: Animals in Heaven


  • Allen Beechick: Where is the Promise of His Coming?  (An Answer to Preterism) Part One "Some preterists attempt to solve the timeline issue by saying that a heavenly temple was anointed in 70 AD upon the destruction of the earthly temple. In this way, they make the goals and the weeks coterminous. Aside from the fact that they stretch the 70th week (making it last about 40 years) in order to make this happen, how do we know that the heavenly temple was anointed in 70 AD?"

  • Once Upon End Time - "Ever since the dawn of Christianity, groups of believers have searched the scriptures for signs of the End Time and the Second Coming. Today, most of the roughly 50 million right-wing fundamentalist Christians in the United States believe in some form of End-Time theology."

  • Israel votes to abandon Gaza - "After millennia of foreign conquest and forced exile, Tuesday's decision marked the first time the leaders of Israel had voluntarily relinquished control over land explicitly promised them by the Almighty.  The first five books of the Bible outline God's covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which included control over what is now Israel, the PA-controlled territories, western Jordan, as well as much of Lebanon and Syria. The book of Joshua records the deeding of the Gaza Strip to the Tribe of Judah."


  • What really happened in 605 B.C.? By John S. Evans, 2004 (Author of The Four Kingdoms of Daniel - A Defense of the "Roman" Sequence with AD70 Fulfillment) "Although liberals insist that Nebuchadnezzar could not have besieged Jerusalem in 605, it is historically documented that he conducted a military campaign in that year that took him far from Babylon and must have brought him into or near Judah."


  • FP: Kurt M. Simmons - Revelation's Millennia and Greco-Roman Notions of Hades "The millennia of Revelation twenty have no Biblical source in the Old or New Testament.  Far from representing a purported “interim reign” of Christ, they appear to be an appeal to Greco-Roman associations concerning Hades.  The book of Revelation was addressed to Greek speaking residents of Asia minor who would have made an immediate connection between John’s imagery and traditional Greco-Roman belief about the underworld.  The purpose in this was to assist them in interpretation of the imagery and thus gain strength against the coming crisis.  "

  • BOOKS: King Jesus: A Novel - Robert Graves "I, AGABUS the Decapolitan, began this work at Alexandria in the ninth year of the Emperor Domitian and completed it in Rome in the thirteenth year of the same..  Nobody can understand the story of Jesus except in the light of this Jewish obsession of celestial patriarchy.."

  • Ussher's Creation Theory toasted on "Earth's 6,000th Birthday" "At six last night local time at the Geological Society of London, scientists were to raise their glasses to James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, who in 1650 used the chronology of the Bible to calculate the precise date and moment of creation"


  • Bizarro Bush "Get ready for the Rapture, my friends, and make sure you pull that lever and vote Republican – because if you don't, then we'll be spared the fulfillment of all those dire Biblical prophecies, and the Second Coming will be delayed. Yes, the Rapturists are crazed enough to believe that human intervention can have an effect on the timing." | Apocalypse Now - "American evangelicals, according to former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “are the Israelis’ best friend in the whole world.”

  • Messing with Texas - "Like many born-again Christians, DeLay believes strongly in the end times. DeLay sees the West Bank as the ancient kingdoms of Samaria and Judea, which must be reunited before the second coming. He openly opposed Bush's "road map to peace" as too soft on the Palestinians."

  • Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Israel "It has been Jerusalem's dirty little secret for decades: Orthodox yeshiva students and other Jewish residents vandalizing churches and spitting on Christian clergyman as they walk along the narrow, ancient stone streets of the Old City... Besides the Armenian rite, clergy of other Christian churches have been targeted, Shirvanian said. "This is not happening only to Armenian clergy, but also to the Catholics, Syrians, Romanians and Greek Orthodox."...According to Shirvanian, church officials are frequently subjected to spitting, from yeshiva students as well as from ultra-Orthodox women and young children. He said ultra-Orthodox Jews also throw garbage on church doorsteps and break windows at churches and at Christian homes. Daniel Rossing, a former adviser on Christian affairs at Israel's Religious Affairs Ministry, said there has been an increase in the number of such incidents recently, "as part of a general atmosphere of lack of tolerance in the country." (


  • FP: Jim Gunter - "The Last Days" "Beloved is there any wonder why Peter on Pentecost pleaded with them to "Be saved from THIS PERVERSE GENERATION?" (Ax.2:40). Yes, folks, as an inspired apostle, Peter knew what was about to befall THAT GENERATION."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (Chapter Eight) - Patton (1877) "Titus now gave orders to his soldiers to make a breach in the foundations of Antonia, except such portions as were needed for the garrison, and to make a ready passage for his army to come up. While these orders were being executed, he learned that on the seventeenth day of the month Panemus the daily sacrifice had failed to be offered to God for want of men to offer it, and that the people were grievously troubled at it. Seizing upon this incident, he determined to make still another effort to end the war."

  • BOOKS: The Four Kingdoms of Daniel - A Defense of the "Roman" Sequence with AD70 Fulfillment By John S. Evans, 2004

  • Vanunu makes appeal to European Social Union - "This is a message for the 21st century," he told the European Social Forum, which has attracted 19,000 activists to the British capital this weekend. "Military budgets must be reduced everywhere".


  • - Preterist Discussion Forum Gateway

  • Apparent Allies Might Not Be Our Friends "Are Jews or Israel really well-served, as James Besser asked in these pages this month, by joining forces with the likes of the Rev. Pat Robertson, who not only called disengagement from the occupied territories “Satan’s plan” but had the audacity to urge Jews to accept Jesus as their messiah on his recent trip to Jerusalem?"


  • FP: Jim Gunter: The Apostle That Remained: John 21:23 "From a careful study of the Word, one would also have to conclude that if His "coming or presence" has already occurred, then it would have been accompanied by "The Resurrection and The Judgment," seeing that all of these events all are inextricably linked together. The following are just a very few of the passages that, when all considered, are so persuasive to me that John did indeed "remain till the coming or Parousia of Jesus"


  • Press: Save a Jew, Save Yourself! Sixty-five million Evangelicals can't be wrong. - Mark Ames, New York Press "When I pointed out to a Jewish cousin of mine the insanity of this "alliance"—in which the Christian Zionists are using Jews in order to help God massacre them—he laughed. "I know, they're a bunch of freaks and weirdoes." Then he added: "But we're just using them."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS/Creeds: Council of Laodicea (A.D.364) "But if any shall be found to be judaizers, let them be anathema from Christ." - Banned Romans, Ephesians, Philippians



  • A Backwards Look to Find the Truth - Lowell Porter "Although the whore is destroyed by the beast and his ten kings, the beast and his army are destroyed at Armageddon, not the whore. The time frame for all the events appears to be at the end of the age we are living in. Although I am willing to be persuaded by the great effort by many people to fit this into the time frame of AD 70, I find that it just does not fit with history or what the bible says. We must go by the bible, everybody has a right to study scripture, but sooner or later we will find we need to get back to what the book says. "

  • Should Jews Oppose Evangelical Help? - "In Israel this week, televangelist Pat Robertson inveighed against giving territory to the Palestinians, claiming that the goal of Islam is to “destroy Israel and take the land from the Jews and give East Jerusalem to Yasser Arafat. I see that as Satan’s plan to prevent the return of Jesus Christ the Lord.”

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Unsealing the End of Days: The Visions of Zechariah - Douglas Krieger "The preterist's interpretations, especially the Book of Revelation, closely adhere to the allegorical approach; however, it is truncated regarding nonliteral interpretation. Here we witness the early church’s symbolic struggles in the Revelation and, ipso facto, a "symbolic history" of the church in her early days is at variance with any prophetic revelation consigned to the future. Preterists blend their hermeneutic with sundry allegorical applications which are nonliteral in nature. Somehow their convolutions provide them a system (in their own eyes) void of contradiction and hyper-allegorization of the Revelation."

  • Bibliography: Gary DeMar - Myths, Lies & Half Truths "Exploring in detail the 15 most deadly lies accepted by far too many Christians and Christian leaders. Why does this happen? Because we misread the Bible in many ways. "

  • Bibliography: Heaven on Earth - Thomas Brooks (1659) "All saints shall enjoy a heaven when they leave this earth; some saints enjoy a heaven while they are here on earth."


  • Christian Zionism and the roadmap to a Palestinian State - "Recently one of the Christian Zionists – a mid-level operative working as an analyst for the Pentagon – is investigated on an espionage charge. The FBI has evidence that Larry Franklin passed classified presidential directives on Iran to the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee - the most influential advocate group for Israel in America), which then passed it to the Israelis."

  • The War Against the People of the Book - IsraeliInsider "The festival of Sukkot begins with the reading of the last chapter of the prophet Zachariah 14, which explicit predicts the war of Gog and Magog, which climaxes with a vision of the conquest and destruction of Jerusalem"



  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (Chapters 6,7) - Patton (1877) "From the days of Moses, through all the wars in which the Jews were engaged, for a period of more than fifteen hundred years, no nation ever came to attack them at any of their religious festivals. Through all these centuries the promise of the Lord was made sure: "Neither shall any man desire thy land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the Lord thy God thrice in the year."1 But when this nation, for which He had wrought such wonders and deliverances, and over whom the shield of His protection had been spread, apostatised and rejected Jesus, the true Messiah, and declared to be the Son of God by miracles on earth and answering voices from heaven, then the protective power of every promise is withheld, then all restraints are taken off, and then the harpy nation rushes upon them, and at the very time of their solemnities are erecting a strong wall, and shuts them up to miseries unparalleled, and to deaths the most fearful. What awful preparation is here for the fulfilment of the remaining predictions, loaded as they are with vengeance and terror! The abomination of desolation is now firmly planted on holy ground. The Roman standards wave insultingly to the breeze."


  • THE LAST DISCIPLE: A Novel - Hank Hanegraaff & Sigmund Brouwer, 2004 "A Preterist equivalent to the Left Behind Series! What if the Antichrist has already been revealed? The first book in a gripping new series by best-selling authors Sigmund Brouwer and Hank Hanegraaff explores the lives of Christians who struggle to survive and spread the Gospel during the climactic turbulence of “the last days.” With the enemy seeking to decipher the code of John's letter, Revelation, and destroy the church, believers must cling to the hope Revelation provides as they face the greatest of all persecutions. A spellbinding story of faith and fulfillment of prophecy. Discover the "code" of Revelation as you begin to see it through the eyes of the persecuted believers to whom it was written."


  • Are Mainline Churches Anti-Semitic? - WND "We are forced to ask: Is there an anti-Jewish animus, conscious or unconscious, that drives this drumbeat of criticism against the world's only Jewish state?"

  • Israel lobbying for sub sale - "Israel has been quietly lobbying for the launch of a U.S. project to provide advanced conventional submarines to Taiwan. Israel has already examined the prospect of using U.S. Foreign Military Financing for the Dolphin sale, officials said."



  • Bibliography: Back to the Future: a Study in the Book of Revelation - By Ralph E. Bass, Jr. 2004. "There is an orthodox Preterist position that sees most all of Revelation in Preterist terms.  They do recognize the end time teachings of Revelation 20, but they see that section as a parenthetic section, and when that is complete, the book returns from a Preterist focus to a Preterist/Futurist focus.  Now there are non-orthodox Preterist theologies that deny the future second coming of Christ, the bodily resurrection of the saved and the lost, the damnation of the lost and the eternal heavenly reward of the saved.  Chapter 20 of Revelation and the overwhelming instructions of the Bible as a whole teach to the contrary and we therefore refer to this position as non-orthodox, or simply unscriptural."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Max Weremchuk (Deutsche) Weil ihr aber Söhne seid. . . " | Part Two.pdf  ("But because ye are sons" Gal. 4:6) "I tackle the problem of Israel and the Church and go into the important concept of being "in Christ" and what that implies. In a nutshell my effort is show from Scripture that the Church has not replaced Israel, or that the Church is a parenthesis, but rather that the Church is Israel "grown up"

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Romance of Bible Chronology, Chps. 1-5 (.PDF File)

  • FP: J.E. Gautier Jr. - Will The Real Biblical Preterist Please Stand Up?  "EVERY verse that used-to support a physical, literal Return of Christ - EVERY verse that actually says that He would be "seen" - EVERY verse that almost all of your popular reference Bibles will refer you to Acts 1:11 as a coinciding proof of this physical, literal Return of Christ where He would be "seen" - EVERY ONE of those verses partial preterists now say happened at AD 70!"


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: A Voice in the Wind - Francine Rivers (1998) "The city was silently bloating in the hot sun, rotting like the thousands of bodies that lay where they had fallen in street battles."

  • Theophilus: A Proposal - Luke/Acts Addressed to High Priest "'This generation' refers to those who heard and saw Jesus as witnesses and who are now (the first generation) listening and/or reading Luke. All of the explicit references to the destruction of the city are to be found in the special material of the Gospel of Luke. Those most interested in the fate of Jerusalem were not Gentiles but were Jewish residents of the city. If Luke wrote to the Gentiles post A.D. 70, the most impressive statement he could make would be: 'Jesus predicted the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem and this prophecy was fulfilled.' If Luke were writing after A.D. 70 he would have noted the separate fates of the city and temple. Although Luke on numerous occasions emphasized the fulfillment of prophecy, no where does he indicate that the prophecy regarding the fate of the city has been fulfilled. "

  • What Theology Has Been "Left Behind" in Novel Series? - "The worldview of dispensationalism has had all sorts of political and social consequences. Many evangelicals are suspicious of peace talks, especially in the Middle East. In 1981, James Watt, secretary of the interior under Ronald Reagan, told Congress there was little point in protecting the environment, since the Second Coming could be just around the corner."

  • Fall of Jerusalem in AD70 - "Thus, Jerusalem was totally destroyed and as Jesus had predicted, and not one stone was left upon another. When the Temple was set on fire the Roman soldiers tore apart the stone to get the melted gold. The Menorah and vessels were carried to Rome and the treasury was robbed. But perhaps the most astonishing prophecy about the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome is that it happened just as Daniel had predicted, in that the Temple was destroyed only after the Messiah had come, and not before he had presented himself to Israel! (Daniel 9:26) (Luke 19:41-45)"


  • The Sky is Always Falling - New York Press "WHAT IF FORECASTS of imminent doom are, as techno-paranoids call them, "psy-ops"? That is, psychological operations designed to redirect popular thinking in certain ways? What if we are being conditioned to live in fear of some world-ending super-menace—from outer space or wherever—that could be simulated and then seemingly averted at the last moment by a "miraculous" rescue?"


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (Chapter V) - Patton (1877) "Nation shall rise up against nation."1- This, says Grotius, means "that the Jews and the people of other nations, dwelling in the same cities, should kill one another." This was fulfilled at Caesarea, where the Jews and Syrians contended about the right of the city, and more than 20,000 Jews were slain, and the city entirely cleared of them."

  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Pre-Trib Research Center "Full Preterists John Anderson and Don Preston regularly have scare programs on the dangers of dispensationalism on their daily radio program that can be heard on the Internet at the following: Listen to John Anderson's "Voice of Reason" program.. for this kind of rhetoric."


  • Outside Links: MP: Preterist Japan - Pastor Akinori Taniguchi, Youth Harvest Church/Japan Baptist Convention

  • Jewish celebration Rosh Hashana begins tonight - "Less numerous than rabbis and lesser known among the public at large, cantors’ roots go back nearly 2,000 years. After the Romans’ destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, scattered Jews, unordained men who had memorized Hebrew and Jewish prayers, stepped up to lead worship services."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Jesus for a No-God World - By Neil Hamilton, 1969  "We may conclude then that, shortly before the rebellion against Rome, the Jerusalem church was an integral part of Judaism.  The next notice of the activity of the Jerusalem church was intended by its author to indicate that separation had begun. This event is the flight of the Jerusalem church to Pella reported by Eusebius in connection with the rebellion against Rome that began in AD. 66. This is obviously a climactic moment in Eusebius’ historiography of vengeance. As such it assumes the complete separation of Christians from Jews. In Eusebius’ mind, the providential function of the action of the Roman forces was to blot out all the non-Christian Jews of Judea, and, since Roman soldiers could not be expected to know the difference, Christian Jews had logically to be separated before the Romans came. There was precedent for Eusebius in Josephus’ account of an oracular warning to Jews of the coming destruction. A certain Jesus, the son of Ananias, had predicted the destruction of the city throughout the four years preceding it."

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  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Life of Jesus Critically Examined - By David Freidrich Strauss, 1835 "Thus in these discourses Jesus announces that shortly (euqewV, XXIV. 29), after that calamity, which (especially according to the representation in Luke’s gospel) we must identify with the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple, and within the term of the cotemporary generation (h genea auth, V. 34), he would visibly make his second advent in the clouds, and terminate the existing dispensation. "

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Quest for the Historical Jesus - By Albert Schweitzer, 1906 "The apocalyptic discourses in Mark xiii., Matt. xxiv., and Luke xxi. are interpolated. A Jewish-Christian apocalypse of the first century, probably composed before the destruction of Jerusalem, has been interwoven with a short exhortation which Jesus gave on the occasion when He predicted the destruction of the temple..  His construction rests upon two main points of support; upon his view of the sources and his conception of the eschatology of the time of Jesus. In his view the sole source for the Life of Jesus is the Gospel of Mark, which was "probably written exactly in the year 73," five years after the Johannine apocalypse."


  • Bibliography: Pret-Idealism: Redirectionalism: Absolute Orthodoxy and the Revelation of Jesus Christ - Donald James Perry, $18.75 "What is Redirectionalism?  Whenever we come to trust in the Messiah, we are redirected into His presence.  Redirectionalism crystallizes Futurism into a workable system understanding the Preterist dilemma after A.D. 70. Redirectionalism demonstrates to the Preterist what he has wrongly abandoned in Futurism.  Redirectionalism shows the right door to enter into the future, the Way set forth for all time in Jesus Christ and His apostles forever."




  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (Chapter IV) - Patton (1877) "The besieging of Jerusalem by these armies is called the "standing where it ought not," and "standing in the holy place." The entire city, and all the land for several furlongs around it, was regarded as holy. The Saviour here particularly refers to the surrounding of the city by the armies of Cestius Gallus."

  • Muslim American Society: Apocalypse Bush! "The End Times provide the ultimate meaning, the final straw, the only thing worth caring about, because it defines the BushCo worldview like nothing else except maybe embarrassing grammar and crushing deficits and a secret craving for gin."


  • FP: New Yahoo Group: Jesus Returned - "This group is for anyone that wants to join and learn more about the Lords return.The personal belief of the owner is Christ returned in A.D.70,also check out the cool pics on the site.Also the image of human beings on this site does not always reflect the same belief as the owner,the pics are friends and not all believe in the a.d.70 coming of christ,but we fellowship any how." (dead link)

  • Vanunu asks for Palestinian citizenship - "I approached also the Palestinian Authority through TV ... anyway, I'm ready to accept any state who will give me citizenship or passport or asylum," Vanunu said in an interview with The Associated Press in the courtyard of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem."


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Master and Margarita (Amazon Searchable) Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov (1936) - "The meeting of the master and his hero Pilate in the "present" completes the link between past and present. The two concurrent story lines (Jerusalem and Moscow), which run parallel for nearly all of The Master and Margarita, finally intersect. The master is allowed to free Pilate from his eternal torment." (Heavily Censored and Suppressed Russian Work) (Help Site "The voice that answered seemed to strike Pilate on the forehead, causing him inexpressible torture and it said: 'I spoke, hegemon, of how the temple of the old beliefs would fall down and the new temple of truth would be built up. I used those words to make my meaning easier to understand.'  -- Considered by many as a "masterpiece of the 20th Century"  (Hidden content? Literary Theory "Mikhail Bulgakov might have been executed should the true content of his novel The Master and Margarita be revealed in the thirties - Google: Bulgakov Master Margarita)

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Christs Teares over Jerusalem - Thomas Nashe (1593) - A prose work warning Londoners that unless they reformed, London would suffer the fate of Jerusalem.

  • Pompeii Virtual Tour - "There was enormous disaster relief funding provided by the Roman Senate for the area surrounding Vesuvius. This natural disaster proved to be a financial catastrophe for Titus, who succeeded his father Vespasian to become Emperor only 3 months earlier. Many Jews in the Empire claimed the eruption was God's punishment for Titus having destroyed Jerusalem nine years earlier."

  • The Month of Av: Tiger at the Gates. "He understood that Hashem was using Rome as a tool with which to punish His People, Israel, but that in the end, He was still on the side of the Jews, and would take drastic measures against Rome."


  • In second coming, Spirit will approach everyone repeatedly - South Florida Sun-Sentinel "The second coming occurs in consciousness, not in physicality. When we rise to the state of mind and heart in which we are absolutely certain of the presence of God within us, we experience the second coming. "

  • Wedjat eye displayed in "Eternal Egypt" exhibit - "This symbol, also known as the eye of Horus, was intended to bring health - in the case of this bracelet, to the mummy of Sheshonk II (circa 890 BCE). Part of a pair, the bracelet is made of gold in which bars appear next to inlays of lapis lazuli, with added pieces of carnelian and glass. The bracelets also belonged to Sheshonk I (945-94 BCE), who the catalog refers to as the Shishak of the Old Testament story of the destruction of Jerusalem." ("And thus was Jerusalem taken, in the second year of the reign of Vespasian, on the eighth day of the month Gorpeius (Elul). It had been taken five times before, though this was the second time of its desolation, for Shishak, the king of Egypt, and after him Antiochus, and after him Pompey, and after them Sosius and Herod, took the city, but still preserved it; but before all these the king of Babylon conquered it and made it desolate, one thousand four hundred and sixty-eight years and six months after it was built. - Josephus)


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (Chapter Three) - Rev. William W. Patton "With a perfect knowledge of all the prophetic warnings, with an unerring estimate of the moral character of the nation, and with a full knowledge of the massiveness of the temple, as well as the number and strength of the walls encircling the city, our Lord boldly uttered His most wonderful prediction. He seizes upon the destiny of a proud people, and fearlessly tells them of their certain and speedy overthrow. Although everything in the then political condition of the Jews, as well as in the structure of the temple and the city, forbad almost the possibility of the speedy fulfilment of this prophecy, still He fixed the time for its fulfilment as not distant, but near at hand, before that generation should pass."

  • FP: Daniel Thompson - Romans 11:11-32 - A Commentary "we have no hint of such a blindness followed by an “apocalyptic” doctrine of national conversion in the whole of Paul's argument to this point in Romans 11. Even Paul's “how much more their (Jews) fullness” in verse 12 is stated to secure the truth that assuredly if Gentiles who turn in faith are saved through Jewish unbelief “how much more” sure is Jewish acceptance guaranteed if they turn in faith."

  • Christian Zionism: Christian ZIonism and the Palestinian State "America is slowly realizing that it is the American Zionists – Christians and Jewish – that actually prefer Israel to America. They conspired to conscript the U.S. government on behalf of a foreign power. They lied, deceived and planned to take America into a spiral war - the Iraqi invasion being the first of that long list of yet-to-take dirty wars - to apparently secure and strengthen the rogue state of Israel."

  • Google News: "Israel spy" - Laurence Franklin, et al



  • Marathon pest preparing for second coming - Horan told police he staged the disruption to "prepare for the second coming". When he pulled the stunt he was wearing a red kilt and green waistcoat, and carried a placard saying "The Second Coming Is Near Says The Bible. Grand Prix Priest".



  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Gospel of Thomas - His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?" He said to them, "What you are looking forward to has come, but you don't know it." (51) "Another proof of the earlier dating of the Thomas Gospel, according to Barnstone: He says it doesn't mention the destruction of Jerusalem at all, which happened in 70 A.D. Had the Thomas Gospel been written after the destruction of Jerusalem, he believes it would have recounted the cataclysmic event. Barnstone thinks the Thomas Gospel was written about 55 A.D." (Best seller draws Christian ire) | The Way into the Holiest (1951) - "And the climax of all came in the fearful siege of Jerusalem, when, once and forever, the Jewish system was shattered, the Temple burned, the remaining vessels sunk in the Tiber, and the Jews were driven from the city which was absolutely essential for the performance of their religious rites. The whole New Testament is witness to the throes of one of the mightiest spiritual revolutions that ever happened"

  • Jerry Jenkins more than the Apocalypse - “If we believe that the prophecy in the Old Testament of the coming of Christ was fulfilled literally, why shouldn’t we believe other prophecies about his return shouldn’t be taken literally?” Jenkins says. But even Jenkins points out there are limits to Biblical literalism. “The Bible says Jesus is going to slay his enemies with a sword that comes out of his mouth,” he says. “We don’t believe there’s an actual sword in his mouth. That’s clearly a reference to his word.”

  • Scrolls' origins at issue - WashTimes "The scrolls, they believe, were written mainly by priests of Jerusalem's Second Hebrew Temple and brought to the cliffside caves of Qumran to be concealed from invading Roman legions.  Their theory, which will be presented at an academic forum in the United States next month, places the two archaeologists at the center of one of the fiercest debates in Middle East archaeology."

  • Jordan asks IAEA to inspect - "Jordan is conferring with experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency about the possibility of sending nuclear experts to Jordan to check whether Israel's nuclear site in Dimona is emitting nuclear radiation to Jordanian territory bordering Israel, the Jordanian daily al-Rai reported Sunday. "


  • Antisemitism: Symposium: Feminist Anti-Semitism "radical feminists today side -- ferociously -- with the Palestinians, whose society practices a ruthless form of gender apartheid. Why?"

  • US/Israeli Joint Military Test Fails - "The Arrow anti-ballistic missile system being developed by Israel and the United States yesterday failed a test to destroy a target missile simulating an Iranian Shihab-3 and a Scud-D of the type Syria possesses."


  • David Dykes: Bible Prophecy for Dummies "But the Kingdom of God has a dual meaning. In addition to being an invisible kingdom in your heart, the Bible also reveals the Kingdom of God has a future aspect. There will be a literal, visible kingdom of God in the future. Sometime in the future Jesus will literally"

  • On the Road to Armageddon - "Weber said that while there is some proof to the charge made by some that the sort of theology presented in "Left Behind" is a so-called "escape hatch" theology that discourages believers from effectively impacting issues in today's world, there is really more to the issue than that."


  • Vanunu: Dimona may be another Chernobyl | 150-200 Storks die at Dimona | Dimona: Winds of Death?


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: The Judgment of Jerusalem (CHAPTER ONE) - Rev. William W. Patton "As the subject of the Lord's discourse was the destruction of the city and the temple, with the dissolution of the civil nationality of the Jews, and as all the other circumstances of the prophecy refer to these events, it is in keeping with unity to apply this prediction (coming in the clouds) to the same." (2 years before The Parousia. Influential on Russell?)


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Stanley J. Grenz, The Millennial Maze, Sorting out Evangelical Options "Apologists declare that they constitute the contemporary expression of the premillennial heritage that dates at least to the second century. A comparison of the view espoused today with that of Irenaeus and Justin, however, indicates that contemporary premillennialism is quite different from the ancient variety. In fact, as sympathetic a historian as D.H. Kromminga concludes that they constitute two distinct views of the end of the age. The difference between the two viewpoints lies in their respective interpretations of the book of Revelation. Justin and Irenaeus "saw the antichristian power already manifest and at work in persecuting Christians; to them it was the pagan Roman imperial rule." Hence, when viewed from our perspective patristic premillennialism interpreted the Apocalypse in a preterist fashion.." Lying historically between the apparent preterism of the second century fathers and the futurism of contemporary advocates is a third alternative -- the historicist approach -- that predominated after the Reformation."

  • "The Mass as Heaven and Earth" - Scott Hahn


  • An Interview with Vanunu - "I'm very happy and glad that I revealed the true face of Israel and let all the world and the Israeli people see the true face of Israel who used to remind the world "holocaust, holocaust" every hour, every day, but in fact Israel have a holocaust factory."

  • Militia leader pleads guilty to gun charges - "Militia leader George Bilunka was getting ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of the world, but now he'll have to wait for both from behind bars."


  • Destruction of Jerusalem, Abridged from the History of the Jewish Wars, by Josephus - together with Sketches of the History of the Jews, since their dispersion - American Sunday School Union, 1827 "On this occasion, however, through the mercy of God, the Christians in Jerusalem found the means of their preservation; for the great tribulation which was brought upon the nation by the conduct of Cestius, in besieging the city, led those who remembered the words of the Lord, "when ye shall see the abomination of desolation," (or the Roman ensigns, on which were the idolatrous images of the heathen,) spoken of by Daniel the prophet, "stand in the holy place, then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains. For there shall be great tribulation, such as was not from the beginning of the world, no, nor ever shall be." The Christians in Jerusalem, recalling this prediction, made their escape, upon the retreat of Cestius, out of the city, and fled to Pella beyond Jordan, and to the mountains of Perea. Or to use the words of Josephus, -- though he knew not the cause of their flight,-- "After this calamity which had befallen Cestius, many of the most eminent Jews swam away from the city, as from a ship that was going to sink."

  • Israel's role in McGreevey scandal still unclear - "Within weeks of his appointment in January 2002 as homeland security adviser by the just-installed McGreevey administration, Cipel was dogged by controversy. For one thing, federal homeland security officials would not grant the Israeli national the clearance necessary to read the material that was critical to carrying out the job."



  • Some Reasons Jesus is Coming Again - J.C. "My position so far (and I do not have a firm one!) is that all of the OT and 90% of Rev has already been fulfilled. I do hold that Jesus will return - at least cloud-high"


  • Programs: Music Page - "Listen to our MP3s and download lyrics for your own personal use and enjoyment. The following songs are currently available in demo versions only:"

  • Aki's War Against the Jews - "Unfortunately, we Jews have earned this unenviable reputation of being easily misdirected a ways from the subject of survival. Even the Romans understood this weakness - as described by Josephus in "The War of the Jews". As the Romans crept up, with sword in hand to cut our throats, the Jews paid no attention because they were consumed with arguing amongst themselves. So, dear Jews of Gush Katif, Judea, Samaria, Golan, Jordan Valley, Jerusalem, the Likud, and the political Right in the coastal cities - Get it right this time!"


  • The Preterist List - 100% Certified Heresy Free ( "I refuse to own or use with regularity the term "partial preterist" while letting those whose doctrines place them outside the faith abscond with the historical term of "preterist" or flatter themselves with "full preterist" (pity you poor half-full guys, you sound so darned empty and incomplete) or "consistent preterist" ( which makes their opponents wrong by definition)."

  • Open Source Theology: The Coming of the Son of Man "Jesus’ ‘prophecy’ about the ‘coming of the Son of man’ is less a prediction about what will happen, a description of future events, than a statement from within the purview of Jewish apocalypticism about the fulfilment of Daniel’s vision."



  • FP: Walt Hibbard: The Resurrected Body of Jesus Christ "I am not denying that Christ has a body. I am affirming that it is a “body of glory” that He did not possess before His crucifixion and ascension. Neither am I affirming that our resurrection will be bodiless! I believe that the resurrection does indeed involve the saints receiving new bodies (1 Cor. 15:37-38) – new, immortal, imperishable, spiritual bodies (vs. 42-49) – changed in nature from the bodies we now have."

  • Challenging Christian Zionism

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Christian Theology Books Online


  • CRITICAL: Climbing the unstable doctrine of Preterism: Examining a False Teaching - Irvin Baxter (From Indiana Bible College's Perspectives Magazine - Perspectives Magazine) "The teaching of preterism destroys this stated plan of God for the times in which we now live by teaching that the Bible’s prophecies have nothing to do with us today. Consequently, preterism runs counter to God’s expressed intention for endtime revival. Therefore, it should not be believed or taught."

  • Hyper-Preterism Renounced - Brandan Kraft "For the last couple of years, I have struggled with the doctrines of hyper preterism. The doctrines also known as “realized eschatology” or “covenant eschatology” or “full preterism” teaches that the eschatological events of Scripture were entirely fulfilled in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem. Conservative preterists or “partial preterists” like me have no doubt that many of the eschatological prophecies of Scripture were fulfilled in 70 AD. However, we still hold to the belief that there remains a future coming of Christ, along with a future physical resurrection of the dead."


  • FP: Eric Fuggett - The Seven Heads and Ten Horns "David Chilton makes a case for the number "eight" being the number that represents resurrection in his book, Days of Vengeance (pp. 434-437). He sites the eight survivors of the flood, and Jesus’ resurrection on the eighth day (since it was a Sunday) as his reasoning. Therefore, since Rome had struggled through the reigns of Galba, Otho, and Vitellus, Vespasian’s reign represented a resurrection of the Roman Empire’s power. Vespasian defeated most of Judea and sent his son Titus to destroy Jerusalem. Titus is the prince (NKJV) who was prophesied to come and destroy the city and the sanctuary in Daniel 9:26."

Discontent with the inept rule of the Procurators eventually led to open rebellion in Judaea in AD66. The Romans, distracted by the Civil Wars following the death of Nero, were unable to put a speedy end to the Revolt. But in AD 70. Titus, son of the new Emperor Vespasian, captured and sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple.



  • FP: Walt Hibbard - The Bridge from Futurism to Preterism - Walt Hibbard  "Perhaps the logic of it all ought to be turned back upon the opponents of preterism. How can they dare to suggest that Jesus really did not fulfill His promises that He said He would and in the way that He said He would? If it is scary to 21st century ears that the second coming has already happened, how much more scary should it be to suggest that the second coming has not yet taken place?"



  • Dr. Charles Roberts: Audio Sermon: The Bible vs. Left Behind "In this sermon the wildly popular Rapture myth is refuted from the pages of God's Word and the true, positive, optimistic view of the Bible is set forth. The "end times" writings of Scripture (eschatology) are filled with interpretative difficulties and in this message, Dr Roberts proposes one of several possible explanations of how the "Rapture" is to be understood. You will also find out why the Rapture myth has been so damaging to the overall mission of the Church of our Lord."


  • FP: Dan Delagrave: Truth in All the Views? "Time and time again, Jennings and his liberal theologians drove home the point that Jesus and Paul went everywhere preaching that the end of the world was near, but that it never happened when they said it would, namely within the lifetime, or generation, of the disciples. Despite this, the Christians "just kept believing", as Jennings repeatedly said"

  • Forgotten Christians: Not all Palestinians are Muslims


  • FP: Sam Frost - A Critical Response to Kurt Simmons' Bi-Millennialism "The question is, when were these given authority to judge?  It must be when they came to life (both are aorist aspects).  Thus, when they came to life, they were given thrones and authority to judge, being that they were ‘with Christ.’  This is closely akin to ‘being seated with Him in heavenly places.’  It is this that John is picturing here.  When did any ‘come to life’ in Christ? "


  • FP: Kurt M. Simmons - Transmillennialism™ A Critical Review of "The Millennium" of Max King "The vicarious redemption of the Old Testament saints is not limited baptism, vicarious suffering is also taught.  “The suffering of the first-fruits (New Testament saints) is overcoming that present world (age) led, not only to their own perfection, but also to the perfection of all true spiritual Israel.” Thus, according to Max King, Old Testament saints could approach Jesus only indirectly through the suffering and obedience of others! "

  • Israel's Fall - Martin S. Ran "When Israel rejected the Holy Ghost that was it for her, but instead of God pouring out His wrath, in His kindness, He began to usher in the Dispensation of the Grace of God through the Apostle Paul. He , at this point, suspended the Kingdom program; which will pick back up after the Rapture of the Church. These are the facts as I see them from scripture. Like I said earlier, I am open to debate these things and anyone who wishes to write about Israels fall will be welcomed on this sight. "

  • Terrorists, Tea and Hatred - Palestinian Chronicle "It is my turn: “You claim the Ismaili Assassins are the precursors of modern Palestinian suicide bombers. I wanted to ask about Masada—“Lewis jumps, as though poked with a pin. “Masada!” he says emphatically. “I meant to say something about that.” I nod. “I wonder whether this tradition actually started much earlier in Palestine with the Jewish tradition of the Sicarii.”


  • To Larry Hall: Are Preterists Saved? " Larry, are you guilty of adding non-essentials to the gospel of Jesus Christ?  In your newsletter, you are not just answering the claims of preterists.  You are setting yourself up as a judge of how wide or narrow our disagreements can be before one is rejected by God and the church.  If you are not affirming this most basic principle of the gospel – that sinners are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone – how can you call yourself an apologist, a defender of the faith? " | To Larry Hall: Preterists and the Creeds - " If preterists really do hate and mock the creeds, and if, as you say, “. . . preterists view the vast history of Christian knowledge handed down to us by godly men to be useless and wrong,” why do you not include in your article one single quote backing your assertion of preterist hatred, mockery and fear of the creeds? You obviously went to the Preterist Archive web site.  There you could have found several articles from preterists on the creeds.  Why did you not cite just one example of hatred, mockery and fear from the preterists?  Because if you had read them, you would have found some things contradictory to your contentions. "

  • Silence of Spirit - "Who is answering God's call to repentance today, our pastors, leaders, loved ones, friends? Do they hear when God "speaks"? Or does the evil continue in God's sight despite the warnings. Aren't the bars still full on the weekends, the parties continue, the sexual immorality, lust, love of money, baby killing, sodomy, pride, selfishness, cheating, lying, stealing, hatred, killing. I'd call this a  real "preterist" world in 'spiritual' peace! Wouldn't you?" Who do we believe, the preterist cult or Jesus Christ, the Lord?"

  • Open Source Theology: Transmillennialism™

  • Babylon the Great - Otto Nordgreen "I use the term ‘preterist’ in a fairly neutral, non-confessional manner for a certain mode of interpretation (‘preterism’) indicating that the historical (but not necessarily ‘supra-historical’) events are, from our perspective, already fulfilled and, therefore, part of the history (or, at least, were intended to be so by the author) – cf. Fiorenza (1985:37ff.) and Beale (1999:44ff.).


  • This is a Religious War - NYT Mag "this surely is a religious war -- but not of Islam versus Christianity and Judaism. Rather, it is a war of fundamentalism against faiths of all kinds that are at peace with freedom and modernity. This war even has far gentler echoes in America's own religious conflicts -- between newer, more virulent strands of Christian fundamentalism and mainstream Protestantism and Catholicism."

  • Ancient Maps of Jerusalem - Jerusalem History in Images

  • Biography: Charles Kasiel Bliss B.Sc., A.M. 1897 - 1985 A Great Australian: The Inventor of Semantography (Blissymbolics) "Early life was hard for Charles. In winter, from the steppes of Russia, blizzards would blow, covering the town waist-deep in snow, and with poor clothing he would wade to school shivering and freezing. Poverty, hunger and cold were not the only hardships. He says that words were hurled at him for no other reason than to hurt. Children cried after him ‘Hep, hep!’ Hep are the first letters in the Latin words ‘Hierosolima est perdita’ – Jerusalem is perished. For nearly 2000 years, since Titus destroyed Jerusalem, the cry of ‘Hep, hep’ was accompanied by bloodshed and murder."


  • By Endorsing Sharon's Plan, Bush Has Legitimized Terrorism - Robert Fisk "What Bush has actually done is give way to the crazed world of Christian Zionism. The fundamentalist Christians who support Israel's theft of the West Bank on the grounds that the state of Israel must exist there according to God's law until the second coming, believe that Jesus will return to earth and the Israelis-for this is the Bush "Christian Sundie" belief-will then have to convert to Christianity or die in the battle of Armageddon. I kid thee not. This is the Christian fundamentalist belief, which even the Israeli embassy in Washington goes along with-without comment, of course-in their weekly Christian Zionist prayer meetings. Every claim by Osama bin Laden, every statement that the United States represents Zionism and supports the theft of Arab lands will now have been proved true to millions of Arabs, even those who had no time for Bin Laden."

  • Jewish Historian questions legitimacy of the State of Israel in new book " The Jewish writer believes that his book will help curb anti-Semitism by drawing a clear line between Zionism and Judaism. "The book traces back the Jewish rejection of Zionism by highlighting the viewpoints of rabbis and abiding Jews, who distanced themselves from Zionism since the beginning of the 19th century," said Rabkin. "Those Jews can by no means be accused of being anti-Semitic."    Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss had told IOL last August that there can be no true peace "as long as Zionism and the state of Israel exist".

  • "When Jerusalem Burned" "In the year 66, Florus, the last Roman procurator, stole vast quantities of silver from the Temple. The outraged Jewish masses rioted and wiped out the small Roman garrison stationed in Jerusalem. Cestius Gallus, the Roman ruler in neighboring Syria, sent in a larger force of soldiers. But the Jewish insurgents routed them as well. This was a heartening victory that had a terrible consequence: Many Jews suddenly became convinced that they could defeat Rome, and the Zealots' ranks grew geometrically. " (

  • Redins Antikvariat - Judaica - Sweden Used Book Store

  • MP: Gary DeMar: The Ascension of our Hope - "Pastor Dean Turbeville - "When Jerusalem burned, and the temple was destroyed, it was infinitely more than the mere destruction of one city: it was the close of a spiritual age, and the opening of another one, the age of the New Covenant in Christ"


  • FREE BOOK: The Second Coming of Jesus - G.F. Taylor (1912) "Others think that all the Scriptures about the coming of the Lord refer to the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus in A. D. 70.  Such teachers substitute Titus for the Lord.  However, if this is probable, what shall we do with Rev. 22: 12: “Behold, I come quickly”?  Jesus spoke these words twenty­-six years after the destruction of Jerusalem.  So we are driven to look elsewhere for the coming of the Lord." | The Jerusalem Tribulation not the Great One

  • Dr. John Gill: Of the Abrogation of the Old Covenant (1769) "But still the carnal Jews continued them, and even sacrifices, until the destruction of Jerusalem, which put an end to them; for according to the law of God, no sacrifice might be offered but at Jerusalem, and upon the altar there; so that when the city, temple, and altar were destroyed, they ceased to offer any sacrifice, and never have offered any since; whereby that prophecy is remarkably fulfilled; "the children of Israel shall abide many days without a sacrifice" (Hosea 3:4)..  not even a passover lamb is slain by them, as well as no other sacrifice offered; which yet they would gladly offer, in defiance of Christ, the great Sacrifice, were it not for the above law, which stands in their way, and by which they are awed; and which is no small instance of the wisdom and goodness of God in providence. Now it was a little before the destruction of Jerusalem the apostle wrote the epistle to the Hebrews, and therefore, with great propriety, he says of the old covenant, that it was not only decayed, and waxen old, but was "ready to vanish away" (Heb. 8:13)."

  • End of the World Predictions: Sacred and Secular

  • Jay Gary - Of Caterpillars and Butterflies (PMI) "Preterism is history. It must die..   It failed with Sproul to lead the church into a new day, because it could only lead from the past. It failed with the Evangelical Theological Society to influence academic scholars. It authors failed to break into mainstream Christian publishing, because of their caustic tone. Either it finds a way to cocoon itself and be transformed into a butterfly, or it will die crawling on the ground, just like it did a hundred years ago.”

  • Moving Beyond Preterism - Kevin Beck - Added to CHPA

  • The Divine Calm of GWB - "It has been a topic of some confusion, the meaning of George Bush's religious beliefs. Some commentators trumpet the president's ties to Howard Ahmanson, a fantastically wealthy Californian who is an acolyte of the "Christian Reconstructionist" movement—which aims to place the United States under Biblical law (though Ahmanson proclaims himself personally against, say, the stoning of homosexuals). Others point up his connections to apocalyptic millennialists like Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind novels. The problem is that, theologically, Bush can't serve both these masters at once."


  • FP: Richard McPherson: A Response to "Reconsidering the Scriptures": Part One - "If you believe that the "Heavens and Earth" has not pass away and it is still in the future, by using scripture alone, we are STILL under the law.  You are correct, we need to "Reconsider Scripture" and put it into context without twisting in any form or faction. Also, without using creeds and by using SCRIPTURE ALONE." - Reconsidering the Scriptures - Steve Lehrer


  • First Preterist Forum in French "Babylone la Grande prostitué(la ville adultère) a été la ville de Jérusalem jugé, condamné et détruite par Dieu en l'an 70. Plus précisément de 66 et demi à 70. Soit 3 années et demie tel que prophétisé par Daniel et l'apo..."

  • Vanunu in Jerusalem's Anglican cathedral for safety "He has no protection from the authorities. The Justice Minister, Mr [Yosef] Lapid, said publicly that 'He's with all these radicals. Let them protect him.' Mr Vanunu's supporters had hoped that he would be allowed to leave Israel, but the country's security establishment has placed tight restrictions on his movements and contacts, including a ban on leaving the country for a year."

  • A forgotten hero emerges "(upon release) He immediately renewed his call for Israel to come clean regarding its nuclear arsenal, reportedly the fifth largest in the world, and open the Dimona reactor to international scrutiny. Indeed, Israel is the only country in the Middle East to be a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has refused inspection of its facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)."

  • An Analysis of Anti-Islamic Polemics "Mr. Bush’s support for war and Israel comes mostly from 60 million strong Christian fundamentalists who identify themselves with the neo-Crusading Religious Right movement. They now represent the single most powerful voting block in U.S. history. It is a twist of fate that brought these fanatics of Christian Right and the so-called neo-conservatives together in the U.S. to find a common platform under Bush presidency, thanks to Karl Rove, to push the country towards American unilateralism, redrawing the map of the Middle-East, and unquestioning support of the Jewish state of Israel. Many of these neocons are Jewish, who have long-awaited the backing from the Christian Right – many of them Southern Baptists – who believe that Jews of the world must be assembled in Israel a priori to facilitate the second coming of their Messiah (Jesus); those Jews who convert to Christianity will be salvaged, the rest slaughtered. Many of these Christian fanatics are, therefore, proud of their new identity as ‘Christian Zionists.’


  • FP: Tim King: Added Interview with Tim King "Some “leaders” in the preterist camp have been asserting that you are a universalist, because of some of the aspects of Comprehensive Grace. Well, I should ask you plainly, are you a universalist? Do you subscribe to “some form” of universalism and do you believe that everyone will go to heaven after his or her physical death?"


  • U.N. Nuclear Chief Inspector to visit Israel "In the wake of the ‘nuclear spy’ Mordechai Vanunu affair, Israel expects to soon host Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to Gabriella Gafni, Israeli representative at the agency, ElBaradei’s trip will be a routine visit that was planned several months ago. The chief inspector last visited Israel in 1998. "

  • Acharei Mot - Kedoshim - "Rav Hai Gaon maintains that Rabbi Akiba's 24,000 students were killed not in a plague but rather in the Bar Kochba Rebellion. Approximately 65 years after the destruction of the Second Temple at the hands of the Roman government, Rabbi Akiba accepted the possibility that Shimon bar Kochba was the long-awaited Messiah-King of Jewish redemption, and urged the Judeans to wage a war of independence against  Rome."

  • Sec. Powell: Criticizing Israel not always Anti-Semitism - "It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel but the line is crossed when Israel or its leaders are demonized or villainised for example by the use of Nazi symbols and racist caricatures," Powell told the Organization for Cooperation and Development in Europe meeting.  German President Johannes Rau said racists had seized on the Middle East conflict and the policies of the Israeli government. "Everyone knows that massive anti-Semitism is behind some of the criticism of the Israeli government's politics in the last decades," he said.

  • Google to keep Anti-Semitic websites in search engine "It's the search results for the word "Jew" that are causing all the problems for the online giant – the site that ranks first is anti-Semitic, which links to other anti-Jewish sites and lists various supposed Jewish conspiracies. Although Google says it has no plans to take down the site, anti-Jewwatch websites and petitions have been created, calling for the site's removal and demonstrating the strength of feeling surrounding the issue. The email forwards that have been circulating on the internet this week have been requesting 50,000 signatures to force Google to change its mind. That target was beaten yesterday." | Google: "Anti-Semitic Website" Added to Jesus=Israel

  • Can You Possibly Deny that Preterism is Anti-Semitic? - Green's Question 11

  • Re: Is Dispensationalist theology the curse of Christianity, America, and the World?


  • FP: Mike Sullivan - Interaction with David Chilton & Thoughts on Reformed Moderate Preterist Statements about Hyper-Preterism "Chilton pointed out that he no longer needed the Holy Spirit because he now had me (he had a great sense of humor).  But amidst his very good use of sarcasm he avoided the Scriptures and told me that I was basically going to hell for being a preterist..   After David had recovered from his initial heart attack we went out to lunch with him and he apologized to me for calling me a heretic and that he was now a preterist."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: For the Temple | Introduction - G.A. Henty - This all-time great Fulfilled Eschatology novel was written for all ages, using the events of the Roman-Jewish war as a backdrop for our hero John of Gamala's coming of age.

  • Christian Zionism Challenged in Jerusalem - Over 600 scholars gathered as part of "Challenging Christian Zionism: Theology, Politics and the Middle East Conflict" | Christian Scholars gather to study dangers of Zionism | Sabeel Conference "Sabeel Jerusalem director, Rev. Canon Naim Ateek, said Christian Zionism "is a worldview where the Gospel is identified with the ideology of empire, colonialism, and militarism."

  • Conferences: Added Don Preston / James Jordan debate announcement

  • American announces hunt for Noah's Ark meant to spark revival - "The object on the satellite image is at least 50 feet by 70 feet, he said. There is some speculation that the object, if it is the biblical ark, has broken into three pieces.  The account of the ark, which is in Genesis 6:9, places its construction about 6,000 years ago. "



  • Keith Mathison: Acts 1:9-11 and the Hyper-Preterism Debate Page - "The hyper-preterist rejection of the traditional interpretation of Acts 1:9–11 has not led to anything even remotely approaching agreement on an alternative interpretation of these three verses. The clarity of what Luke tells us in Acts 1:9–11 is probably the reason why this text is either ignored or else passed over with relatively little detailed discussion in most hyper-preterist literature."

  • Israel said still making nuclear weapons | Vanunu Bio

  • Israeli cinema will show Gibson film


  • FP: Kurt Simmons: Restored Israel and the Kingdom of the Messiah "The union of men from every race and language under the kingship of Christ bespeaks a reversal of the division made at Babel.  Hence, we may expect language pointing to a time when a common tongue would be restored to mankind. "


  • Israeli nuclear spy released - "I suffered here 18 years because I am a Christian ... if I was Jewish I wouldn't have this suffering and isolation." "Israel doesn't need nuclear arms, especially now that all the Middles East is free from nuclear weapons."


  • FP: Larry Siegle: On the Resurrection "The IBD view steps backwards and seeks to find a physical application to that which God intended to be spiritual in nature."

  • The Passion and its enemies - Pat Buchanan "To Safire, Catholicism leads straight to the Holocaust. The line from Matthew, “Let his blood be upon us and our children,” he writes, has led to “millenniums of persecution, scapegoating and ultimately mass murder that flowed partly from its malign repetition.” This was “finally addressed by the Catholic Church after the defeat of Nazism.”


  • Refuting Full Preterism - Louis Ruggiero "Like any other cult such as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, Full Preterists feed on those who are unlearned and untaught. Indoctrination can be a terrible thing, and when one becomes indoctrinated into the precept of men, escaping its bondage can become unbearably difficult. " "Full Preterism is an empty doctrine, which offers no hope of a better life and a better future. It tears away at God's promise to the world of everlasting peace and tranquility that will be accomplished at Jesus' Second Coming. If Jesus came in 70 AD as the Full Preterists claim, He didn't do a very good job establishing world peace"

  • A Change in  religious thinking - Pulse of Twin Cities ( Ralph Barker "As people are slowly but surely leaving Tim's view, they are gravitating toward the preterist view, one of the historic views of the Church. This view says, in simple form, that the Scriptures that most assume to be futuristic are in fact already fulfilled, mostly in and right before AD 70 at the destruction of Jerusalem."

  • Symbols and Numbers Clarified - Ben Winter "I think this is the best book I've ever read and answered many of my questions I've been looking for. I must say it is a difficult book to read but it is worth it, like a gold mine." DH


  • The Spy who Blew the Whistle - Village Voice "Mordechai Vanunu spilled Israel's nuclear secrets and was jailed for 18 years. Get ready for the fallout."

  • Orthodox Jews responding to the assassination of Sheik Yassin  "As we gather our thoughts and attempt to again stand up to the evils of Zionism and the State of "Israel", the words of our leaders, the Rabbis of the generation past, stand before us. How they warned us that Zionism and all the evils emanating from it, will cause endless bloodshed, of coarse the misnomer and tragedy of equating Judaism with Zionism is of the major contributing factors to this endless stream of blood. And so we are reminded of one of the exceptional attributes of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. How he constantly drew a clear distinction between true Judaism and Zionism and between the practitioners of Judaism and Zionist perpetrators."


  • A whistle blower mightier than Israel - ABS-CBN "Vanunu’s only crime was to warn the world of the madness that had caused the leadership of his country, Israel, to stockpile up to 200 nuclear weapons. An act of conscience for which Vanunu would be kidnapped and drugged--five days after the Sunday Times published his interview--and shipped to Israel to be sentenced in a secret trial to 18 years’ imprisonment"


  • FP: Kevin Craig - Reconsidering the Scriptures: A Biblical Response Designed for Partial Preterists "Wavering Partial-Preterist, toes in the shallow end, unable to jump all the way into Full Preterism." - "I find most arguments against Full Preterism to be weak at best, and hypocritically arrogant and dangerous at worst. As one who hasn't yet been able to bite the bullet and join the Full Preterist camp, I am particularly sensitive to bad arguments from partial preterists."

  • Rethinking the Rapture - Kansas City Star "She and other scholars worry about the theology behind the Left Behind series because, she says, it can “encourage people to try to hasten the scripted apocalyptic events themselves, with deadly consequences for our world.”

  • Vanunu to be released after 18 years in jail - Australian News


  • RUSSIAN INVASION OF ISRAEL? The Modern and Erroneous Interpretation of Ezekiel 38-39 - Jay Rogers "While futurists have interpreted the vivid apocalyptic imagery in Ezekiel 38 and 39 as foretelling a war between the Soviet Union and the restored nation of Israel just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, most preterists have understood this vision as a prophecy which was fulfilled in the 2nd century B.C. at the defeat of the Assyrian invaders of Palestine by Judas Maccabeus. "


  • Ariel Sharon's Master Move "America is seen as the country's umbilical cord..   Ariel Sharon scored a home run in Washington yesterday, and if that doesn't defang his critics in Israel, the Jewish state ain't what it used to be."

  • Osama Bin Laden offers truce ""I offer a truce to them (Europe) with a commitment to stop operations against any state which vows to stop attacking Muslims or interfere in their affairs," the voice said. "The announcement of the truce starts with the withdrawal of the last soldier from our land and the door is open for three months from the date of the announcement of this statement."  - Not sure where to archive... under  consideration .. "President (George W.) Bush and leaders in his sphere, big media institutions and the United Nations...all of them are a fatal danger to the world, and the Zionist lobby is their most dangerous and difficult member, and we insist, God willing, on continuing to fight them," the man on the tape said.

  • Irwin Schiff, Jewish-American Tax Protester, has his day in court - Not sure how this relates.. "Schiff told U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen that he would plead guilty if federal prosecutors could show a tax requirement exists." It was a farce," Schiff said. "(The judge) did not let me raise objections to the indictment. ... There is no law that requires me to pay income taxes." Schiff has been a regular visitor in federal court since the IRS raided Freedom Books in February 2003. He is involved in a handful of civil proceedings involving the Justice Department's Tax Division. Among them, government lawyers are seeking an injunction that would bar him from selling his book and from holding tax seminars. " | GOOGLE


  • Replacement Theology, Truth or Antisemitism - "It is only fair to mention that from the days of Paul onward, there was considerable anti-Christian hostility from among the orthodox Jews because of the claims of Christianity.  Because the rapidly growing Church was becoming a real threat to Judaism, fear and hatred of Christianity would not be surprising.  It is quite possible that the Jews may have aided and even instigated the early Roman persecution of the Christians in the first few centuries."

  • Why Gibson's next project has to be The End "Because Mel's Catholicism is different from the standard brew—he and his dad, Hutton Gibson, are widely reported to be "sedevacantists," which means they reject the reforms of Vatican II and the authority of all popes installed since then—I wondered if there might be some juicy, End Times-related conspiracy theory hiding in the shadows.

There is conspiracy theory, but it's not relevant to the apocalypse. The most extreme sedevacantists believe that the various false popes since Vatican II were installed by a Jewish cabal designed to destroy true Catholicism and, eventually, usher in a period of secret global control. That sounds like the sort of thing a pesky Antichrist would do just before the Tribulation, but it isn't ... quite. It's more like a really bad historical event whose final meaning remains unclear."


  • Reconsidering the Scriptures: A Biblical Study Designed for Full Preterists - Steve Lehrer "A short readable study I designed for Full Preterists - It is meant to aid the Full Preterist in critical thinking about some of the key passages and to lead him away from that doctrinal point of view. "

  • Why Jewish Groups passionately hate Gibson - "How revealing it was last November, when one such Jewish organization saw fit to publicly applaud the Massachusetts Supreme Court on their ruling in favor of homosexual marriage. In choosing between courageously defending Judaism's unequivocal opposition to homosexual marriage and obsequious obeisance to the doctrines of secular fundamentalism, this "Jewish" organization made its choice and in so doing, proved my point. Paradoxically, these so-called Jewish organizations are virulent secularists because of belief – the belief that religion poisons the world and that we would all be better off living in an eternal utopia of secular democracy."



  • After 18 Years in Prison, Mordechai Vanunu’s Day of Freedom Nears - "AFTER SERVING nearly 18 years in an Israeli prison—1112 of them in solitary confinement—Mordechai Vanunu should be a free man on April 21. Now 49 years old, he has spent the prime of his life locked in a 6-foot by 9-foot cell in Ashkelon prison for blowing the whistle on Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal."


  • sAncient Jewish man’s remains give clues on crucifixion "thousands of captured Jewish rebels were crucified by the Romans around Jerusalem during the first century, when Jesus lived.  Crosses dotted the landscape around the city. Zias said that between AD 66 and 702, the Romans at times crucified as many as 500 Jews a day until they quashed what became known as the first Jewish revolt and destroyed the Second Temple"


  • Jesus is Israel: The Passion a Hit in Arab Countries | Breaks United Arab Emirates Record - "Hanan Nsour, a veiled, 21-year-old Muslim in Jordan, came out of "The Passion of the Christ" in tears and pronounced her verdict: Mel Gibson's crucifixion epic "unmasked the Jews' lies and I hope that everybody, everywhere, turns against the Jews." The Quran, though, says Jesus's crucifixion never happened. Such are the contradictions that are welling up as the Arab world deals with "The Passion," even as the film draws large audiences in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and other Arab countries that have approved it for screening." | Now Playing Globally "Given the damage he's done to Christian-Jewish relations, I wouldn't want to be Mel Gibson on Judgment Day," wrote Yossi Klein Halevi in the Jerusalem Post. | Apocalyptic President? - "According to an article in by Max Blumenthal, California multimillionaire and Christian Reconstructionist Howard Ahmanson Jr., a strong supporter of the president, "has played a subtle but crucial role in driving Bush's domestic agenda" on such issues as abortion, gay marriage, and welfare.. It is precisely because they don't believe in an imminent Second Coming that Reconstructionists are so determined to use Biblical law as the foundation for civilization."

  • Nero, the Beast: Quo Vadis, Sir Peter! The Hindu - "That bloke had real power," Ustinov recollected as he sat down for a chat. "It was a good role, I could pop into my mouth as many grapes I wanted but had to leave charming Deborah Kerr alone because she had been claimed by one of Nero's warriors played by Robert Taylor."  When asked what type of advice he'd received from director Mervyn Le Roy to play Nero, he lowered his voice, winked, leaned closer and whispered, "Le Roy told me that Nero was the kind of guy who played with himself every night."

Pope John Paul II "In the Christian world, erroneous and unjust interpretations of the New Testament regarding the Jewish people and their alleged culpability [for the Crucifixion] have circulated for too long, engendering feelings of hostility towards this people."  "It is as it was"

Discontent with the inept rule of the Procurators eventually led to open rebellion in Judaea in AD66. The Romans, distracted by the Civil Wars following the death of Nero, were unable to put a speedy end to the Revolt.  But in AD 70. Titus, son of the new Emperor Vespasian, captured and sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple.



  • Reaching to the Choir - "The fundamentalist Christian Zionist movement is especially vexing to (President Jimmy) Carter. Conservative evangelicals like House Majority Leader Tom DeLay offer unilateral support to Israel based on the New Testament prophecy that the reconstruction of the ancient kingdom of David will usher in the "end times" and the Second Coming of Christ. Carter summarily dismissed this cause, tersely calling it "a completely foolish and erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures." "And," he went on, "it has resulted in these last few years with a terrible, very costly, and bloody deterioration in the relationship between Israel and its neighbor. ... [T]his administration, maybe strongly influenced by ill-advised theologians of the extreme religious right, has pretty well abandoned any real effort that could lead to a resolution of the problems between Israel and the Palestinians."

  • Early History of the Millennium Teaching - "The idea of a Millennial reign proceeded from Judaism; for among the Jews the representation was current that the Messiah would reign a thousand years upon earth. . . . Such products of Jewish imagination passed over into Christianity."

  • Introduction to Death of the Church Victorious - Ovid Need, Jr.

  • Review of LaHaye's Glorious Appearing -

  • 2004 Site Updates - Archive of 2004 Updates

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Clavis Apocalypticae (1627) Keys to the Apocalypse


  • Odes of Solomon - Expanded and Updates - Interview with Translator - "Well, Nero according to Hebrew -- when you put it into Hebrew letters -- now Hebrew letters have numerical value. When you put it into Hebrew, it's six hundred sixteen. But we have a text among the Dead Sea Scrolls that writes -- spells -- the name Nero a little differently, so that the full numeration would be six hundred and sixty-six. So I am convinced anyway that the wicked beast is Nero. That's our best explanation." - James Charlesworth | Jerusalem's Essene Gateway

  • Revelation: The Gospel According to the Prophet John - "What form of Christianity is represented by Revelation? The book inhabits the fevered world of Jewish apocalyptic. John owes a huge debt to the Old Testament Book of Daniel, whose fantastic visions of the End-time he has borrowed and enlarged upon, reaching new horrific and punitive heights. John has also taken the famous figure from the vision of Daniel 7, the "one like a son of man," and if Revelation was written in 68 or 69 CE, as some suggest, this would be the earliest known adaptation of the Danielic figure in either Jewish or Christian writings (outside of the reconstructed Q, if the Q2 stratum of prophetic sayings were to be dated earlier). "

  • New Yahoo Groups: The Preterist Hangout | Preterist Employment


  • Why I am Not a Preterist - John Stevenson "A preterist interpretation calls for this to be a reference to the "tribes of the land" of Israel, even though Israel was never described in such a way elsewhere in the Bible. But such an interpretation would demand that the Jews who suffered through the A.D. 70 event would have recognized that their sufferings were a punishment for their treatment of Jesus since the prophecy is not merely that they would mourn, but that they would mourn "over Him." Matthew 24:34: Fulfilled or Not? | 1 Peter 4:7

  • Brady Gospel Church - "The Brady Gospel Church is a congregation of preterists in Brady, Texas devoted to spreading the Gospel (Good News) that Jesus has come and the Kingdom is here and we (believers) are the born again sons of God. We (Christians) are living below our inheritance; the creator of the universe died a death he did not deserve so that we could be free to live in peace, love and joy."

  • Chalcedon's OPEN LETTER TO LIGONIER MINISTRIES - Part II - A Dialogue between Abshire, Sandlin, Craig

  • Follow the Rabbi: Content related to Matthew 24

  • Jewish-Christian Relations - Articles, Book Reviews, Current Events from ecumenical view

  • Ebay Item: Lloyd Gaston. No Stone on Another: Studes in the Significance of the Fall of Jerusalem in the Synoptic Gospels. Supplements to Novum Testamentum XXIII. Leiden E.J. Brill 1970.

  • Eastern Temple Mount Wall / Gate May Collapse - JPOST "The eastern wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount is in danger of immediate collapse because of damage caused by the February 11 earthquake, a classified government report issued this week concludes." | Islamic Awkaf retorts "It noted that all Zionist tunnels were dug under the Marwani Mosque with the aim of shaking the foundations of the holy Mosque leading to its complete collapse and building the alleged temple in its place."

  • Rabbis blow shofars to exorcise curse at IDF tank base - IsraelInsider "MK Ilan Shalgi called the event a "voodoo ceremony." He said, "This puts the IDF in line with the Zulu and Tutsi armies in Africa. Primitive tribes hold such official witchcraft rituals and I suggest that the IDF appoint a senior witchcraft officer instead of its chief rabbi."

  • On tour with the harbingers of doom - GUK "Americans don't just have to rely on the Bible anymore," says Sarah Golightly, one of the few African-Americans who came to the launch. "God is showing himself in many ways through movies, books and audio." Ms Golightly, who has read only the first three of the Left Behind series, found Gibson's film hard going but rewarding: "It was two hours of rough beating. But it was good."

  • Pope JPII - Historicist or Futurist? - "That scroll contains the whole series of divine decrees that must be carried out in human history to make perfect justice reign," the Holy Father continued. "If the scroll remains sealed, these decrees can neither be known nor acted upon, and wickedness will continue to propagate itself and to oppress believers." "The "slain and risen Lamb" will "be able 'to receive the scroll and to break open its seals,'" the Pope explained, following the account in the Book of Revelation, also known as Apocalypse.


  • FP: Jim Gunter - "And Thus, All Israel Will Be Saved" Romans 11:26  "In its simplest terms, this verse is saying, "And in this manner (in this way), all Israel will be saved."

  • Preterism and a Sledge Hammer - Essh Geebor Mawkor "Preterists say that this generation means that the generation he was talking to must see all these signs. Preterist are weak in faith, thus forced like atheists to come to odd conclusions...  Well here is the verse that SLAPS then right UPSIDE their hard heads.  

    Eze 43:11 And if they be ashamed of all that they have done, shew them the form of the house, and the fashion thereof, and the goings out thereof, and the comings in thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the laws thereof: and write it in their sight, that they may keep the whole form thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and do them. (The Way of YHVH)

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Two Comings of Messiah - Essh Geebor Mawkor "This book will open your eyes to why there needs to be 2 comings of Messiah. It goes through TNK, of how it speaks of two comings. Most importantly we go through the Talmud, and the different discussions of Messiah the Rabbis have. The problems with these discussions, and how it proves there must be two comings."

  • Efraim Goldstein - The Passion According to Isaiah "'Because of the christological interpretation given to the chapter [Isaiah 53] by Christians it is omitted from the series of prophetical lessons for the Deuteronomy Sabbaths … the omission is deliberate and striking.'" - Added to Jewish Conversion

  • Pat Robinson Attacks Judaism Through Mel Gibson’s "The Passion" - “It is hard to believe that anyone would be using a vast media empire to attack Judaism at a time when Jewish communities are feeling intensely vulnerable. But, that’s precisely what Robertson’s organization is doing,” says Rabbi Tovia Singer, the New York-based radio show host of Israel National Radio who was formally thrown off New York’s WMCA for being “too Jewish.” Singer (who is involved with the operations of .com) is also the founder Outreach Judaism, a counter-missionary organization which fights against Christian missionaries.

  • Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi mulls "The Passion" - "The chief Israeli rabbi for Sephardic Jews, Shlomo Amar, was not available for comment."

  • Rabbi Lau Asks for Definition of Jewish State - "the Knesset has not, to this day, found the time to take five days and discuss what exactly this Jewish State we have created is meant to be. The words 'Jewish State' are mentioned 22 times in Israel's Declaration of Independence - not "State of the Jews" but rather "Jewish State" - and yet the Knesset has never found time to define just what that means."



  • FP: Eric Fugett  - The Resurrection of the Dead "1 Corinthians 15:52 tells us that the last trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised. Seven Feasts of Trumpets passed from the time that John was given The Revelation (September 11 63 CE (AD)), to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE (AD). Remember that eight is the number that represents resurrection. The eighth Feast of Trumpets occurred on September 24, 70 CE (AD) shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem. This was the day that the dead were resurrected."

  • Jonathan M. Companik - The Anti-Church Movement (Hyper-Preterism) "It is every generation's job within the Church to seek to hasten the coming of the Day of Christ." - Critical Articles

  • The Resurrection: What and When? - Marcus Booker, PlanetPreterist Columnist "Because of this and the foregoing, I believe that there is yet a resurrection and that it will be general/universal event and physical. A.D. 70, I have come to believe, was simply a foretaste of the judgment to come. I am now a futurist."

  • FP: Dan Delagrave - At All Silly Costs "The Church has embraced ever-changing dispensational theories about the term "this generation" for too long and AT ALL SILLY COSTS. It's time to get this turned around. Let's deal the critics a consistent exegesis." - dEmEnTiA

  • Israeli Secret Service at Center of Iraq WMD Misinformation? "U.S. officials declined comment on the findings. A spokesman for Sharon, who oversees secret services, said the report "will be taken into consideration."

  • Call to indict Sharon sets off political firestorm in Israel - Legal experts are divided over whether under law, Sharon would be forced to resign if indicted. "Sharon must suspend himself -- it is inconceivable for a prime minister to have an indictment against him," said Menachem Klein, a political analyst at Israeli's Bar Ilan University.

  • Apocalypse Now - Wired "All sides acknowledge that tensions on the hill have the potential to start a war, but Hayutman believes he has found a way to resolve the intractable conflict. "What most people see is that if the Muslims are here, surely there is no temple," Hayutman says. "They do not understand that technology has given us the tools to realize the prophecy right now." He has two big ideas, two ways to engineer the apocalypse. The first: a hovering holographic temple. "


  • Jesus Christ was NOT Crucified on "Good Friday" - MS Cheo., Singapore "Jesus was right in saying that He would be in the grave for "3 days and 3 nights" and it was fulfilled accordingly. As such, what many believe today, that He was in the grave for only one and a half day could only be an invention and one of the many traditions of men."

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  • Bush campaign accuses Kerry of "exploitation of Scripture" Kerry never mentioned Bush by name during his speech at New North Side Baptist Church, but aimed his criticism at "our present national leadership." Kerry cited Scripture in his appeal for the worshippers, including James 2:14, "What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?" "The Scriptures say, what does it profit, my brother, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?" Kerry said. "When we look at what is happening in America today, where are the works of compassion?"  Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said Kerry's comment "was beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse and a sad exploitation of Scripture for a political attack."


  • "The Passion" a hit in Beirut, Damascus - "Certain sequences are in Aramaic, the language that was dominant in the Holy Land at the time of Christ and which can still be heard in certain towns in Syria, notably Maalula and Saadnaya near Damascus. "Some members of the audience could not conceal their astonishment on hearing some expressions -- such as Ya Illah (My God) -- that are close to Arabic," said Wehbe. " "We submitted 'The Passion of the Christ' to the censorship committee, which had no objection to its screening" in Qatar, said Abdul Rahman Mohsen, the director general of a private Qatari cinema company. The committee usually censors scenes or images depicting prophets from the holy books. (To be released in UAE 31st.)

  • | Documentary to show lives changed by film - Viewers of Gibson's movie claim it has produced 'miracles'
  • Backing Israel for different reasons - WashPost (subscription) " Most evangelical Christians support the state of Israel, but not always for the same reasons. The strongest proponents, including religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), believe in premillennial dispensationalism, a prophetic doctrine that is dramatized in the "Left Behind" novels and includes such events as the Rapture, the Battle of Armageddon, the Second Coming of Jesus and a mass conversion of Jews. Most dispensationalists are also Zionists, believing that the return of Jews to their homeland sets the stage for this end-time scenario. Christian Zionists supported the 1948 establishment of Israel and oppose peace proposals that would cede land to the Palestinians or call for the withdrawal of Jewish settlers from the West Bank and Gaza. Christian Zionists believe that modern-day Israel fulfills God's promise to Jacob in Genesis 35: "The land I gave to Abraham and Isaac I also give to you, and I will give this land to your descendants after you." They also believe the modern gathering of Jews has created the New Israel and New Jerusalem foretold in the Prophets and in the Book of Revelation. Other evangelicals reject that idea, saying that the promise of the land was fulfilled in the days of Solomon and that the church -- universal Christianity -- constitutes the New Israel. Proponents of this position, called replacement theology, emphasize God's covenant with humanity rather than the importance of the land. Estimates of the U.S. evangelical population vary widely, from 50 million to more than 100 million, with the higher figures including evangelicals in mainline Protestant and African American churches. Evangelical leaders and scholars say there are far more believers in replacement theology than there are Christian Zionists. [TDD: for the record, it is not "replacement" if the covenant PRE-DATES the Jewish nation - Galatians 3]

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"True to its literary genre, [the] Ap[okalypse] offers consolation in a crisis. The Christian community has just emerged from its encounter with Jewry, bloody but victorious, as the walls of Jerusalem totter before the might of Rome." - M. Hopkins, 1965 (“The Historical Perspective of Apocalypse 1-11”, CBQ 27, pp. 42-47)

This is a Religious War - NYT Mag

Gerard Israël and Jacques Lebar:
When Jerusalem Burned:
The Catastrophic Day when the Romans Destroyed the Great Temple and Jerusalem Itself
(Fr., 1970)

CONFERENCE: Sparta, NC - May 13-15 See: Preston, DeMar, Bell, Frost, Need, Anderson; INFO

Anyone need a ride to the Conference From Tennessee? Nancy has an RV with room! 615-948-0502

Jerome, Extracts from the Commentary on the Bible

On Isaiah 2.12-17 [The Lord has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted. They will be humbled. [...] For every lofty tower and every fortified wall, for every trading ship [...] will be be brought low.]: And those who ascribe this to the time of Vespasian and Hadrian say that the writing here was completely fulfilled, for no high tower, no most fortified wall, no mightiest navy and not the most diligent commerce, could overcome the might of the Roman army; and the citizens of Judaea came to such distress that they, together with their wives, their children, their gold and their silver, in which they trusted, remained in underground tunnels and deepest caves.

On Matthew 24.15 [So when you see the standing in the holy place the abomination that causes desolation.]: or to the statue of the mounted Hadrian, whoch stands to this very day on the site of the Holy of Holies.


"Some of you may be thinking that the application of this prophecy to the Messiah is a Christian contrivance. In fact, most modern rabbis try to deny the messianic application of this prophecy. However, it is well established that the ancient Jews believed that this prophecy pinpointed the time of the Messiah's coming. In fact, many in the Qumran community (the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls) believed that they were living in the very generation to which this prophecy pointed! (Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov/Dec 1992, p.58)


Is the Left Behind Series Scriptural?

No, not at all.         42%
Yes, very accurately. 
Yes, but loosely.       19%
No, but it's close.      6%
Don't know.              6%

John Humphrey Noyes and Hyper-Preterism - Keith Mathison "The question, then, is simply this: Is it accurate to classify John Humphrey Noyes as an early proponent of hyper-preterism? After re-examining the evidence, I believe that the answer is yes, and I will seek to defend that answer in what follows."

"In all history there is no drama of more terrible interest than that which terminated with the total destruction of Jerusalem."
G.A. Henty

Destruction of Jerusalem
by the Romans led by Titus, A.D.70

1733 Copper Plate Engraving Published in Flavius Jospehus' Antiquities of the Jews

 Engraver: Isaac Basire 1704-1768

Basire - English family of engravers. Isaac Basire (1704–68) worked as an engraver in London. His son (John) James Basire (b ?London, 6 Oct 1730; d London, 6 Sept 1802) became known as an engraver of architecture and was employed on the first volume of James Stuart’s and Nicholas Revett’s The Antiquities of Athens (1762).


The Masada Coin from the First Jewish Revolt | Hebrew Inscription: "Year Three"

"According to the Talmud (Pesachim 109a), since the destruction of the
Temple in Jerusalem, Jews need not eat meat to celebrate Jewish festivals."
Passover and Vegitarianism

Reformed Postmillennial Partial Preterist James B. Jordan will be debating Don Preston in Saint Petersburg Florida -- 1st Week, October 2004

After 18 Years in Prison, Mordechai Vanunu’s Day of Freedom Nears
"AFTER SERVING nearly 18 years in an Israeli prison—1112 of them in solitary confinement—Mordechai Vanunu should be a free man on April 21. Now 49 years old, he has spent the prime of his life locked in a 6-foot by 9-foot cell in Ashkelon prison for blowing the whistle on Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal."

Tim LaHaye - Rapture - Theology Behind "Glorious Appearing"

"They said 'We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah' -- but they killed him not, nor crucified him. But so it was made to appear to them. And those who differ therein are full of doubts with no knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not." (Quran, Sura 4, verse 157)


The Burnt House
Ezra Ben-Meir, History:   #252, December, 1984.

A whitened bone
Leans on the balustrade of history
With the Roman spear nearby.
Jars of ceramic, blackened by the fire
That tore up the Temple walls
And destroyed the hegemony of a people.
The start of a spiral dispersing through the history books.
Pages leaf, scarlet and black thrust their hands forward,
Mists shroud the missing stones,
Powdery dusts cover footsteps long silent.

We remain awhile,
Peer through the beams of time.
Ghosts slip off our clothes as we climb the stairs To daylight

"Do not look so sad. We shall meet soon again."  "Please, Aslan," said Lucy, "what do you call soon?"  "I call all times soon," said Aslan; and instantly he was vanished away - C.S. Lewis - Voyage of the Dawn Treader


October, 21-22, 2004 - Sydney Australia / Have You Been To The Land Down Under?

This is your invitation to Eschaton 2004 in Sydney Australia! Learn to say “G’day Mate” as you chuck some prawns on the barbie, pet a kangaroo, hold a koala, sing “Waltzing Matilda” and Oh yea, hear Don Preston live!

This will be Don’s first trip to the Land of the Southern Cross. We are delighted to bring this world-class ministry to Sydney for our conference in October. The dates in Sydney are October 21 and 22 this year.

To learn more about Sydney go to:

Patrick Cassidy Email - Calvinist/Full Preterist ( "Would like to start a Preterist Association in Las Vegas,NV...If interested please E-Mail"

Apocalypse Now - Wired

The future Temple which we are expecting, is built and perfected and will be revealed and descend from heaven. - Talmudic scholar Rashi, 11th century


Billy Graham -"A lot of the Jews are great friends of mine. They swarm around me and are friendly to me because they know that I'm friendly with Israel. But they don't know how I really feel about what they are doing to this country." (Nixon White House Tapes, 1972.)

When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism: C.J. Seraiah


The Early Days of Christianity - F.W. Farrar (1882) "John did not die till Christ had returned, in that sense of the ‘close of the aeon’ to which His own words and that of His Apostles often point." (Book project)



O'REILLY:  Do you believe there's a physical presence of Satan in the world?  Did that reflect your view?
GIBSON:  Hmm.  A physical presence?  I think that evil pervades certain areas and comes to each of us in an individual way, in a way that it's going to best ensnare us.  Firstly, it wants to make you believe that it doesn't exist.  And secondly, I think when it does come, it's going to come in a magnetic form.  I mean, it's not going to be holding a neon sign with steam coming out its nostrils. 
O'REILLY:  Yes, what temptation is?
GIBSON:  Yes, sure.  Yes.

"As far as I can remember, I said very shortly what I hold to be the 'Lord's coming' in my little book on the Historic Faith. I hold very strongly that the Fall of Jerusalem was the coming which first fulfilled the Lord's words; and, as there have been other comings, I cannot doubt that He is 'coming' to us now." - Westcott, Arthur, Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott. (New York, 1903), Volume II, p. 308. )

"Back in 1837 there broke out in New England and spread west as far as Ohio a wave of religious frenzy that threw the land into a furor of excitement and swept people into its maelstrom of insane force like leaves in an autumn gale. It originated in a single bit ...of calculation based on a literal interpretation of figures in the Bible by a young Vermont schoolteacher and local lay preacher named Miller. He took some numbers given in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation and with a little ... anipulation, deduced that the date of April 17th, 1843, six years ahead, was the day `set' by Biblical prophecy as the `Day of the Lord,' that dreadful day on which the crack of doom would shatter the heavens and all the world would be dissolved with fervent heat at twelve o'clock midnight." - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

I’ve never seen a President – I don’t care who he is – stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.” - Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"Israeli intelligence knew beforehand that Iraq had no weapons stockpiles and misled US President George W Bush.”
Yossi Sarid, a member of the Israel’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Radio Debate Coming Up February 22 - John Anderson of Lighthouse World Ministry has just confirmed that a major radio debate will take place on February 22, 7-8 PM central time. The debate will feature Bible scholar, prof. Harold Hoehner, of Dallas Theological Seminary, and Don K. Preston. Professor Hoehner is well known to most serious Bible students across all denominational borders. The topic of the debate between Hoehner and Preston will be whether we today are in the last days foretold by the Bible, or whether the last days were in the first century.   You can listen live on Anderson's website, posted on this board, or, if you miss the live debate, you can listen on the archives later. - Don K. Preston

Edgar Allen Poe  (1850)
"No more," responded Abel-Phittim,–"no more shall we feast upon the fat of the land–no longer shall our beards be odorous with frankincense–our loins girded up with fine linen from the Temple." (Tale for Jerusalem)


WHEN SHALL THESE THINGS BE? A Reformed Response To Hyper-Preterism By Keith A. Mathison, Editor 416 pages paperback

Description: Multi-authored critique of the Preterist view. There are six other contributing authors besides Mathison, seven total. Here's the list of authors and their topics:

1. Kenneth Gentry (creedal problems of hyper-preterism)
2. Charles (Chuck) Hill (arguments from church history)
3. Richard Pratt (unfolding of biblical eschatology)
4. Keith Mathison (interpreting the time texts)
5. Simon Kistemaker (book of Revelation)
6. Douglas Wilson (sola scriptura, creeds, eccles. authority)
7. Robert Strimple (resurrection of the body)

"Advocates of hyperpreterism have been active, even in academic settings, and have succeeded in persuading many of their eschatological views. "This volume," writes editor Keith A. Mathison, "is intended to offer an introductory critique of certain aspects of hyper-preterism." Answering such hyper-preterists as Max King, Timothy King, Ed Stevens, and John Noe. Hyper-preterists contend that "all biblical prophecy was fulfilled in the first century." The contributors to this critique all confess that the second coming of Christ, the general resurrection of the dead, and the final judgment are future. These scholars introduce the basic issues and provide students with a tool to help them when they encounter hyper-preterism.

Keith A. Mathison (Ph.D., Whitefield Theological Seminary) is director of curriculum development for Ligonier Ministries and the author of several books. [He is also associate editor of TableTalk magazine.]



The second of two scheduled debates between Thomas Thrasher of Alabama, and Don K. Preston will be held in Indianapolis March 13.  Times are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. The debate will be at Embassy Suites North, 3912 Vincennes Road, Tel: 317.872.7700.

The first debate, held in September 2003, in Alabama was a wonderful event. The professional sound man, who has been taping such events for over 50 years, stated at the conclusion of the debate that it was the most cordial debate he had ever witnessed or taped. Both disputants conducted themselves on the highest level of dignity and decorum. Purchases of the audio tapes of the debate have continued strong as well, as the word of the debate has continued to spread.

Resolved: The Bible teaches that the resurrection of the dead occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.
Don K. Preston affirms
Thomas N. Thrasher denies

Resolved: The Bible teaches that all the dead will be raised to life at the end of the current Christian Age.
Thomas N. Thrasher affirms
Don K. Preston denies

"But there is further reason, and a pressing one today, why we should write upon our present subject, and that is to expose the modern and pernicious error of Dispensationalism. This is a device of the Enemy, designed to rob the children of no small part of that bread which their heavenly Father has provided for their souls; a device wherein the wily serpent appears as an angel of light, feigning to "make the Bible a new book" by simplifying much in it which perplexes the spiritually unlearned. It is sad to see how widely successful the devil has been by means of this subtle innovation." Arthur Pink, The Application of the Scriptures: A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism


Amos 5:18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end [is] it for you? the day of the LORD [is] darkness, and not light.

"All who are in awe of G-d should feel pain and the anxiety over the destruction of the Temple." (OC 1:3)


"34Truly I tell you, this generation ([15] the whole multitude of people living at the same time, [16] in a definite, [17] given period) will not pass away till all these things [18] taken together take place." (Amplified Bible, Matthew 24:34)

"1[THIS IS] the revelation of Jesus Christ [His unveiling of the divine mysteries]. God gave it to Him to disclose and make known to His bond servants certain things which must shortly and speedily come to pass [1] in their entirety." (Amplified Bible, Revelation 1:1)

"When Paul finally was enabled to understand and develop the whole truth on this subject, no doubt the opinions and prejudices of the more liberal class of Jewish disciples yielded to his clear and conclusive [260] arguments. But, doubtless, some still clung to the obsolete and unlawful service of the temple, assisting the unbelieving Jews to perpetuate it. Then came in the necessity for the destruction of their temple and city, so that it should be impossible for them to longer offer sacrifices which had been superseded. The destruction of the temple was not the legal termination of the Mosaic ritual; for it ceased to be legal with the death of Christ; but this brought to an end its illegal continuance." J.W. McGarvey, Acts 21

Emperor Titus Vespasian

"The last window has the sack of Jerusalem as its theme. The Prophet Isaiah is in the foreground with arms uplifted facing the scene. Below, Cyrus (King of Babylonia 539-530 BC), mounted on a white horse, liberates the Jews from Captivity and allows them to rebuild the Temple. The Roman invader Titus, who will destroy the Temple in 70 AD, is shown in the upper part of the window. "

"Jerusalem laid desolate"
Hierusalem Verwoest

1737 Print: Siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar

John MacArthur - "But it is true that after the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, which was a judgment on the apostasy of Israel and their re- jection and execution of the  Messiah, this actual prophecy was fulfilled. " (Study Bible, Deut. 28:68)

De evangelica praeparatione.

Venice: Nicolaus Jenson, 1470.
Gift of Howard Lehman Goodhart.

"We must not let them get away with calling themselves “preterists” or “consistent preterists,” or believers in “fulfilled eschatology.” The word “preterist” is a good word, the disciples of Hymenaeus are not preterists; their “dispensable eschatology” makes them heretics. The HP movement is simply another group seeking a name that is not their birthright." - Dennis Swanson

On February 21, 2003, the Miami Valley Church and Planet Preterist will host a preterist fellowship afternoon in Xenia, Ohio. Between 1:00 and 4:00 PM in Dayton


Copper engraving of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. 1729

One Worlders Promote Televangelists, "Last Days," "Rapture" to Lay Foundation of Global Government - "Powerful globalist forces are promoting high-powered television evangelists and religious publishers who teach “end times” and “last days” religious dispensationalism talking of an ultimate “rapture” in order to help lay the groundwork for one world government."

"In A.D. 70, the Romans, finally exasperated by the rebellious intransigence of the Jews, gave up all attempt at pacification and turned to destruction, and Jerusalem and the Temple were laid waste so that Jesus' prophecy literally came true." -- The Daily Study Bible Series, by Barclay, Matthew, vol. 2, page 305.

"Though Titus, when he took the city, did all he could to preserve the temple, yet he could not restrain the enraged soldiers from destroying it utterly; and it was done to that degree, that Turnus Rufus ploughed up the ground on which it (the temple) had stood." -- The Matthew Henry Commentary, Matthew 24:2, page 1325.

"Caesar gave orders that they should now demolish the entire city and temple, but should leave as many of the towers standing as were of the greatest eminency; that is Phasnaelus, and Hippicus, and Mariamme, and so much of the wall as enclosed the city on the west side. This wall was spared, in order to afford a camp for such as were to lie in garrison; as were the towers also spared, in order to demonstrate to posterity what kind of city it was, and how well fortified, which the Roman valour had subdued; but for all the rest of the wall, it was so thoroughly laid even with the ground by those that dug it up to the foundation, that there was left nothing to make those that came thither believe it had ever been inhabited." -- Josephus, Wars of the Jews, book vii, chapter 1.1, page 589

"Fulfilled literally in A.D. 70, when the Romans under Titus completely destroyed Jerusalem and the temple buildings. Stones were even pried apart to collect the gold leaf that melted from the roof when the temple was set on fire. ... Excavations in 1968 uncovered large numbers of these stones, toppled from the walls by the invaders." -- The NIV Study Bible, note on Matthew 24:2.

"Jesus ... spoke fully of that terrible contrast between the present and the near future, when, as fulfilled with almost incredible literality, not one stone would be left upon another that was not upturned. ... According to Josephus (War vii. 1.1) the city was so upheaved and dug up, that it was difficult to believe it had ever been inhabited. At a later period Turnus Rufus had the ploughshare drawn over it. And in regard to the Temple walls, notwithstanding the massiveness of the stones, ... 'there is, certainly, nothing now in situ (in the original position)' (Capt. Wilson in the 'Ordnance Survey')." -- The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, by Edersheim, Book V, p. 432, (1883).

"Jesus' prophecy of 'not one stone left on another' was to be literally fulfilled; all that survived the Roman assault was part of the platform on which they were built (a small portion of the retaining wall now called the 'Wailing Wall')." -- The New Bible Commentary, 21st Century Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, and France, (1994), page 935.
"The birth pains of the Messiah, i.e. the sufferings that would preceded the setting up of the Messianic kingdom. It was a technical term at the time." -- The International Bible Commentary, F. F. Bruce, editor, Matthew 24:8, page 1146.

"'Birth pains' is a frequent figure of speech to depict the time of Israel's tribulation, which is the initial phase of 'the day of the Lord' in Scripture (see Isaiah 13:8; 26:17-19; 66:7-9; Jeremiah 30:7-8; Micah 4:9-10; 1 Thessalonians 5:3). (Some believe) this period of growing human agony will be climaxed by Messiah's second coming to earth." -- The NIV Harmony of the Gospels, by R. L. Thomas and S. N. Gundry, page 188.

"As a pregnant woman's birth pains indicate that her child will soon be born, so these ... conflicts and catastrophes will mean the end of this ... age is near." -- The Bible Knowledge Commentary, by Walvoord & Zook, Matthew 24:8.
"In the period before A.D. 70 the Gospel was in fact preached around much of the Mediterranean area (which is what most Greek-speakers would have understood by "the whole world" at that time). (See Romans 15:19, written in A.D. 57.) Before the temple was destroyed the Christian church had already become a truly international community." -- New Bible Commentary, 21st Century Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (1994), page 936.
"The entire religion of the Roman camp almost consisted in worshiping the ensigns, in swearing by the ensigns, and in preferring the ensigns before all the (other) gods." -- Havercamp, quoted in Josephus, page 583.

"And now the Romans, upon the flight of the seditious into the city, and upon the burning of the holy house itself, and of all the buildings lying round about it, brought their ensigns to the temple, and set them over against the eastern gate; and there did they offer sacrifices to them ..." - Josephus, Wars of the Jews, book vi., chapter vi.1, page 583.

Modern Christians who believe this verse should be applied to Christ's second coming have overlooked its primary significance:

"Some may allow themselves a double reference here both to A.D. 70 and the Antichrist. It is often forgotten that this (supposed reference to the Antichrist) is bound up with a questionable interpretation of a number of Old Testament prophecies. Furthermore, if this double interpretation was intended, it is hard to see why Jesus did not give some hint of the fact." -- The International Bible Commentary, F. F. Bruce, editor, (Zondervan, 1986), Matthew 24:15, page 1146.

"Christ's use of the words 'immediately after' does not leave room for a long delay (2,000 years or more before his literal second coming occurs, neither) does the explicit time-scale given in Matthew 24:34. The word 'parousia' does not occur in this section but is prominently reintroduced in the new paragraph which begins at Matthew 24:36, where its unknown time is contrasted with the clear statement that the events of this paragraph will take place within 'this generation" (Matthew 24:36). This section is therefore in direct continuity with what has gone before, the account of the siege of Jerusalem. Here we reach its climax." --New Bible Commentary, 21st Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (c) 1994, page 936.

"The language ... is drawn from Daniel 7:13-14, which points to the vindication and enthronement of Jesus (rather than his second coming ['parousia']). ... In this context, therefore, this poetic language appropriately refers to the great changes which were about to take place in the world, when Jerusalem and its temple were destroyed. It speaks of the 'Son of Man' entering into his kingship, and 'his angels' gathering in his new people from all the earth. The fall of the temple is thus presented, in highly allusive language, as the end of the old order, to be replaced by the new regime of Jesus, the Son of Man, and the international growth of his church, the new people of God." -- New Bible Commentary, 21st Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (c) 1994, page 937.

"The NIV margin offers 'race' as an alternative to 'generation.' This suggestion is prompted more by embarrassment on the part of those who think Matthew 24:30 refers to the 'parousia' (second coming) rather than by any natural sense of the word 'genea'!" -- New Bible Commentary, 21st Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (c) 1994, page 937.

"Titus destroys Jerusalem, Saturday, Sept. 8. ... The general was desirous to preserve the temple, a most magnificent structure; but as this building was well fortified, and served as a citadel, the soldiers set it on fire, nor was it found possible to stop the conflagration, and the temple was burned to the ground, and the prediction of the Saviour, that not 'one stone should be left upon another,' was literally fulfilled: a most improbable event when it was uttered." -- A Chronological View of the World, by Daniel Haskel, published by J. H. Colton, 1846, page 65.

"Whether Jesus was talking about Titus the Roman general and his troops sacking the temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70, or the actual end of the world, it is hard to say." (Pat Robertson, Bring it On, p. 295)

"The ceremonial and legal precepts have been abolished. The sack of Jerusalem by Titus marked the end. The old cult was a pattern that ... usefulness when the new cult was instituted. Jerusalem and its temple, the pattern, were destroyed so that nothing should detract from what they prefigured, the Church. 39- Pasch.3.27-30. 40. Prin. 1.6.4" (Henri Crouzel, Origen, p. 107)

After the A.D.70 destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, all Jews in the Empire were required to pay Rome and extra poll tax of two denarii each year, equivalent to the half-shekel temple tax.  This was used to maintain the temple of Jupiter built on the former site of Herod's temple."  (James S. Jeffers, The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament: Exploring the Background of Early Christianity, p. 144)

"I would consider myself a moderate preterist, believing that much of what is recorded in Revelation has taken place, not including the final judgment or final resurrection of believers." (What's In The Bible The Story Of God Through Time And Eternity by R. C. Sproul, p. 386)

"Enraged by the events at Daphne, Julian authorised pagans to enter Christian churches and do what they wanted, which led to a number of desecrations.  He also commanded Alypius to begin rebuilding Herod's Temple in Jerusalem to disprove the Christian prophecy of its permanent ruin."  (From Constantine to Julian: Pagan and Byzantine Views: A Source History by Samuel N. C. Lieu p. 220)

"They will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not recognize the time of your visitation (Luke 20:43,44). This prophecy was fulfilled literally in A.D. 70 when the Romans decimated Jerusalem. Nothing was left of the Temple except its foundation." (Josh McDowell, A Ready Defense, p. 85)

"Rome ruled Palestine with an iron fist during the time of Christ and afterward. In A.D. 70, the Roman general Vespasian ordered his son, Titus, to destroy Jerusalem. The temple was demolished, just as Jesus had predicted it would be." (John Hagee, From Daniel to Doomsday., p. 26)

"If I favor one perspective over the others, it is the preterist." (Scott Hahn, The Lamb's Supper, p. 73)

"Jan. 01 -  Israel's population at the start of 2004 stands at some 6,750,000 people. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 81 percent of the population - 5,450,000 people - are Jews. This includes 290,000 new immigrants who are not recognized by the Interior Ministry as Jews. The remaining 19 percent of the population are Arabs.  The year 2003 saw the smallest growth in population in 13 years - 116,000 people, or 1.7 percent. This is attributed for the most part to the slowdown in immigration, which in the past year constituted only 9 percent of the population increase, as opposed to 38 percent in 2000. Only 23,000 new immigrants came to Israel in 2003 as opposed to 34,000 in 2002."

Copper engraving of the robbery, by Antiochus Epiphanes, of Jerusalem.  1690

Tim Lahaye "When Jesus comes, He is going to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Could anyone even suggest that for these last 1,900 years Jesus has been Lord and King over the kings of this earth – kings who have persecuted Christians by the millions (an estimated 50 million martyrs have been slaughtered for their faith)? To say that Christ is ruler now is a statement that reaches almost blasphemous proportions.”  (End Times Controversy: 2nd Coming Under Attack, pg. 11)

"Legend of Wandering Jew"

Is December 25th the correct date? - "Most scholars agree that Jesus was 33.5 years old when he died at Passover (Abib). He therefore had a birthday six months earlier in the month of Tishri (Sept./Oct.), the month of The Feast of Tabernacles. Thus, Tabernacles is Jesus' Birthday Celebration!"

"It is now generally conceded that the apostles and the Church of the first century expected the parousia, or coming and kingdom of Christ, in that generation. ...Unless Jesus were himself in error there was no mistake about the TIME of his coming again." (p. 478;Milton Terry)

David Roberts' "Siege of Jerusalem"

"Remember that all these things will happen before the people now living have all died. Matthew 24:34" - Good News Bible

Debate between a Dispensationalist Pre Trib Apostolic Pentecostal, and a Full Preterist Apostolic Pentecostal in July 2004 at the Mitchell High School in Mitchell Indiana. This will be the first Full Preterist Apostolic Pentecostal, and a Apostolic Pre-trib Pentecostal debate to my knowledge. Pastor M. Palevo from Davie Florida (Full Preterist) and Pastor S. Epley from Mitchell Indiana (Pre-trib)

Daniel 9:24-27
J.P. Green Interlinear

"The destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70, only five years after our epistle, was the greatest single event of a thousand years, and religiously significant beyond anything else that ever occurred in human history." (James Burton Coffman, Commentary on James, 1 & 2 Peter, p. 231)

"The book of Hebrews emphatically establishes that the new covenant has a better mediator (1:4), a better hope (7:19), better sacrifice (9:23), better blessings (substances, 10:34), a better land (11:16), a better resurrection, (11:35) - all by virtue of the better sacrifice/blood, Christ (12:24)." Daniel Thompson (A Look at Israel in Romans 11)


The Electronic Telegraph

 Friday 15 June 2001
   Colosseum 'built with loot from sack of Jerusalem temple'  By Bruce Johnston in Rome
   THE Colosseum, the huge Roman amphitheatre used for animal shows and
   gladiatorial combat, was built with the spoils of the sack of the    Jewish temple in Jerusalem, a new archaeological find suggests.

 A recently deciphered inscription was made public yesterday as  organisers prepared for an exhibition on the monument, opening next week. A feature of the show is a large, altar-like stone with a  chiselled Latin inscription, which tells how a senator, Lampaudius,  had the Colosseum restored in AD 443.
 But holes still visible in the surface clearly corresponded to  different lettering, this time in bronze, which had been previously
 fitted into the stone. After a long study, Prof Geza Alfoldy of  Heidelberg University, working with Italian archaeologists, deciphered  the puzzle. He concluding that the original inscription read: "Imp. T.
 Caes. Vespasianus Aug. Amphitheatrum Novum Ex Manubis Fieri Iussit."
 The translation is: "The Emperor Caesar Vespasian Augustus had this new amphitheatre erected with the spoils of war. There is no doubt  what war this was, the sack of Jerusalem," said Cinzia Conti, the
 director of surface restoration at the Colosseum, yesterday.
 Ms Conti said the Emperor Titus inaugurated the Colosseum in AD 80  with 100 days of festivities, but his father, Vespasian, had first  opened it in AD 79, shortly before he died, when it was still  unfinished. The original bronze lettering on the stone altar would  have been made for the original opening.
 The sack of Jerusalem occurred in Vespasian's reign in AD 70, when a
 revolt by the Jews was crushed and Jerusalem was captured by Titus.  The temple was destroyed and a million people were said to have died in the siege. The Arch of Titus, at the end of the Roman Forum nearest to the Colosseum, commemorates the victory, and bas-reliefs show Roman  soldiers making off with booty from the temple.
 Two years after the sack of Jerusalem, in AD 72, work on the  Colosseum, officially known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, began.

Peter Ustinov as "Nero"

Nero is Called "The Antichrist" in the movie "Quo Vadis"

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also called AD 50–54) Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus, original name Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus

October 16, 54 - June 9, 68

(Last Caesar in Claudio/Julian Line)


Apocalypse Now - Wired

The future Temple which we are expecting, is built and perfected and will be revealed and descend from heaven. - Talmudic scholar Rashi, 11th century

"But there is further reason, and a pressing one today, why we should write upon our present subject, and that is to expose the modern and pernicious error of Dispensationalism. This is a device of the Enemy, designed to rob the children of no small part of that bread which their heavenly Father has provided for their souls; a device wherein the wily serpent appears as an angel of light, feigning to "make the Bible a new book" by simplifying much in it which perplexes the spiritually unlearned. It is sad to see how widely successful the devil has been by means of this subtle innovation." Arthur Pink, The Application of the Scriptures: A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism

"Beyond the End Times" can be heard every Wed. from 6-7 PM Pacific time) by clicking the link on our website, and on WINB International Shortwave (12160 kHz) every Sunday from 9:30-10:00 AM (Pacific time).

Amos 5:18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end [is] it for you? the day of the LORD [is] darkness, and not light.

"All who are in awe of G-d should feel pain and the anxiety over the destruction of the Temple." (OC 1:3)

"34Truly I tell you, this generation ([15] the whole multitude of people living at the same time, [16] in a definite, [17] given period) will not pass away till all these things [18] taken together take place." (Amplified Bible, Matthew 24:34)

"1[THIS IS] the revelation of Jesus Christ [His unveiling of the divine mysteries]. God gave it to Him to disclose and make known to His bond servants certain things which must shortly and speedily come to pass [1] in their entirety." (Amplified Bible, Revelation 1:1)

"When Paul finally was enabled to understand and develop the whole truth on this subject, no doubt the opinions and prejudices of the more liberal class of Jewish disciples yielded to his clear and conclusive [260] arguments. But, doubtless, some still clung to the obsolete and unlawful service of the temple, assisting the unbelieving Jews to perpetuate it. Then came in the necessity for the destruction of their temple and city, so that it should be impossible for them to longer offer sacrifices which had been superseded. The destruction of the temple was not the legal termination of the Mosaic ritual; for it ceased to be legal with the death of Christ; but this brought to an end its illegal continuance." J.W. McGarvey, Acts 21

"We must not let them get away with calling themselves “preterists” or “consistent preterists,” or believers in “fulfilled eschatology.” The word “preterist” is a good word, the disciples of Hymenaeus are not preterists; their “dispensable eschatology” makes them heretics. The HP movement is simply another group seeking a name that is not their birthright." - Dennis Swanson

On February 21, 2003, the Miami Valley Church and Planet Preterist will host a preterist fellowship afternoon in Xenia, Ohio. Between 1:00 and 4:00 PM in Dayton

"And in those days a king from the east shall come against them and his cavalry shall cover their land. And he shall burn their colony with fire together with the holy temple of the Lord, and he shall carry away all the holy vessels." - Assumption of Moses, "written by a Pharisee"

Peri Pascha

For this reason a preliminary sketch is made of the future thing out of wax or clay or of wood, in order that what will soon arise taller in height, and stronger in power and beautiful in form, and rich in its construction, may be seen through a small perishable sketch.

But when that which is the model arises, that which once bore the image of the future thing is itself destroyed as growing useless having yielded to what is truly the real image of it; and what was once precious becomes worthless
when what is truly precious has been revealed.
(ll 224-44)

You did not turn out to be 'Israel'; you did not 'see God,'
you did not recognize the Lord,
You did not know, Israel,
that he is the first born of God.


II Corinthians 5:4
"Yes, we who are in this tent certainly do sigh under our burdens, for we do not wish to lay aside that with which we are now clothed, but to put on more, so that our mortality may be absorbed in Life."

"Up to the tenth year of Nero's reign the Christians had many reasons to be grateful to the power of the Roman Empire. St. Paul, when he wrote from Corinth to the Thessalonians, had indeed seen in the fabric of Roman polity, and in Claudius, its reigning representative, the 'check' and the 'checker' which must be removed before the coming of the Lord."  F.W. Farrar, The Early Days of Christianity (1891, Columbian Publishing Co, NY), p. 13.

Chronology of Early Christian Documents | Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings | Authorship and Early Date of NT Writings | Non-Canonical

"Preterism has helped answer many questions that was keeping me from fully accepting Jesus as the Messiah. My main reasons were what seemed to be the unfulfillment of prophecy on his part according to futurist belief systems which I grew up with."

David Strauss
Life of Jesus Critically Examined

"Not only did Jesus, according to the evangelical accounts, predict that he should return to life three days after his death; but also that at a later period, in the midst of the calamities which would issue in the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, he should come in the clouds of heaven, to close the present period of the world, and by a general judgment, open the future age (Matt. xxiv. and xxv. ; Mark. xiii. ; Luke xvii. 22-37, xxi. 5-36). A nearer presage of this catastrophe would be the fulfilment of the oracle of Daniel (ix 27), the standing of the abomination of desolation in the holy place (according to Luke xxi 20, the encompassing of Jerusalem with armies) When this should take place, it would be high time for the most precipitate flight (according to Luke, because the devastation of Jerusalem would be at hand, an event which he more nearly particularizes in the address of Jesus to the city, xix. 43 1.: thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, and shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another)." FULL QUOTE

William Blake

"I also hope the reader will be with me Wholly One in Jesus our Lord, who is the God and Lord to whom the Ancients look'd and saw his day afar off with trembling and amazement." - Jerusalem (1804)

"The Negation is the Spectre, the Reasoning Power in Man: This is a false Body, an Incrustation over my Immortal Spirit, a Selfhood which must be put off and annihilated alway.  To cleanse the Face of my Spirit by self-examination, To bathe in the waters of Life, to wash off the Not Human, I come in Self-annihilation and the grandeur of Inspiration; To cast off Rational Demonstration by Faith in the Saviour, To cast off the rotten rags of Memory by Inspiration, To cast off Bacon, Locke, and Newton from Albion's covering, To take off his filthy garments and clothe him with Imagination; To cast aside from Poetry all that is not Inspiration, That it no longer shall dare to mock with the aspersion of Madness
Cast on the Inspirèd by the tame high finisher of paltry Blots Indefinite or paltry Rhymes, or paltry Harmonies, Who creeps into State Government like a caterpillar to destroy; To cast off the idiot Questioner, who is always questioning, But never capable of answering; who sits with a sly grin Silent plotting when to question, like a thief in a cave; Who publishes Doubt and calls it Knowledge; whose Science is Despair, Whose pretence to knowledge is Envy, whose whole Science is To destroy the wisdom of ages, to gratify ravenous Envy That rages round him like a Wolf, day and night, without rest. He smiles with condescension; he talks of Benevolence and Virtue, And those who act with Benevolence and Virtue they murder time on time. These are the destroyers of Jerusalem! these are the murderers Of Jesus! who deny the Faith and mock at Eternal Life, Who pretend to Poetry that they may destroy Imagination By imitation of Nature's Images drawn from Remembrance. These are the Sexual Garments, the Abomination of Desolation,
Hiding the Human Lineaments, as with an Ark and Curtains Which Jesus rent, and now shall wholly purge away with Fire, Till Generation is swallow'd up in Regeneration.

Arch of Titus

Rome, Italy

National Memorial Arch
National Memorial Arch
Valley Forge, PA


Current Book Being Added:


Predicted in Scripture,
Fulfilled in History

Abolitionist Wm. Patton (1877)

"With a perfect knowledge of all the prophetic warnings, with an unerring estimate of the moral character of the nation, and with a full knowledge of the massiveness of the temple, as well as the number and strength of the walls encircling the city, our Lord boldly uttered His most wonderful prediction. He seizes upon the destiny of a proud people, and fearlessly tells them of their certain and speedy overthrow. Although everything in the then political condition of the Jews, as well as in the structure of the temple and the city, forbad almost the possibility of the speedy fulfilment of this prophecy, still He fixed the time for its fulfilment as not distant, but near at hand, before that generation should pass."



"(Josephus') history is so perfect a delineation of certain passages of the Bible, and particularly those two verses in the twenty-fourth chapter of St. Matthew.., that they are not only the exact counterparts of each other, but seem almost as if they had been written by the same person."

The Master and Margarita
Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov

(Explanation of phrase) "entire Lightning Legion at the city walls"--Pilate is here effectively predicting the results of the Jewish War. In 66-70 Judea revolted against the Romans, provoked by misgovernment by procurators like Pilate. Jerusalem was besieged by four legions, including the 12th Fulminata (lightning) and many Arabs. The city fell in 70, the temple was destroyed, and the sanhedrin (sinedrion) and office of high priest abolished. The details of Pilate's threat come from Ernest Renan's Antichrist (1866), which tells of the destruction of Jerusalem by the future Roman Emperor Titus in 70 AD. Bulgakov's archive contains his notes on the legions that took part in the siege: "the 5th Macedonica, the 10th Fretensis, the 12th Fulminata, the 15th Apollinaris, as well as Syrian troops and many arabs who came for the pillage." (S 224)

"The Passion of the Christ" sold 4.1 Million DVD/VHS Copies in One Day

Tim LaHaye on Preterism
"The preterist view - that Revelation was written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 - cannot be supported either externally (historically) or internally (scripturally). The truth is the preterists advocate this theory because they need it to support their allegorizing or spiritualizing system for interpreting prophecy. They would have us believe the whole book was fulfilled prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.... we have already seen that preterists try desperately to find some internal bible evidence to establish the date of Revelation during the reign of Nero (A.D.64) in an attempt to prove the book was written before the fall of Jerusalem. This helps them avoid facing the fact that the prophecies of Revelation are yet future." (Revelation Unveiled, p.27,182)

"An Athens court on Monday slapped a 3,000-euro (US$3,700) fine on the Irish-born former priest who disrupted the Olympic men's marathon by pushing the race leader into the crowd. The flagrant crimes court convening in Athens also barred Cornelius Horan, 57, from attending any sport events in Greece for three months. A 12-month prison sentence against Horan was suspended for three years. He paid the fine and was released. Horan told the court he wanted to announce the Second Coming of Jesus and did not intend to obstruct the marathon's Brazilian race leader Vanderlei de Lima. The Irishman, who now lives in London and has staged a number of demonstrations at high profile events, apologized for the incident and said he would not repeat it again. Horan was wearing a red kilt and green waistcoat when he bundled into de Lima. He carried a placard saying "The Grand Prix Priest. Israel Fulfilment of Prophecy Says The Bible. The Second Coming is Near."  Describing himself as "a Catholic priest on sabbatical," Horan was jailed for two months last year for a dangerous protest at the British Grand Prix when he ran out on the track and forced Formula One drivers to swerve to avoid him."


Jerusalem as Besieged by Titus

"Why, for example, should believers be raised from the dead to live on an earth which is not yet glorified and which is still groaning because of the presence of sin, rebellion and death (see Rom. 8:19-22)? Why should the glorified Christ have to come back to earth to rule over his enemies with a rod of iron and thus still have to endure opposition to his sovereignty? Was not this phase of his work completed during his state of humiliation? Is Christ not coming back in the fulness of glory to usher in, not an interim period of qualified peace and blessing, but the final state of unqualified perfect on?" - Anthony Hoeckema


Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis

"In this essay it is argued that the principal reference of 'heaven and earth' is the temple-centered cosmology of second-temple Judaism which included the belief that the temple is heaven and earth in microcosm. Mark 13 and Matthew 5:18 refer, then, to the destruction of the temple as a passing away of an old cosmology and also, in the latter case, to the establishment during Jesus' ministry and at His death and resurrection of a new temple cosmology -- a new heaven and earth."

Eschatology in Bible & Theology
InterVarsity Press, 1997, p. 145

J.N. Darby - On Matthew 24: 26-36. "People apply this to the destruction of Jerusalem, but this is spoken of in verses 20, 21 of this chapter: "Then let them which are in Jerusalem flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto." But then, after that, Jerusalem is trodden down of the Gentiles till the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled (the time running on now till the last beast's wickedness is filled up). Then come the signs and the Son of man is revealed." ("The Second Coming", Lecture One)

Jonathan Edwards - On the Sabbath "A further argument for the perpetuity of the sabbath, we have in Matt. xxiv. 20. "Pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath-day." Christ is here speaking of the flight of the apostles and other Christians out of Jerusalem and Judea, just before their final destruction, as is manifest by the whole context, and especially by the 16th verse: "Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains." But this final destruction of Jerusalem was after the dissolution of the Jewish constitution, and after the Christian dispensation was fully set up. Yet, it is plainly implied in these words of our Lord, that even then Christians were bound to a strict observation of the sabbath."


"People were wrong who thought that Jesus' second visible coming would be in the first century. I, too, get that impression from Jesus' words that "immediately after the tribulation (Jerusalem' destruction in 70 A.D.) . . . they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory" (Matthew 24:29-30).

Jesus' use of the word "immediately" [eutheos, Matthew 24:29] poses a problem for my finite mind, but the Scriptures remind me that I should "forget not this one thing, beloved, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day," and that "The Lord is not slack concerning is promises, as men count slackness" (2 Peter 3:8-9). In more than one way, I learn that the Lord sees "not as man sees" (1 Samuel 16:7).

Finite minds, reading what Peter wrote in the first century, have trouble with his saying that "the end of all things is at hand" (1 Peter 4:7). Likewise, they have difficulty with a first century writer saying that "it is the last hour" (1 John 2:18). Similarly, as men count time, a first century announcement that "the coming of the Lord is at hand" could not be true (James 5:8)."


Concerning the martyrdom of James, the brother of the Lord, from Book V.

James, the Lord's brother, succeeds to the government of the Church, in conjunction with the apostles. He has been universally called the Just, from the days of the Lord down to the present time. For many bore the name of James; but this one was holy from his mother's womb. He drank no wine or other intoxicating liquor,2 nor did he eat flesh; no razor came upon his head; he did not anoint himself with oil, nor make use of the bath. He alone was permitted to enter the holy place:3 for he did not wear any woollen garment, but fine linen only. He alone, I say, was wont to go into the temple: and he used to be found kneeling on his knees, begging forgiveness for the people-so that the skin of his knees became horny like that of a camel's, by reason of his constantly bending the knee in adoration to God, and begging forgiveness for the people. Therefore, in consequence of his pre-eminent justice, he was called the Just, and Oblias,4 which signifies in Greek Defence of the People, and Justice, in accordance with what the prophets declare concerning him.

Now some persons belonging to the seven sects existing among the people, which have been before described by me in the Notes, asked him: "What is the door of Jesus? " And he replied that He was the Saviour. In Consequence of this answer, some believed that Jesus is the Christ. But the sects before mentioned did not believe, either in a resurrection or in the coming of One to requite every man according to his works; but those who did believe, believed because of James. So, when many even of the ruling class believed, there was a commotion among the Jews, and scribes, and Pharisees, who said: "A little more, and we shall have all the people looking for Jesus as the Christ.

They came, therefore, in a body to James, and said: "We entreat thee, restrain the people: for they are gone astray in their opinions about Jesus, as if he were the Christ. We entreat thee to persuade all who have come hither for the day of the passover, concerning Jesus. For we all listen to thy persuasion; since we, as well as all the people, bear thee testimony that thou art just, and showest partiality to none. Do thou, therefore, persuade the people not to entertain erroneous opinions concerning Jesus: for all the people, and we also, listen to thy persuasion. Take thy stand, then, upon the summit5 of the temple, that from that elevated spot thou mayest be clearly seen, and thy words may be plainly audible to all the people. For, in order to attend the passover, all the tribes have congregated hither, and some of the Gentiles also."

The aforesaid scribes and Pharisees accordingly set James on the summit of the temple, and cried aloud to him, and said: "O just one, whom we are all bound to obey, forasmuch as the people is in error, and follows Jesus the crucified, do thou tell us what is the door of Jesus, the crucified." And he answered with a loud voice: "Why ask ye me concerning Jesus the Son of man? He Himself sitteth in heaven, at the right hand of the Great Power, and shall come on the clouds of heaven."

And, when many were fully convinced by these words, and offered praise for the testimony of James, and said, "Hosanna to the son of David," then again the said Pharisees and scribes said to one another, "We have not done well in procuring this testimony to Jesus. But let us go up and throw him down, that they may be afraid, and not believe him." And they cried aloud, and said: "Oh! oh! the just man himself is in error." Thus they fulfilled the Scripture written in Isaiah: "Let us away with the just man, because he is troublesome to us: therefore shall they eat the fruit of their doings." So they went up and threw down the just man, and said to one another: "Let us stone James the Just." And they began to stone him: for he was not killed by the fall; but he turned, and kneeled down, and said: "I beseech Thee, Lord God our Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

And, while they were thus stoning him to death, one of the priests, the sons of Rechab, the son of Rechabim, to whom testimony is borne by Jeremiah the prophet, began to cry aloud, saying: "Cease, what do ye? The just man is praying for us." But one among them, one of the fullers, took the staff with which he was accustomed to wring out the garments he dyed, and hurled it at the head of the just man.

And so he suffered martyrdom; and they buried him on the spot, and the pillar erected to his memory still remains, close by the temple. This man was a true witness to both Jews and Greeks that Jesus is the Christ.

And shortly after Vespasian besieged Judaea, taking them captive."

Anathemas against Preterism

"They said 'We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah' -- but they killed him not, nor crucified him. But so it was made to appear to them. And those who differ therein are full of doubts with no knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not." (Quran, Sura 4, verse 157)







“We, the Ezzedin Al Qassam leaders, have decided to take immediate reprisals, like an earthquake that will hit everywhere to destroy the Zionist presence,” said the statement, adding that the response would be “unexpected.”


Those numerous predictions that Jesus failed to complete during his sojourn on planet earth will, they allege, be fulfilled when he returns a second time. For utter deception this ploy has no equal. Using that subterfuge, anyone could claim to be the messiah. Besides, all this points out is the fact that Jesus failed his first time around!  The Second Coming concept is nothing more than a Christian ruse to conceal blatant shortcomings on the part of Jesus.







3/13/4:  "The Passion" "If there is any Jew-hatred that results from this event, it won't be from the movie but from the Jewish overreaction to it."
3/13/4: Nat Hentoff Liberty Beat: Jew vs. Jew vs. Mel

3/12/4: New Testament parallels to the Works of Josephus
3/12/4: Origenes 2000 - "
Origenes 2000.Org is dedicated to the restoration of the teaching  and reputation of the greatest Christian teacher; Origenes of Alexandria (Origen). He was branded a heretic by a true barbarian in a dark age of human history, but this stigmatism still persists in the 21st century, long after western civilizations have regained their  freedoms of thought, speech and religion."

3/11/4: Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks: Clarity Accomplished! A Review of Second Coming: Mission Accomplished! "If one has not read what all these various authors have to say on this subject, or if the reader does not have access to these various author’s works, then the Kloske’s have provided the reader with a great service in collating all of this varied information for the reader. "
3/11/4: Leaker of nuke secrets curbed - "
Nuclear whistleblower Mordecai Vanunu, who will complete his 18-year prison sentence in April for having revealed some of Israel's nuclear secrets, will be denied a passport in order to prevent him from ever leaving the country, Israel Radio reported yesterday"
3/11/4: Search inside Josephus Books at Amazon | Josephus/Whiston "Thrones of Blood" - Audio Book

3/10/4: The  Adversaries of Preterism: What Are They Afraid Of? - Michael Krall "It is obvious that the reason they are afraid to debate on neutral ground -- and some even hide behind the false statement that they don't debate heresy -- is because they cannot respond to the timing texts and the issue of audience relevance. They think the nature of the resurrection is the big issue but none of them have as of yet taken the time to respond to any articles or answer questions that deal with the nature of the resurrection from a Preterist perspective. "
3/10/4: Appendix “A” -
Proposed Chronological Table of Historical Fulfillment - Kurt M. Simmons - Added to Consummation of the Ages: AD70 and the Second Coming in the Book of Revelation
The Book of Revelation and Eschatology - Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr "I believe that Revelation was written in about A.D. 65. I further believe that it speaks to the original Christian audience regarding difficulties they were facing and in explanation of the coming final removal of Jerusalem by God’s wrath. "
3/10/4: Did We Miss The End? - Bob Passantino - "
Seraiah earned a Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is a postmillennial preterist, making his criticisms of pantelism all the more weighty. As such, he is well within orthodox Christian belief, and his views find company with contemporary authors such as R. C. Sproul and Gary DeMar, as well as some prominent theologians throughout church history. A careful examination of his book leaves readers with a clear understanding of orthodox preterism and of why pantelism should be rejected as an aberrant approach to comprehending Scripture."

3/9/4: Gary DeMar: Tommy Ice and Dispensationalism under the Microscope -- Again "The difference is, preterism is right and dispensationalism is wrong, and because it’s wrong, it’s dangerous to Jews and the rest of us and those people who are reading the Left Behind series as if the prophetic content is actually taught in the Bible. As I’ve demonstrated in End Times Fiction, it’s not."
3/9/4: The Arbitrary Principle of Hyper-Creedalism - David A. Green "response to Ken Gentry's chapter in Keith Mathison's multi-authored book When Shall These Things Be?  The main purpose of Gentry's chapter is to show that because (full) preterism deviates from the Ecumenical Creeds of the historic Church, we must conclude that (full) preterists are teaching a corrupt form of Christianity."
3/9/4: Renewing Heaven and Earth - Greg Uttinger, Chalcedon "Each covenant renewal (or new covenant) produced, in some sense, a renewed heaven and earth. But the forms of these earlier covenants were in many ways typical and temporary: They pointed beyond themselves to Jesus Christ and to the definitively new heaven and earth that God would create through Him."
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: Consummation of the Ages: A.D.70 and the Second Coming in the Book of Revelation (Fixed Review Form)
Before Jerusalem Fell - Added to Kenneth L. Gentry Study Archive
3/9/4: Books: When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism

3/8/4: Is Jesus a Failed Messiah? - A Discussion between Preterist, Rev. Thomas K. Burk, of El Campo, Texas, and Dispensationalist, Rev. William B. Chalfant, of Leavenworth, Kansas
3/8/4: The Messiah in the Old Testament in the Light of Rabbinical Writings (1992) - Risto Santala ""The destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple as a sign of the coming of the Messiah - Since we know that Titus took Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple in 70 AD we can understand that when the Talmud speaks of the events of 40 years before this it is referring to the year 30, which is most commonly recognised as being the year of Jesus' death.." - FREE ONLINE BOOKS
3/8/4: Risto Santala: The Messiah in the New Testament in the Light of Rabbinical Writings "The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem was predicted not only by Jesus but also by other learned Jews of the time. There are 3 fragments in the Talmud which refer to something terrible happening "40 years before the destruction of the Temple", which is said to have had various consequences, one of them being that the "sacrifices lost their efficacy". If Johanan Ben Zakkai "knew" that the Temple would be destroyed, and if this strange expectation was already in the air at that time, then there is good reason to reject theology's sacred cow that Jesus "could not have" spoken of these things beforehand. In this way our attitude towards Jesus' eschatological preaching will also take on a more positive note." - FREE ONLINE BOOKS
3/8/4: How Can we be Convinced that Jesus is the Messiah? - "Fulfilment theology" is not "artificial" in its nature. It is the only way to convince us as to whether Jesus is the true Messiah or not. And He really came in due time to "seal" the new covenant with us." - FREE ONLINE BOOKS
3/8/4: Halacha Tisha B'Av - Audio Classes

3/7/4: Gary DeMar's End Times Fiction - Tommy Ice
Raiders of the lost synagogue - "After destroying the Second Temple in Jerusalem and carting off some of the survivors to slavery, the Romans were content. They did not cleanse the villages of the Judean Hills - a strategic mistake that would come back to haunt them 70 years later, when Bar Kochba organized his revolt from there"

3/4/4: Discover Preterism - T.L. Mayle "When they proposed that the earth revolved around the sun, And the earth wasn’t flat, and that Jesus had come, It was common belief that those notions were false And to prove them true, there is always a cost."
'The Passion' according to Mel revives debate about the Bible's 'his blood' verse - "this doesn't mean "all subsequent Jews but the generation after Jesus' death who had to suffer through the destruction of Jerusalem" by the Romans in A.D. 70. This fulfilled Jesus' dire prophecy on the fall of Jerusalem in Matthew (23:34-38, 24:2 and 24:34)."
3/4/4: Meta-Religion | Ancient History Sourcebooks | Nag Hammadi Library | Berlin Gnostic Library - FREE ONLINE BOOKS

3/2/4: Дни на въздаяние - David Chilton classic Days of Vengeance now in Bulgarian! | Books
3/2/4: Passion beats 'Return of the King" for Box Office record by $1.1 million - (11 Oscar winning) "The Lord of the Rings" is no match for the Lord. Updated figures show Mel Gibson's foreign-language "The Passion of the Christ" with a box office take of $125.2 million, the greatest debut in movie history by a film opening on a Wednesday."
3/2/4: At least 140 killed in Shiite shrines in Iraq -
"A number of explosions have hit the Iraqi cities of Karbala and Baghdad in apparently coordinated attacks during one of Shia Muslims' holiest days."

3/1/4: Roman Monarchs Study Archive - Expanded "According to the Sibyl, Nero turns out just as bad as predicted. Nero eventually kills Britannicus, Octavia and his mother too. He’ll be overthrown in the end. But the system is too strong, and goes on for another four centuries."
3/1/4: I, Claudius Project |
Greco-Roman Authors | Calvary Chapel's Roman Emperor List
3/1/4: Problems with the Pre-Tribulational Rapture - Philip Brown
3/1/4: Mount rioters stone wall worshippers - "
Some 35,000 Muslim worshipers were on the Temple Mount when the Palestinian violence broke out."
3/1/4: Prophets and Prophecy - Added to Non-fulfillment Theories "
Jesus specifically told his disciples that he would return within their lifetimes. "This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled." Paul also predicted that Jesus would return within their lifetimes.. So, we can see that Paul predicted an event that did not come about...  Moses taught us that this is how we know that people like Paul were false prophets."

2/29/4: Anti-Preterist Audio Files on 5Solas
One Shas MK says ban "Passion", another says "Jews did kill Jesus" -  "former minister of labor and social affairs Shlomo Benizri, told a Haredi pirate radio station a number of weeks ago that the Jews did, in fact, kill Jesus. "According to Torah law, they decided to hang Jesus."

2/27/4: Israeli police storm Al Aqsa mosque - Pakistan Times | Times of Oman

2/26/4: Living Presence Journal - Winter 2004
'The Passion of the Christ': convergence of first freedoms - "The realities of current anti-Semitism and the history of its connection with the Passion play make this a particularly complex and sensitive issue. Ideally, the Gibson film will encourage a national dialogue about history and religious tolerance that will reaffirm the values promoted by the First Amendment freedom of expression."
2/26/4: The Veil of Veronica - "According to Catholic Online, Veronica kept the veil and discovered its curative properties. It’s said that she cured Emperor Tiberius (of what it doesn’t say) with the veil, then left it in the care of Pope Clement (the fourth Pope) and his successors. Supposedly, it’s been in their hands ever since, kept under lock and key in the Basilica of St. Peter. It is listed among the Basilica’s many treasured relics."
2/26/4: Its Vanunu's kidnap story that worries Israel - "
In the first two-and-a-half years of his imprisonment , Vanunu was held in harsh solitary confinement conditions in a 2x3 meter cell. " | "They didn't break me"
2/26/4: The Coming Seven Year Tribulation Exists - "After the destruction of the Temple in AD 70, John wrote the above description of the future Temple between AD 85 and AD 90 on the Isle of Patmos. In John's account the Outer Court will be given to the Gentiles.8 If anything, this fact eliminates the possibility of the Heavenly Sanctuary as being the Temple in question (Rev. 11:1-2). Because in Heaven the Gentiles are inside the Temple of God (Rev. 7:9, 15), not the Outer Court. Also, this fact eliminates the Temple in question as the earthly Temple of AD 70, because then, the Gentiles (the Roman Army) had the whole Temple, not just the Outer Court. "

2/25/4: Дни на въздаяние - David Chilton classic Days of Vengeance now in Bulgarian! | Books
2/25/4: Available in Ebay Auction - The Judgment of Jerusalem: Predicted in Scripture, Fulfilled in History
2/25/4: Mel Gibson: Satan not physical presence, but temptation (video)

2/24/4: The Early Days of Christianity - F.W. Farrar (1882) "John did not die till Christ had returned, in that sense of the ‘close of the aeon’ to which His own words and that of His Apostles often point." (Book project)
2/24/4: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Or, Discourse on the Last Things - The Training of the Twelve - A.B. Bruce "
"The two events referred to in the questions--the end of Jerusalem, and the end of the world--were assumed by the questioners to be contemporaneous."
2/24/4: "The Passion" has already passed "Last Temptation of Christ" in domestic gross

Calvin, ECF, JF&B | Books by Famous Christian Authors | Books
2/24/4: John A. Broadus Index | John A. Broadus

2/23/4: New Preterist discussion area at TribulationForum
2/23/4: Andy Rooney: As God told me - "
Here's Pat Robertson's exact quote: "I think George Bush is going to win in a walk. I'm hearing from the Lord that it's going to be a blowout."

2/23/4: Debate over wall puts court in spotlight - "
For three days, legal experts from 13 U.N. member states, plus the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, will state their arguments before the judges. In the most contentious case to date, on nuclear weapons, the court split 7-7, with its president casting the deciding vote. It said any use of nuclear weapons would violate international humanitarian law, but at the same time, it said it could not decide whether it is unlawful when a nation's survival is at stake."

2/22/4: Books: Días de Retribución - Chilton's classic now in Spanish!
2/22/4: The Post-Nicene Greek Fathers - George A. Jackson (1883)
2/22/4: Newton's Strange Bedfellows - Tom Harpur
"Every century since the Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse) was voted into the New Testament has been marked around its beginnings and ending by an outbreak of "these are the last days" thinking and prophesying in the churches and their offshoots.  Beware of any preacher, astrologer, or visionary who proclaims that "this is it." Newton was dead wrong and so are all the would-be apocalyptic experts today."
2/22/4: Politics of Passion - Aljezeerah "Ashkenazi polemicists make the tenuous connection between Matthew 27:5, which sometimes appears in Passion plays to foreshadow the destruction of Jerusalem Temple by the Romans, and the idea of the modern Jewish Diaspora as humiliation and punishment for rejecting Christ."
2/22/4: The rampart fell, but the Temple Mount is Safe

2/22/4: Vanunu tells brothers: I have no more secrets  ""Vanunu was motivated by reasons of principle: he was concerned that Israel's nuclear program was, in his view, out of control, that there wasn't Knesset supervision of the program, or public monitoring of any sort. Financial reward was not his motive. The fact is that he did not receive money from us for our report."

2/21/4: Hugo Grotius:
Grotius and the Socioeconomic Development of the United Provinces around 1600

2/20/4: 'Coming of Jesus' Commentaries on James 5 - Matthew Henry
: "
The coming of the Lord draweth nigh, v. 8; behold, the Judge standeth before the door, v. 9. The coming of the Lord to punish the wicked Jews was then very nigh, when James wrote this epistle" B.W. Johnson "The primary reference is to the relief from Jewish persecution which followed the Lord's coming in judgment on the Jewish nation." - Adam Clarke "He  seems here to refer to the coming of the Lord to execute judgment on the Jewish nation, which shortly afterwards took place.  He is already on his way to destroy this wicked people, to raze their city and temple, and to destroy their polity for ever; and this judgment will soon take place. "
2/20/4: The Witness of History to Christ - F.W. Farrar (under construction)
2/20/4: Vatican II guidelines for Passion dramas - "To suggest that the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. was part of divine retribution for Jewish complicity in Jesus’ death would be wrong."
2/20/4: HistoryChannel: The Western Wall, Judaism's Sacred Shrine "
From the day after the Temple's final destruction by the Romans in 70 C.E., Jews gathered to mourn its ruins. While nothing remains of the Second Temple itself, part of the retaining wall that raised the Temple Mount has survived. Today, the eighteen meter Western Wall—sometimes called the Wailing Wall on account of the sorrowful prayers said there—is the only surviving remnant of Judaism's most sacred shrine. "
2/20/4: An Understandable History of the Bible - "As far as I can remember, I said very shortly what I hold to be the 'Lord's coming' in my little book on the Historic Faith. I hold very strongly that the Fall of Jerusalem was the coming which first fulfilled the Lord's words; and, as there have been other comings, I cannot doubt that He is 'coming' to us now." - Westcott, Arthur, Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott. (New York, 1903), Volume II, p. 308. )


2/18/4: Why the Early Church Fathers Finally Rejected Premillennialism - Charles Hill "But despite its usefulness in helping to claim the mantle of Judaism and in fending off matter-denying Gnosticism, chiliasm was at odds with aspects of the Church's hope handed down from the apostles and made so clear in the New Testament writings."
2/18/4: Is That You, God? - "
It would appear that the messages Pat Robertson has been hearing from God are not from God at all, but a cruel, conniving imposter. It's sad, but true. But, he's in very good company. There have been many self-proclaimed prophets in our history. Some that predicted the day of the Second Coming and others that foretold the demise of the world."
2/18/4: Jewish, Vatican leader meet about "The Passion" - "
Foxman told a news conference Wednesday in Rome that the Catholic Church had a responsibility to set the record straight on its own teachings about Christ's Passion since many people who see the film may think it reflects official church teaching. Foxman said that in his view, the film contradicts the church's landmark 1965 document "Nostra Aetate," Latin for "In Our Time," in which the Vatican deplored anti-Semitism in every form and repudiated the "deicide" charge that blamed Jews as a people for Christ's crucifixion."

2/17/4: The End of the World "Today, as belief in this end-times prophecy sees a resurgence among Americans - partly because of the phenomenal success of the "Left Behind" series of novels (58 million sold) and the disturbing "signs" of terrorism and war - Mr. Currie and others are seeking to refute the apocalyptic theology."
2/16/4: \ Ramp's Collapse Foreshadows Greater Temple Mount Disaster - "When the ramp leading to the Mugrabi Gate on the Temple Mount collapsed, it sent huge stones crashing onto the Western Wall plaza on the side where women pray."
2/16/4: Bob Dylan's Unshakable Monotheism, Part III - "
"Everything that's happening in the news today is prophesied in the scriptures. It's all in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. The anti-Christ will bring peace to the world, first. That's right; he'll be the biggest deceiver of all time. I believe in the Bible, literally. Everything in it, I believe, was written by the hand of God. And I believe Christ will come again. In this generation. And no, He's not gonna be on television."

2/15/4: Jerusalem Wall Collapse Sparks Dispute - "The collapse of part of a stone embankment adjacent to Jerusalem's Western Wall during a rare snowstorm prompted a dispute between Jewish and Muslim clerics as one rabbi called it a miracle no worshippers were hurt."

2/14/4: ABCNews: Gibson's 'Passion' about 'Faith, Hope, Love' - "Gibson insists on Primetime he is no anti-Semite, and that anti-Semitism is "un-Christian" and a sin that "goes against the tenets of my faith."

2/13/4: Rev. William W. Patton Study Archive
The Cross and The Parousia of Christ -
Max R. King
2/13/4: Books: The Judgment of Jerusalem: Predicted in Scripture, Fulfilled in History | Is the Doctrine of the Final Restoration of Man Scriptural?

2/13/4: Hollywood's hatred for God - "But we know the real reason behind  Hollywood's anger at Gibson.  He's made a movie that glorifies God.  You're not supposed to do that.  If it mocks God and organized religion, that's fine."
2/13/4: Arab Anti Semitism Documentation ( The Left's Threat to the Jews
2/13/4: The Essence of Christianity - BBC Sermon Audio

2/12/4: The Parousia - James Stuart Russell - Added Review Form
2/12/4: Jerusalem 5.3 earthquake seen as "finger of God" - JPOST "
The station reported that an engineering crew discovered a crack in the ceiling of the Knesset plenum, "directly above the table at which cabinet ministers sit." The quake occurred half an hour before they were scheduled to take their seats." | Long and shaky history
2/12/4: Washington Post misleads on Jerusalem

2/12/4: Israeli Ministry of Tourism Honors Pat Robertson "Dr. Robertson's passion emanates from an understanding of the land of the Bible, and a commitment to a strong State of Israel. He is a true friend of Israel. In the face of opposition and at points when Dr. Robertson stood alone, he never wavered in his convictions. We applaud and honor that spirit today," exclaimed Minister Elon."
2/12/4: Parousia - "
Learn about M. Jerista Lampman's hot new best selling fictional novel that questions the terrifying possibility of Man forcing the second coming of Christ through human Cloning (from the Shroud of Turin)."

2/11/4: Defense of the Orthodox View of the Second Coming of Christ In Response to the Teachings of Full Preterism - By Rev. Mitchell Dick - Grace Protestant Reformed Church "By no stretch of sound biblical exegesis can the concept "new heavens and earth" in Scripture refer to anything less than an entirely new creation. The context of passages in which the concept of new heavens and earth are used always plainly teaches that a cosmic reality is intended." - Added to Don K. Preston
2/11/4: When Shall These Things Be? A Reformed Response to Hyper-Preterism
Pratt, Kistemaker, Strimple, and others refute the teaching that all biblical prophecy (second coming, general resurrection, and final judgment) was fulfilled in the first century." - Library

2/10/4: Albert Mohler on Newsweek's cover story - Crosswalk "Further, Meacham claims that "many scholars believe that the author of Matthew, which is the only Gospel to include the 'His blood be on us' line, was writing after the destruction of the Temple in [AD] 70 and inserted the words to help explain why such misery had come upon the people of Jerusalem. According to this argument, blood had already fallen on them and on their children." Here Meacham's subversion of the biblical text is most apparent. He projects the authorship of the Gospel of Matthew at least a generation after the crucifixion itself and attributes the shape and substance of the Gospel to an anonymous author's intention to push a political agenda and to explain the destruction of the Temple."


















1/21/4: Preterist Apostolic Pentecostal Oneness - D. Benincasa Full Preterist Site
1/21/4: How we mourn the loss of the temple today - "The Talmud (Ketubot 62) relates the following story:
An Israelite and an idolater were once walking on the same road and the idolater could not keep pace with the Israelite. So the idolater mentioned the Destruction of the Temple, causing the Israelite to grow faint and slow down. The idolaters knew that if you ever needed to slow a Jew down, just mention the destruction of the Temple and it would depress him enough to do the trick."
1/21/4: Julian the Apostate, and the Reaction of Paganism - Philip Schaff "His object in the rebuilding of the temple was rather, in the first place, to enhance the splendor of his reign, and thus gratify his personal vanity; and then most probably to put to shame the prophecy of Jesus respecting the destruction of the temple (which, however, was actually fulfilled three hundred years before once for all), to deprive the Christians of their most popular argument against the Jews, and to break the power of the new religion in Jerusalem."
1/21/4: J.B. Phillips' Matthew 24 | J.B. Phillips' New Testament | Chronology of First Century Events
1/21/4: Jerusalem At the Destruction of the Temple Rebekah Hyneman (1845) "Mourn! mourn! oh, Israel! for your house of prayer, Your sanctuary, lies in ruins now! ’Mid sounds of anguish that now rend the air, There comes a whisper faint, and each doth bow His head in fear and shame, while o’er his soul The bitter waters of repentance roll. "
1/21/4: The Legend from the Talmud explaining the reasons for the destruction of the Temple | Why destroyed
1/21/4: Destruction of the temple discussion "Your question is actually quite relevant for Late Antiquity, because of the Christian tradition interpreting the destruction of the temple in 70 as God's just judgment against the Jews for their rejection and killing of Jesus. Eusebius gives a full exposition of this interpretation, which soon became a commonplace among interpreters, including Hilary of Poitiers, Ambrose, Jerome, Orosius, and Augustine. Jerome, followed by Augustine"
1/21/4: Send a Poussin Postcard! | Purchase | Self-portrait
1/21/4: Samuel Coleman - The Destruction of the Temple  1830-40 |
Temple Cleansing

1/20/4: Christ's Fidelity: The Only Shield Against Satan's Malignity (1692) "He warns them of the Amazing Revolutions, were coming upon them, in the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the Second Temple by the Romans, and Foretells the Rejection of the Jews, for their Sins, and especially, for Rejecting of the MESSIAH, who was to be Born among them according to the Flesh." - Deodat Lawson - FREE Online Books
1/20/4: Ebooks on Middle East: Israel & Palestine Documents - FREE Online Books
1/20/4: Philip Doddridge - The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul -
FREE Online Books

1/18/4: Anti-Semitism, A Practical Manual "Is everybody who criticizes Israel an anti-Semite? Absolutely not. Can a person be an anti-Zionist without being an anti-Semite? Absolutely yes."
1/18/4: Conservative Petition "Join me in urging President George W. Bush to declare war on anti-Semitism as Lincoln did on slavery. Call on him to use the power of the White House for legislation that will stop anti-Semitic teaching and actions."

1/17/4: DSS Copper Scroll "In the fortress which is in the Vale of Achor, forty cubits under the steps entering to the east: a money chest and it [sic] contents, of a weight of seventeen talents." So begins the first column of the Copper Scroll, one of the most intriguing, and baffling, scrolls to be found among the collection known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Sounding like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, the text of the Copper Scroll (3Q15) describes vast amounts of buried treasure. Some believe the scrolls refer to Temple treasure, hidden for safekeeping before the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 C.E."
1/17/4: Aramaic Bible |
Aramaic Concordance - Matthew 16:28 28. "Amen, I am telling you, ...that here are those human beings who rise again, That do not taste death until they see the Son of Man ...who comes in his Kingdom."
Israeli ambassador kicked out of Swedish museum after vandalizing art "The incident, widely reported in the Swedish media, occurred at the opening on Friday of the "Making Differences" exhibit, part of an upcoming international conference on genocide hosted by the Swedish government and in which Israel is scheduled to participate."

1/16/4: The New Heaven and New Earth, Millennium, New Jerusalem - Explained! - MS Cheo "Making fragile human Christians living between A.D.30 to A.D. 70 to be reigning with Christ as Kings and Priests is stretching the words too much."
1/16/4: Second Temple artifacts found in Jerusalem - JPOST "They include the remains of a mikva, various bronze and metallic utensils and coins, candles, and a stone oil-storage vessel decorated with shofarot. "
1/16/4: Israel seeks return of AD70 booty from Rome "The Maariv newspaper in Israel said the two rabbis could also seek to buy back a candelabrum that came from the Temple. It is believed to be held in the Vatican's vast treasure caves."
1/16/4: What happened to the Menorah from the Second Temple? | Thrown into the Tiber?
1/16/4: Rome's Jewish Culinary Heritage - "
Jews first came to Rome in large numbers as prisoners following the annexation of their lands by general Pompey the Great in the first century B.C.E. The Roman Jewish community flourished under prince Herod Agrippa II, who moved from Judea to Rome with his entourage after Emperor Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem (70 C.E.). Rome’s medieval Jewish community followed the Tiber River’s unincorporated west bank in Trastevere."
1/16/4: Israel to 'kill Hamas Leader' | 'Marked for Death' | Netanyahu #29 - AD70 Lesson: political murder

1/16/4: Transcendental Argument Against HyperPreterism - Reformatted
1/16/4: Outside Study Links - Updated and Expanded

1/15/4: The Hole in Paul Manata's Donut (why his Transcendental Argument is dead) By H.L. James "Paul Manata thus creates a side argument which essentially says: "The Preterist believes" without showing WHY the Preterist believes these things (i.e. the words of Christ in his time statements), or reasons why the Preterist "shouldn't" believe these things (i.e. "why the Preterist is mistaken in his belief"). Manata is essentially arguing "The Preterist says," and not "the Preterist says that JESUS SAYS."
1/15/4: ANTI-SEMITIC rant triggers BC furore | Myth of New Anti-Semitism | Babylonian Talmud Online

1/15/4: Yom ha-Shoah: After All the Apologies By Harvey Cox "It seems undeniable that — for good or for evil — the generalization of Holocaust rhetoric is already a fact. I can understand why Jews may occasionally wonder whether they really want this many people poking fingers into the scar tissue of the deepest wound they have ever sustained — with the possible exception of the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of 70  C.E."
Bibliography: Vengeance of Our Lord: Medieval Dramatizations of the Destruction of Jerusalem | Holy Blood, Holy Grail The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Vol. 1): Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments | The Ruling Class of Judaea : The Origins of the Jewish Revolt against Rome, A.D. 66-70 "the reference may be to the destruction of the earthly Jerusalem. For when Christ speaks of that destruction He often does so as if He were speaking of the end of the world and the last judgment." (Augustine: The City of God against the Pagans, p. 973)


1/13/4: Joey Faust's Second Denial on G-H Hermeneutic - "Forgy thinks he knows what the 1st century disciples would have understood our Lord's words to mean. But he arrives at this system of private interpretation (2 Peter 1:20) by first ASSUMING that the Old Testament prophets did not speak literal truth. He then runs with this assumption and uses it to "decode" our Lord's words (e.g. "sun" doesn't mean sun, etc.). "
1/13/4: The Shoehorn Theology of Manata's TAAHP Argument -
Michael Krall "when asked point blank in a discussion group if there are any liars or unclean people in the internal (to use his term) New Covenant he said "deal with progressive sanctification.” Implying by that statement that truthfulness and cleanness come progressively in the life of Christian and before the believer dies he MUST be fully delivered from what is unclean and lying (false doctrine) through this progressive sanctification, or else how can he enter that city described in Rev 21:27?"

1/12/4: The Angels of the Bottomless Pit - Kurt M. Simmons "In a previous article discussed the identity of Revelation’s great red dragon. There we concluded that the dragon had a duel identity first, as a metaphor for the prince of this world - sin and death - and, second, the embodiment of sin and death in the world civil power as the enemy of God and his people (viz., Egypt, Assyria, Babylon) or, more specifically for purposes of Revelation – Imperial Rome. "
1/12/4: Jesus and the Eschatological Resurrection - Kenneth Perkins "Many opponents of full preterism charge preterists with denying the bodily resurrection. Among the strongest opponents are partial preterists, who, without justification, sever the tribulation of Daniel 12:1 from the rising of both the just and the unjust in Daniel 12:2, even though many hold this “great tribulation” to have occurred in the destruction of Jerusalem (Matthew 24:15-22)."
1/12/4: Matthew 24:21 - The Great Tribulation - Greatly Expanded | On Thin Ice: How Tommy Ice's Preterist Views Refute the Doctrine of a Future Great Tribulation
1/12/4: Man may still know far too much - "
Responding to a report on Israeli television last week that the defence establishment wants to prevent the former Dimona nuclear reactor employee from ever leaving the country, Justice Ministry spokesman Yaacov Galanti acknowledged that the authorities were indeed pondering Vanunu's future."
1/12/4: Crash course in Jewish History - Destruction of the Temple
1/12/4: Hollywood Jesus

1/11/4: The Great Red Dragon - Kurt M. Simmons "the binding of the Dragon is central to the imagery of Revelation twenty, perhaps the most difficult and elusive chapter in the whole Bible. Whole schools of interpretation have grown up around the imagery of Revelation twenty and the binding of the Dragon; Pre-, Post-, and A-millennialism define the "millennial reign" of Christ and the saints by Dragon’s binding."
1/11/4: Definition of 'Jew' confronts Israel
1/11/4: The Early Church fathers and the foundations of dispensationalism ( Larry V. Crutchfield. Free-lance Writer and Professor of Early Christian History & Culture Columbia Evangelical Seminary, Longview, WA

1/10/4: MK Eichler: Israel Already Has Non-Jewish Majority

1/9/4: CCC Design of the Ages Chart
1/9/4: The Veil of Moses Project -
These issues are explored in the forthcoming book: Behind The Veil of Moses Looking Past the Shadow of the Old Covenant to find the Substance of the New Covenant and the Nature of the Second Coming. To be notified by email when the book is available, send an email to the following address:
1/9/4: Biblical Chronology Newsletter |
Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah | Numbers in Scripture -  Added to Mauro's Seventy Weeks and Anstey's Romance

1/8/4: 2nd Affirmative by Bryan Forgy on Hermeneutics
1/8/4: Gibson's vision intensely violent - "Jesus (Jim Caviezel) is savagely whipped by sadistic Roman soldiers wielding metal chains. Blood splatters and oozes. After the Nazarene is dragged away, mother Mary (Jewish actress Maia Morgenstern, daughter of a Holocaust survivor) stoically mops up the sacred blood from the pavement."
George S. Hishmeh: Time for Bush to check Israel's nuclear facilities - "It is this recent Israeli anxiety that has re-kindled some international apprehension about the country's hitherto "alleged" nuclear programme and increased demands that the Israeli government come clean and tell the truth once and for all. But more importantly, it is the continued American silence, if not acquiescence, which is most troubling in this respect."
1/8/4: Where is Zion? "Dead literalism is effectively refuted by Jesus in a number of places, such as when he healed on the sabbath day and when he upbraided the scribes and pharisees for focusing on technicalities rather than on the point of God's teachings: love of God and one another. Jesus, obeying the Spirit, told his hearers that a scripture from Isaiah that he had just read had been 'fulfilled in your hearing.' [Luke 4.21] Jesus halted his reading at 'to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord,' leaving unread the other part of the couplet 'and the day of vengeance of our God.' [Is 61.1-2]
1/8/4: Davie Apostolic Church - Matthew 24:3 "The End of the World"

1/7/4: The Nature of the Resurrection - Michael Krall "the kingdom comes without observation when Jesus comes in power and great glory in the glory of the Father whose comings in the Old Testament were also not with observation."
1/7/4: Gary DeMar's American Vision now offers: Prophecy Works, Vol. I (6 Book CD) Rare Important Books on one CD. Special Introductory Price + Free Postage
1/7/4: - Home Fellowship Group Meetings "We are based in Prescott, Arizona, but travel troughout the state. Our teaching appeals to those who are interested in Preterism, Kingdom Truths, Reconciliation, Restoration, Revelation and Sonship. "
1/7/4: Archived 2003 Guestbook "This is one of the most exciting things to have happened to me since I accepted Christ." "Your views excite me and I haven't even begun to study the Preterist web site." "Our church is in major revival right now, and this message is getting people stirred and revived."

1/6/4: Syria president to Israel: We'll disarm if you will - "Syria will only renounce its weapons of mass destruction programmes in tandem with similar dismantling by Israel, its president said in an interview."
1/6/4: ADL calls on Candidates to stop Religion emphasis | SPLC tied to OK City Bombing - "References to an informant working for the SPLC at Elohim City on the eve of the Oklahoma City bombing raises serious questions as to what the SPLC might know about McVeigh's activities during the final hours before the fuse was lit in Oklahoma City – but which the SPLC has failed to disclose publicly." "If I told you what we were doing there, I would have to kill you," Dees replied when asked to explain."
Does "Soon" Mean "Soon?" - New Article at Preterism. info
1/6/4: PreteristVision Music - Listen to our MP3s and download lyrics for your own personal use and enjoyment. The songs are currently available in demo versions only


  • Reeking Havoc in Nablus "


  • Israel wants jailed nuke whistleblower to keep mum - "Israel is worried a nuclear whistleblower winding up an 18-year prison sentence has more secrets to tell, and may make his freedom conditional on his silence, security sources said on Sunday. The Jewish state is still sore from a tell-all interview Vanunu, now 49, gave Britain's Sunday Times in October 1986 on the Dimona reactor where he had worked as a mid-level technician for eight years. He was to receive an undisclosed fee but was abducted by Mossad before payment could be made, the paper said. Vanunu's lawyer was not available for comment. But Vanunu, who dabbled in pro-Palestinian politics and became a Christian after quitting Dimona in 1985, apparently feels no remorse."
    1/4/4: Israel to reject the Hague court's authority on fence - "Israel's statement to the ICJ will also present substantial arguments to justify the security need for the fence. These will also help Israel in a future campaign against any negative ruling made by the court."



  • R.A. Torrey on Matthew 24:34: A Mistake About the Second Coming - Matthew 24:34
    Grant Jeffrey on A.D.70 Fulfillment - "the overwhelming testimony of the early Church confirms that John's prophecy was written in A.D. 96, some twenty-six years after the fall of Jerusalem."
    1/2/4: J. Vernon McGee on Prophetic Fulfillment
    1/2/4: Added to Bibliography:

  • End Times Prophecies of the Bible - David Haggith (2000)

  • The Ruling Class of Judaea : The Origins of the Jewish Revolt against Rome, A.D. 66-70 - Martin Goodman (1993)


  • Preterist Views on the Resurrection - Kenneth Perkins "In being clothed with Christ, one becomes an heir of the promise and a descendant of Abraham. In fact, when people are united with Christ, they become “…members of His body” (Ephesians 5:30, NASB)."
    1/1/4: James Mann Cambell excerpts (1840-1926) "Why should believers in a risen Christ dolefully sing "Down life's dark vale we wander till Jesus comes," when they ought rapturously to sing, "Joy to the world the Lord is come?" | GOOGLE

    1/1/4: Israel is concerned about whistleblower (fixed) - "
    Israel is concerned that a whistleblower who spilled Israeli nuclear secrets to a newspaper two decades ago might have more to say after his imminent release from prison, and is looking for ways to silence him, officials said Tuesday. based on Vanunu's pictures, experts concluded Israel had the world's sixth-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. The CIA estimated more recently that Israel has between 200 and 400 nuclear weapons"
    1/1/4: Who is the true Zionist? - "Legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte once passed by a synagogue in Paris and observed that men, women and children were sitting on the ground and crying. He was curious to find out what catastrophe had befallen them, and how he could help. He was astonished to learn that they were mourning the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the banishing of the Jewish people from their homeland."
    1/1/4: Reformed Preterist Females Yahoo Group - "Preterist" means "past in fulfillment" and refers to the view that the "last days" spoken of in the Bible refer to the last days of the Old Covenant, with all Bible prophecy being already fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem and its OT temple complex in 70 A.D. This includes the Second Coming of Christ, Resurrection of the Dead, and the Great White Throne Judgment."
    1/1/4: The Best Has Come Yahoo Group - Seeking to create a dynamic confession / statement of faith
    1/1/4: Preterist Database - Latest Addition: Dr. Wayne Critchfield, Preterist, Kenner, La
    1/1/4: Dispensationalism - Gordon Clarke "Perhaps the credit of having discovered this doctrine [of the covenant] may be assigned to Zwingli. Calvin mentions the doctrine, but his emphasis is on other matters."

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